Soul journeys

Restoring Lost Confidence

Last week's blog asked the question 'Are you headed for defeat or a breakthrough?'. One of the determining factors will be your degree of confidence in yourself and an optimistic view of the possible outcome. Our confidence is affected by previous experiences of defeat, loss, dissapointment or failure. It is a natural healing response to draw back or pull inwards after being hurt or let down. We need time and space to recover.

A Breakthrough or Defeat?

I recently had a conversation with someone who was trying to decide on a course of action. Eventually she said "Oh well, I suppose if it's meant to be it'll just happen and everything will fall into place smoothly". My response was "Not necesarily. Sometimes we have to push through things and overcome our resistence or a weakness." It's true that life unfolds all around us and we as individuals aren't in control of the whole universe, however we do have choices and are responsible for our actions, or lack of them.

The Road to Paradise

Paradise is an ancient Hebrew word that refers to a Garden of Eden state, a place of beauty, abundant produce, companionship and a close relationship with our God. The idea of a paradise experience will vary in each person's imagination but it will generally be something good or even wonderful and highly desirable. In the Pathway Balancing Journey, we face an imaginary mountain path that spirals upwards through seven Levels, with the top (Level 7) being called 'Paradise on Earth'. The practitioner uses kinesiology muscle-testing to find out how close you are to your own personal Paradise.

Healthcare with a Heart

Would you want your healthcare professional to leave you immobile in a room without fluids or water for 24 hours? How would you feel if they did this to someone you love? In healthcare today there are two primary models of working: the medical, allopathic model and the holistic, naturopathic model. Professionals in both schools of thought often view the other methods with varying degrees of doubt about their effectiveness or value.

Are You Ready to Be Your True Self?

Personal development underpins a successful pathway to the fulfilment of your dreams and heart's desires. It is believed that only 5% of people are living out their personal dream today. Many people would seem, therefore, to be struggling under pressure or quietly enduring a soul-destroying half-life. When we are blessed these days by so many opportunities to change our life for the better, why do so few people reach out for these better ways? What a tragic waste of opportunity and personal potential. Rather than live life to the full, some choose to present a 'cardboard cut-out' of themselves - playing a role, behaving in ways they think will make them acceptable or get others to do what they want. The effect is a deepening loss of self-worth and fulfilment, with a need to hide, feeling cut-off, isolated or depressed. There may come a fork in the road where this becomes intolerable and some may even cry out to God to ask why this is allowed to happen to them. This point can be a deciding factor in the future direction of a person's life. So what makes the difference between those who are crushed under the weight of their false, disempowered self and those who rise up with wings like eagles, strong, confident and succeeding?

Wanting life to be better isn't enough in itself. There has to be action and faith. It's time to step out and begin living to the full today. When a person turns up for their first appointment, retreat day or training course at Pathway Balancing, they are ready to be their true self. They have taken that first crucial step of faith and will discover more about the underlying causes that are affecting their energy-levels, financial situation or relationship issues. They will begin to change and start to feel different in some way, seeing things differently. Coming for the second appointment or training session, demonstrates that they are willing to change from the old way of life to a better one. At the third session of treatment or training, the person is getting strong enough to be able to change and grow. However, by this time, most people have hit an obstacle of some sort and are finding there is resistance to change - either internally or externally. The people who will find the way to a truely fulfilling life are the ones that make it through to the fourth session and beyond. These people are the ones with enough courage to stand firm and refuse to go back to the way they were, to the 'cardboard cut-out', the burn-out, the impoverishment, the isolation. They are the ones who will process the flood of emotions, revelations and physical changes in order to become the truely amazing person that was hiding underneath the veneer of pretence. To fulfil our true potential in life we must press on beyond our comfort zone at times. We will never break out into freedom and increased choices if we don't stretch out our wings and endure a bumpy, uncertain ride at times. Watching the flight of an eagle may be breathtaking and inspiring but those wings didn't become strong and accurate without a lot of flapping and hurtling over the edge of the cliff. Confidence and faith come from learning to overcome limitations. Flying confidently and strongly, by faith gained from the lessons God has given, is a much better way of life than clinging to the insecure, crumbled rocks of the past. Are you prepared for life to be great today? Are you ready to be your true self?

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Leaving the Abyss Behind

Sometimes in life, events happen that are earth shattering for us and we see all that we hold dear falling away from us. In a matter of hours, life can change. A relationship may end, a work project fail to launch, a catastrophic financial loss happen or any form of loss or separation occur that brings us to the edge of the cliff and leaves us hanging over the abyss. The abyss is a dark, cold, seemingly bottomless pit, cut off from life, isolated and with no apparent way out. It can be a place where we cling on desperately, not knowing how long we can hold on and survive. Being in the abyss can feel depressing and hopeless. If we look down into it for long enough we can be drawn into a downward spiral of defeat, repetitive patterns, fruitlessness, tiredness and numbness. Signs of being caught in the abyss include a business in decline, a house that's uncared for, financial debt, shabby clothes or a bitter, withdrawn attitude towards relationships. Many people get stuck in this miserable way of life and further disempower themselves by blaming outside circumstances and talking about the awfulness of the abyss. However, we don't get out of the abyss by denying its reality or simply putting on a smile & saying everything is great when it isn't. How do we find the way out and how do we leave the abyss behind us?

We can begin by being fully aware of the present, how our body feels, our emotional tone and then focussing inwards to our heartbeat. Our heartbeat tells us we are alive, no matter how cold, fearful or lonely we are. If we can feel, we are still alive and embodied. Now that we are consciously connected to life again, we can begin to restore the healthy, natural flow of life through our heart. This means accepting whatever is present so we can dissolve it in the field of our heart-energy. Let the tears flow, the shivers run through your body and melt into any aches or tiredness along the way. This process takes as much time as necessary and comes to completion with an awareness of comfort, peace, softness and a soothing, gentle, steady heart-rhythm. You can feel, hear, see and know you are alive in a place of spaciousness. But this space isn't empty and you are no longer stuck or trapped. This place is swirling with life and you have choices. This place is your conscious connection with the universe. For some it will be a safely impersonal place, upheld by universal laws that can be relied upon. For others there will be a deeper sense of the universe being upheld by its Creator and a feeling of trust in this divine relationship. For a while, we may be unsteady on our feet and totter painfully on the edge of the abyss, especially during difficult moments that remind us of the earth shattering origins of our own personal earthquake. Then one day we totter and fall, knocked down by an old pattern, but then realise we have fallen safely on solid ground. Maybe our savings are low, but at least we have some. Perhaps we reached out to someone and they didn't respond, but we see we are no longer withdrawn or closed off from relationships. There may be a small first response to an innovation in our working methods, but we can see it's beginning to all come good again now.  With this new found confidence in life, we can step forward with faith that we have found the right path again. We know those water-filled ditches on either side of the road and we will steer clear of falling into their fear and procrastination or folly and presumption. We are now equipped to walk on solid ground. We can now keep straight on the path of faith by listening with our heart, sensing with our body, observing with our mind and trusting in the swirling, pulsing life that is upheld within the universe. In a matter of hours, life can change and it's all coming good again.

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From Old Beliefs to New Success

The Pathway Balancing Journey raises awareness of old beliefs and their roots. Sometimes this awareness can be uncomfortable and can even make us feel ill, really tired or demotivated. As old beliefs are exposed as illusions, we may not feel motivated in the way we used to. If we ran on adrenaline and fear of loss in the past, it takes time to recover and restore sustainable energy levels for future success. When we no longer listen to a critical spirit within us, there is a time of adjustment and relaxation before we can build on a more confident foundation. The 6th Level on the Pathway Balancing mountain is 'Trans-formation', where we encounter the last 10 Gateways that stand as barriers to a life of success in paradise on earth. The last Direction we can take at this Level is 'Relaxing Into Our Destiny'. How can success be achieved by relaxation?

Relaxing tension allows for better circulation of vital fluids. As we take our awareness into the now, we can feel our embodied, present condition. By centreing in the heart we can allow a deeper wisdom to rise up. Into this space comes an overflow of anything unprocessed, because of tension and fear, rooted in beliefs such as being rejected or a failure. If we have the courage, skills and perseverence to dissolve these trapped emotions, or undischarged over-energies, our present becomes clearer. Anxieties about the future can be replaced by faith in the divine power that has sustained us all this way. We realise that we attract or repel, and are attracted to and repelled by, people and situations that reflect the energy state of our soul. Choosing consciously from the heart dissolves old beliefs in the truth of compassion and faith. New success starts as we see what needs to be done and choose where to start, listening to our body, applying our mind and listening in our heart for the constant, faithful presence of divine guidance. Life becomes richer when we enjoy the experience of people being different, seasons varying, emotions adding tone and unexpected results giving information. Successful transformation happens as we see a new horizon emerge from the ashes of our past mistaken beliefs.

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Releasing Attachments & Building Relationships

Having an attachment to someone is not the same as building a relationship with them. An attachment can be one-sided and an attempt to fulfil an unmet need in yourself. A relationship requires more from both people. Forming attachments can be a helpful stage on the healing journey and a sign of progress after a period of isolation or over-independence. Maintaining attachments to past relationships may also be part of a process of rebuilding and regaining strength after a difficult period of change. When these attachments no longer satisfy our inner need for relationship, it is time to take the next step towards building fulfilling, two-way relationships. Old patterns will now surface and the trapped emotions, that limited us to one-way attachments, may come up to be released. This may be uncomfortable, even overwhelming at times, but the cleansing process will ultimately lead closer to the life we desire in our heart. How can we help this process to unfold and allow the new life to emerge?

Having the courage to slow down, and drop into a place of calm and peace, will allow space for old impulses and thought-patterns to surface. What are you tired of? What is it that's so dissatisfying about your life just now? How have you tried, unsuccessfully, to overcome these issues in the past? In craniosacral therapy, we allow the session to drop into stillpoints - moments of stillness, calm, peace and a sense of aliveness. This allows the cellular fluids to expand and flow, washing away the sediment that was held in old postures of tension and driveness. As the old fears, anxieties and thoughts surface, we can allow them to safely pass through, observing the old passing away to make way for fresh perspectives and ability to act. The Pathway Balancing Kinesiology journey starts with Touch for Health basic energy balancing, then takes us into the more advanced realms of holistic health to restore physical, emotional and electromagnetic aspects of health. We can then begin the journey of embodying more of our soul, through the heart, enlivened by the spirit. Taking time to appreciate the beauty of where we are can bring up grief at what has been lost. Breathing in peace, calm and safety can create gratitude to God for bringing us so far from our painful past. We can acknowledge our attachments as emotional and relational 'trainer wheels', helping us steady ourselves as we move away from past unhealthy connections and towards more open, healthy contacts. Vulnerability and openness are essential in building worthwhile, growing relationships. In an atmosphere of threat, oppression or neglect, it is not possible or desirable to cultivate these essential relational qualities. Take time to be at peace for a while, to revitalise, restore and reconnect with your aliveness. When you are ready, the trickle of new life will alert you that things are changing. Don't panic. Don't lose that sense of peace and calm within and around you. Take it with you into your new life and trust that all will fall into place gently, as you nurture your ability to care - both for yourself and others. Enjoy the journey.

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BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit - Wood Green 2013

A special welcome to all our visitors, the other exhibitors and the organisers of the 2013 BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit Weekend held at the Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester. It was the first time Pathway Balancing had taken a stand at this event and we really enjoyed being there. It was a spacious and light venue with an atmosphere of generosity and friendship among the exhibitors. On Saturday, our student Owen Wheatley offered test sessions of the 'Power vs Force' levels of consciousness, based on the work of Dr David R Hawkins, which generated interest from visitors to our stand. On both days we were giving mini-sessions of Food Intolerance/'Allergy' Testing which revealed much about the diets of those who opted for testing. Only one person had a food intolerance, whilst others needed to actually decrease the amount of raw food in their diet, time their food supplements for their evening meal or avoid combining beans with either white pasta or apples & pears. For one client, we established that diet was fine but the symptoms were rooted in stress. The most popular sessions were for Pathway Balancing Journeys and we were working at our maximum capacity on both afternoons. Our clients were all at impressively high levels on the Journey, most being at Levels 5 & 6; Dreamweaver and Trans-formation, with almost everyone having something for 'Healing the Soul'. We even added new material to the manuals, with one particularly memorable addition.

One lady was looking for guidance on using her spiritual gifts. During her session, we needed to extend the new, un-named section of the 'Healing the Soul' manual and she sensed the powerful presence of an angel with her. The messages that came through for her told us that each of us has the ability to hear from spiritual sources but it's important to discern the source, intention and heart of the voice we are hearing. This new part to the manual signals that a new season has begun for the person who reaches this point and to be ready for a new beginning.

On Sunday afternoon, Sue Preston-Eyles and I gave a talk and demonstration of the Pathway Balancing Journey to a group in the Event Meeting Room and we decided to give a group balance. Our Journey took us to Level 6, Trans-formation, Gateway 54 and the Direction 'Flowing Power' which has the Pathway of 'Rising to new levels with more enriching resources'. Our group journey completed at the Viewpoint 'Holding a position of leadership, in truthfulness and integrity, is empowering for all concerned.' The feedback was fantastic! People said the atmosphere was really special and they could feel the energy shifting and changing. Each person enthusiastically asked for the leaflets we had for Individual Therapy and the Personal Development Training Course.

There was also a little bit of time, over the weekend, to visit other stands and I had a wonderful session of 'Matrix Energetics' with Wai Cheung on his 'Trans.Form' stand. I highly recommend him and his work. He is impressively knowledgeable about the science behind energy work and has a passion for his work and a heart for people. Overall, Sue, Owen and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and are looking forward to the next one with BSSK in 2014. If you can't wait that long, come to our next stand, at the Peterborough Mind, Body, Soul Weekend on Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd September 2013 at the Excel Centre, East of England Showground. See you there!

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A Heart of Gold

Sometimes we say a person has a heart of gold. We may mean that they are a good person, kind, generous or dependable. Is it a good thing to have a heart of gold? Maybe something so precious needs to be protected in case it's taken from us. Perhaps helping other people leaves us tired or burdened. Life may be going along fine & then one phone call, a minor slip-up or a major event in our nation's economy can suddenly shake us. Living a golden life may be appealing but many people sabotage their dreams because of unresolved, embodied experiences of loss, which they do not wish to repeat. On the Pathway Balancing journey, Gateway 50 is the highest Gateway at the Dreamweaver Level. It takes us to 'a Life of Love, Power & Overflowing Abundance' but some people stall at this Gateway & have to back-track for some 'Healing of the Soul' before they can go through it. Many of us have had experiences that we never want to repeat - a whirlwind of change, uncertainty, desperation, choices made under pressure or facing the loss of almost everything that mattered to us. So how do we step forward into living our dream in such an uncertain world?

Many people cope with stress by shutting down to a certain degree - not caring any more, ignoring the needs of their body, holding back effort or criticising others. This may work in the short term but in time it can create apathy, depression, burn-out or isolation. It may take a sudden illness or relationship crisis to act as a wake-up call to change direction. Sadly, many people lose an opportunity by blaming others or seeing their symptoms as just an illness caught at random with no deeper underlying cause. The Pathway Balancing journey shows that we are shaped by our circumstances and that we can make new choices that will give us a life worth living. Being fully alive means that we have energy, resources, caring relationships, fulfilling activities, a healthy curiosity about life and confidence to express who we are. Behind Gateway 50, the Clearing area tells us that 'We find the richness of life by going through the dark times and knowing we'll never have to go back'. Part of the work involves the new Step of 'Seeing our mistakes, having compassion for all concerned, having forgiveness & mercy, & knowing we'll never go back'. Once we're balanced enough to clear this issue, we realise we've learnt our lessons and won't make those same poor choices again. This frees us to move in another Direction and follow a new Pathway of 'Refining by being tested and being found to be genuine'. The final Step on this Pathway is 'We have passed the test and been proven to have integrity and a genuine heart of gold'. We can safely live the golden life because we've learnt that storms come and seasons change but, through 'Healing the Soul', we've developed a heart of gold and learnt the way to 'Surrender to Life as the Cultivation of Prosperity'.

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Seeds of Change

Gateway 5 on the Pathway Balancing Journey is 'The Power of Balance' and describes a place of transition, a time of barrenness and emptiness after some kind of war has ended in our lives. We may look around at our life and see overwhelmimg conditions that need attending to, like weeds overgrown on a fertile plot of land, or cobwebs and clutter in the house. This Gateway is reached when a major pattern has been released from our lives and the shackles  that held us back are now unlocked. It is found by people who've said to themselves "There must be a better way." and have now discovered it. It is a point where we realise we've survived the trauma and are really OK now. We are healed. We are a normal person and life is stable. The Overview of this Gateway tells us 'The seeds of the future are already present in this land, and the process of change encourages us to look at the things around us and observe their differences.' The way forward now is to open this Gateway and find a new way of being. It tells us we are 'Harvesting the fruits of experience and wisdom' and are now 'holding the seeds for the future'. We are at a crossroads and must decide which pathway to follow from here. As we open Gateway 5, we come into the Clearing 'Growing into Heaven'. This is about 'feeding the seeds of our dreams'. It is important to take stock and ask yourself what you really enjoy in daily life and examine your core values. How have you dealt with situations in the past when your values have not been upheld? Did you use confrontation, manipulation or dissociation? How do you find new solutions that don't involve giving in your notice, trying too hard to please another or sacrificing your own needs? In Pathway Balancing we apply a wealth of remedies and techniques to shift the old energies into new, fresh perspectives. For example, an Aura Soma Pomander can refresh our senses and help us see a different angle for the next step. 'Growing into Heaven' involves 'clearing away the rubbish' and 'sorting the seeds from the weeds'. As we focus on the things we appreciate and care about, we create a nurturing atmosphere that fills and emanates from our heart. This week a new Step was added to the Pathway around this Clearing: 'It is now safe to enjoy your freedom and being with the people who share your sense of joy in being alive'. It is time to stop pretending that something is OK when it isn't. It's time to stop colluding with ideas and behaviour that are insane. Now is the time to create freedom by planting the seeds of change in the world around you, to bring life where there was barrenness. Now it is the freedom that comes from honestly accepting yourself as an ongoing work in progress that releases you from the shackles of anxiety and insecurity. It is freedom by acceptance that someone is the way that they are and knowing you have power to make choices. Wait while someone goes off the path for a while and see if they come back. You will know more of the truth of who they are. Tell someone you don't like the way they have dealt with you and ask them how things could work better. You will open the possibilty for transformation. Stop warring against yourself and others and discover the Viewpoint of Growing Towards Freedom. Life is worth living and God gives us everything we need to enjoy life to the full and in true richness. Open your heart and keep filling it with better things every moment, then share those things generously with others.

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Behind a Pane of Glass

This week, someone described his years of depression as "Living behind a pane of glass, seeing life happening but unable to feel or be a real part of it." He didn't enjoy his work and didn't have the girlfriend he longed for. Through his 'pane of glass', he looked normal to the outside world, successful in his career and having a good social life, but inwardly he felt empty and that life was pointless. This disconnected feeling is a sign that growth has somehow halted along the path of life. We all grow up with imperfect parents and sometimes we can't develop the mechanisms of connectedness if those around us didn't know how to speak the languages of love. Although the framework of our personality is established in childhood, the brains potential for growth and change is phenomenal and we can break down old patterns and embody new ones over time. This is a key element of the work at Pathway Balancing.

The Pathway Balancing Journey is about reconnection and relatedness. The horizontal connection is initially through finding the practitioner, maybe by word-of-mouth, at an event or show, or via the internet. Once that human contact is established, the Pathway Balancing system begins to restore health and energy, ready for the vertical connection to Divine power. This Divine connection will be a personal experience of raised awareness, or higher consciousness, that gives each individual a sense of something they can come back to at anytime - a secure connection to creation, to limitless potential and to the heartbeat of life itself. The Transcendent Levels, at the height of the Journey, are about Heart Consciousness. Here the individual has an open heart, capable of being filled by an appreciation for all that God provides on a moment by moment basis. As the heart is filled to overflowing, by a constant awareness of life flowing and unfolding, it's possible to feel increasing joy and contentment. As the heart begins to feel more of God's grace and presence, the pane of glass, that was once a wall between us and the world, begins to reflect back to us how happy we are to be reconnected with our Divine Creator. We begin to see our reflection in the people around us, smiling, laughing, being kind & generous, gentle, imperfect and vulnerable. We begin to realise we have crossed to the other side of that pane of glass. We are no longer depressed, separated, restless, exhausted or unfulfilled. We have made the breakthrough and a new season, a new way of life, has already begun.

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The Courage to Make it Through

The difference in the results from therapy sessions or training courses is made by the persons ability to press on through to a successful outcome. This ability will be mirrored in the person's approach to life. What happens when results don't come quickly enough, meet our high expectations or match our fantasies? How do we respond to pressures, obstacles or disappointments? Therapy and training give an opportunity to face life in microcosm. Craniosacral therapy and kinesiology explore embodied patterns that may be holding back our dreams and impoverishing our lives. The gentle power of the methods used in both therapies can then release blockages, undo reactive patterns and allow the body to rebuild connections and restore flexibilty and flow. So where does courage come into all this?

The ethos of Pathway Balancing is heart-based living. The word courage comes from the Latin word cuer which means heart. So heart-based living would include the heart quality of courage; the power to face difficulty, fear or pain with confidence and to act in accordance with your beliefs. The Pathway Balancing Journey has the capacity to take people into better health, greater financial freedom and more fulfilling relationships. By focusing on the desired outcomes, a client or student can persevere through the difficult times in life, in the belief that something better is possible on the other side. Growing up in a familly where there was a lot of drama, moodiness, anxiety or reactivity can create embodied patterns of emotional disconnect. It becomes a habit for the child to withdraw into confusion, imagination, studying, sulking or running away. Persevering through a course of therapy or training enables the person to repattern these tendencies to disconnect. Where relationships with people have been the cause of hurt or disappointment, the way to healing can be through a transcendent relationship with God or a grounded relationship with Creation. Developing a safe, trusting relationship with a practitioner can help restore the ability to connect in relationship again. Having the courage to keep coming for sessions when money is tight, aches and pains are flaring up or difficult issues are coming to the surface, will produce abundant rewards and give cause for celebration. The successfull outcome of therapy, training or life itself is greatly enhanced by the heart qualities of appreciation, gratitude, care, love and courage. It's all worth it once you realise you're going to make it through.

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How Far Have You Come?

At times on life's journey, it's good to reflect & share your story of how far you've come. It's good to see what you've now left behind before you move on closer to your dream and destiny. What prompted your own spiritual or personal development journey? What was going on in your life or in your heart at that time? What guidance has lead you to the place you're resting in now? The theme with clients this week has been the overwhelming effects of growing up with a lot of family drama. When we're children or teenagers, we have very little power to get way from our parents' drama. Most households have a degree of drama, such as arguing, sulking, making dramatic exits, shouting, threats or tears, but when the level is more than a young person can cope with where do they go to escape? As these escape patterns are formed, thay can stay with us for life and be very damaging to our personal and professional relationships. Without realising it, we can go on acting like a distraught teenager for decades - staying in bed late, arriving everywhere late or extremely early, cutting off or leaving people we disagree with, holding a posture of 'poor me', wearing tatty clothes or leaving our space untidy and messy. The escape routes we discover as teenagers can become exaggerated and engrained in unhealthy ways - alcohol, sexual attractions, excessive sports, driving off fast in a car, taking off on holiday again, working in low grade jobs just for the money. As these unhealthy patterns entangle our adult lives, many people begin to think "There must be a better way to live than this". It's this search for a new way to live that can propel us into a journey of spiritual seeking or personal development. How do we grow beyond the drama without resorting to old patterns that are proving unfruitful?

If we have only known drama and escape, we need new information and new connections to form a better way of life. We need people to show us how they made it through. We need systems and resources to lift us out of depression, anxiety, pain or confusion. In the Pathway Balancing system, we learn to replace the Drama Triangle with the Unity Triangle. This part of the healing journey teaches us how to find solutions that involve staying in a relationship, how to grow without cutting off from the other person and how to stay centred in what we need while also looking to the interests of others. The Pathway Balancing Journey is one that leads us to greater spiritual and emotional maturity. Along the way we may need to share our story of how far we've come, so others can find a better way too. Leave behind the myths of this world that drain and exhaust us. Your looks have nothing to do with your ability to enjoy a loving relationship. Striving to prove you're good enough at work cannot fulfill you. Trying to please an insecure partner never completes the desire for intimacy. Today you can be different. There is a better way.

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Secure in Freedom and Prosperity

Security and freedom can be difficult to reconcile, seeming to oppose each other in some ways. Some degree of insecurity is the norm for ordinary human beings living out an everday life in a wonderful but complex world. We have many ways of seeking a sense of security from around us: establishing routines, fitting in to please other people, holding on to our money, looking for 'secure' employment. When the things around us are shaken, we may lose our sense of security and feel we are falling to pieces. On the Pathway Balancing Journey, we learn to centre ourselves in an inner security, coming from our soul and through our heart. Over time this inner security will increasingly manifest as outer security: energy levels are improving consistently, relationships are lasting and more stable, finances are settling and less volatile. Life begins to move at the speed of balance and will therefore be more sustainable. So what do you want now?

Security and freedom are often symbolised financially and many people would welcome increased prosperity. But ask yourself why you want to prosper. If it's to accumulate more or better stuff, no amount of financial prosperity will ever satisfy you. What would an increased income, plentiful savings and absence of debt give you? Take time to contemplate this because it will give you the next step towards true prosperity for your soul. Search your heart for the answers. Perhaps prosperity would give you freedom - from your past, from slavery to money-lenders, from a mundane existence. Maybe prosperity would enable you to live in beauty - your home, place of work, your transport, clothing. Could you be more creative if you had more resources? Would you enjoy being generous to others, giving tips to the car wash staff, donating more to charity, giving or lending money to help someone out of a difficult patch? Once you know what you really value in life, you can begin living that way today. Your money will then express your sense of freedom and security and begin to work for you, rather than enslave you.

The Pathway Balancing manual 'Healing the Soul' has a whole section called 'Coming Into and Handling Propserity' with 13 layers of healing in this area. Next week, this material is being taught to the next group of Pathway Balancing practitioners, who will then be equiped to lead others to greater prosperity. To join the next personal development group journey, book your place now.

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When Past and Future Meet Edge to Edge

The 'Pathway Balancing Journey' is a spiralling Pathway that encircles the mountain you must overcome in order to reach 'Paradise on Earth', where you can receive 'Healing for the Soul' and develop a 'Transcendent' lifestyle. As patterns come full circle on this journey, we may find ourselves standing between two Gateways on the path. We can see and feel the old patterns of the life we are moving on from and, at the same time, see the new life forming tantalisingly on the horizon. The journey out of our wounded past may have looked like an impossible chasm before but now there is a moment of peace and waiting, as we stand on the edge, knowing we have reached the line. We are at the end of our old way of living but until we cross that line we still can't know how our new life will play out or shape up. The choices we make now will send us in a new direction and we must prepare well for navigating our way into this new place.

When our past and our future are edge to edge, we will have days where we feel old anxieties, frustration or tiredness well up in reaction to events and situations. Then almost immediately we will be able to pull upwards again and appreciate what we have, have compassion for the situations of others and know when to stand firm against external pressures that are not heart-based. Living edge to edge means seeing our past and our future reflected equally in the people around us. We will recognise our old patterns in our circle of relationships, seeing others pressing through issues we faced in the past, such as uncertainty in work, health problems surfacing, immature or self-absorbed ways of relating, needing their worlds to be small, reacting from inner insecurity or simply needing time to rest and heal for a while. Equally, we can turn around and meet people who are thriving in a work environment they enjoy, sensitive people capable of expressing their vulnerability, confident people who can respond flexibly to change, people willing to make adjustments in order to sustain and build a loving relationship. As we stand at the edge we will still feel the cold and hunger of the barren way of life we struggled with at the beginning of the journey. At this new edge, we will also see the blossom and new leaves that promise to fulfil us with good fruit and flavours in the months to come. At that line of edge to edge we have learnt to walk in the goodness of all the healthy, right choices we've made through years of listening to God's guidance for our lives. We can trust in Him to see us through now.

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Leaving Home, but this Time with Your Soul

Leaving the home of our family of origin is a major rite of passage, probably happening around age 21years. However, leaving home fully, and stepping into the freedom of full maturity, may take years longer, even decades more or maybe never happens at all! Part of the Pathway Balancing Soul Journey may involve rooting out flawed patterns that we embody from our childhood family. When we are too small to understand the behaviour of our parents, we find ways to temporarily deal with our unmet needs until our parents are able to pay us adequate attention again. If our parents lack maturity, they may never understand, or be able to meet, our needs adequately. This can leave us with a gaping hole in our heart and soul that we try to fill as we grow bigger. Unfortunately, if we don't know how to fill these needs in a healthy way, we may choose temporary fixes that don't last and can actually harm us. We can grow up with self-sabotaging patterns that manifest more & more loudly in our lives until we are either forced to deal with the issue or be destroyed it.

If we leave our family home with a pattern of unmet needs, we will replicate the pattern of this hole in our soul. We will see it in our relationships - with other people, with God, with money and with ourselves. If there is a damaging or unsatisfying pattern in your life today, think back to your childhood and see when this began. Do you let people take advantage of you financially? Do you keep ending relationships or have people walked out on you? Have you burnt out trying to prove you are good enough? Once you hit the spot, you'll feel it as a strong emotional charge. Give yourself space to cry, shout, sleep or talk about it. Process this material as often as you have strength. The aim is not to forget that old pattern but to discharge the embodied emotion left behind by it. The day will come when you can think or talk about your worst moment with only a trace of the feeling associated with it. It is no longer a source of trauma but has become a valuable pearl of wisdom.

When you can go back to your childhood roots and face the truth of your hurts and wants, you can see the part of your soul that was left behind when the rest of you left home. That part of your soul has been trying to get your needs met all these years, wanting to be heard, to be understood, to be cared about. Now that you have rediscovered it, you can take it home with you. You can be kind to yourself, invest in your own development, choose to be around people who are gentle, fun, interesting and be able to avoid the nutters! Take time to forgive your parents, yourself and even God if you need to. Reclaim that part of your soul that was left behind in the childhood home and begin to enjoy the freedom and power of full adulthood from this day forward.

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Being in the Presence Moment

One of the books on the Recommended Reading List for the Pathway Balancing Soul Journey Practitioner course is 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle - a life transforming book that teaches us to be present in the moment, in the now. Chapter 5 'The State of Presence' tells us about the art of waiting and uses some of the parables given by Jesus as examples. The chapter describes a state of waiting that is a state of awareness and continual preparation for fulfilment and enlightenment. During last week's Soul Journey training, we experienced states of being in the 'presence moment'. These were times of intense awareness of the presence of Divine power pouring into our work, our minds, our bodies, the room and filling us with deep peace and intense revelations. The first two days took us into the place of 'Healing of the Soul' and raised our work to between 612 and 1000 on the scale of consciousness defined by Dr David R. Hawkins. On the third day we began to come down the Pathway Balancing mountain and ground these experiences and revelations into Level 3 'The Nation' and Level 5 'Dreamweaver'. We named a Gateway, opened new Directions and filled in whole Pathways in other Directions. Overall the teachings were a time of being immersed in the presence moment and a period of intense refinement, bring up old tensions, toxins, memories and dreams that were ready to surface and be transformed. Today's waning moon phase is a time of review and assessment in the light of these three days of refinement that were preceded by two days of teachings at 'The Community' Level 2 of the Pathway Balancing mountain.

After the refinement of such pure gold, so much wisdom and healing, comes a time of defining, shaping, preparing for the fulfilment of purpose. People can see us more clearly when we shine our light, define ourselves by our values and actions and hold our ground in the face of opposition. To do these things takes courage and strength. We must be well rooted in a source of power that we have learnt to trust. If our sense of security and worth is centred in our self, our possessions, or created structures and organisations, we may limit our capacity for realising the dream and for fulfilling more of our potential. By connecting to the source of creation we can open up to more power and can position ourselves to receive all that we need to flourish. Being in the presence moment means being filled with power and being intelligently alert, as one of the students put it. We might access this state in silence and stillness, perhaps by listening to beautiful music or taking in the beauty of our surroundings. However the presence moment is also an active state, a time to get on with our work, engage with people or get ourselves better organised. The presence moment means we are intensely aware of the present and intelligently aware that this is a wave of change. Being aware of and connected to Divine power as our source for life, means being in the bliss of knowing your God has you in the palm of His hand, in whatever way you understand that to be. When we can trust that our God is holding us securely, we can enjoy the bliss of being fully alive and can engage in the task of preparing to flourish right where our God has placed us.

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Balanced, Dynamic Waiting

On the journey of conscious embodiment we can recall the journey that our soul made in connection with the egg that would form our body. This egg journey involves a great deal of waiting and will be reflected back to us during times of waiting in our present life situation. The power of conscious embodiment is the use of energy to transform old patterns, leave them behind us, and deepen into awareness of our new, healthier way of being. We are remembering our egg journey when in a life situation that needs to be resolved or changed, but yet there is no more we can do. We don't have the sperm's power to move, leave or get hold of something to make our dream happen right now. Acceptance is the way to expand our options here, letting any traces of frustration or disappointment dissolve. This is a time for settling securely into the folds of the fallopian tube, making the most of a time of peace and allowing our unmet needs to rise to the surface. But what if this is an uncomfortable process?  Motivational speakers estimate that only 5% of the global population ever reaches the life of their dreams. If you have a Pathway Balancing session that takes you to Level 5 'The Dreamweaver' you are on track to become one of that 5%. If you train to become a Soul Journey Practitioner you are equiped to lead others to fulfil their dreams. Yet there is another Level required on the Journey if the dream is to become a living reality and that Level is 'Trans-formation'. This is where we overcome the final obstacles to realising the next stage of the dream, usually by stretching into territory that is new and probably umcomfortable. Waiting, powerless to move or change anything, can feel frustrating or cause anxiety - ask anyone who's been stuck on a motorway with no idea why the traffic has stopped completely. But balanced, dynamic waiting is empowering and vital to future success.

Once you've checked all your options and know there is no more you can do, the next question is "What's the cost of waiting?" When there is no loss involved in remaining exactly where you are you can settle into a time of balance. Take time to look back on how far you've come on this journey. Take time to recover from all that you've had to overcome. Look around you and see what's supporting you. Have the courage to state your dream clearly. Take some deep breaths, relax and feel your unmet needs rising into your awareness. Feel those needs in your body - your solar plexus, legs, heart, head, lungs. Allow space for the feelings to settle and inform you of the truth. Your needs matter. Fulfilment, satisfaction and comfort are vital if we are to thrive. Be willing to engage with life, with people, in a two-way process of exchange. An egg needs to have boundaries that are sensitive and flexible, in order to know what to block out and what to allow closer. In life we made need to wait and watch to see what comes our way. By being clear about the dream life held in the seed that we hold, we will know exactly what to do when the moment of decision arrives.

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A New Wave of Power Coming In

In the past week a powerful wave of Divine Power has swept through Pathway Balancing like never before, primarily affecting The Dreamweaver Level and the area of Healing the Soul. It started during teaching on The Individual Level about the energy fulcrums that can hold a person back from achieving their dreams. The focus was on those pivotal points in our maternal line that we centre around unconsciously because the issues are not yet uncovered and resolved. Patterns can exist today, that stem from our previous close relationships or marriages, that follow a trend in our mother's marriage and her parent's relationship. These patterns may not be helpful for our dream to be realised. For example, up to the mid 1970's, many women dreamed of not having to work and had openings of employment that were mainly drudgery or monotony, so financial dependency on a husband was preferable. After the mid '70's more women began to want to work, with choices now that were enjoyable and creative, offering increased financial security from their own personal incomes. If we release these old patterns from our energy field we are freer to choose the pathway that fulfils our own dreams and not our mother's. This week's training progressed onto establishing new energy fulcrums for a person. An open heart allows for honest relationships to develop. The use of the Navel Balancing technique clears a person to identify and form non-toxic relationships with others. As this week progressed into training on The Dreamweaver Level, power surged through the work and is still being integrated at today's Dark Moon phase. The level of consciousness, logged against Dr David R. Hawkins scale, reached an unprecedented high - 1000 at the level of Enlightenment. As this wave of high-level consciousness washed through our work during the teaching, it brought up waves of physical toxins, tensions and emotional vulnerablilty, followed by intense revelations, visions, night-time dreams and clear messages on the way forward. This power was evident in the first Soul Journey Day held by Sue Preston-Eyles and Jolene Ironside that Saturday, at the same time as the Pathway Balancing stand, plus a talk and demonstration, were were being presented at The Feelgood Show in Spalding. As people engaged with the information at the Show, there was a sense of readiness for this power to manifest more fully.

By Sunday the wave reached The Feelgood Show with a massive increase in busyness at the stand and treatment sessions running virtually non-stop, back to back, with in-depth enquiries into the Diploma training course that starts in January 2013. The journey sessions at the stand began with someone who was at The Dreamweaver Level 5 and progressed on to the next person being at Level 6 Trans-formation. They were followed by people who had overcome the 'mountain' that had stood in their path and were now having Healing for the Soul and moving into the Transcendent Levels of Heart Consciousness, Pearls of Wisdom and Completion of the Journey. The energy theme was of Paradise Regained. Where dreams had been lost or forgotten it was now time to live life to the full again. Where relationships had resulted in heartbreak, it was now time for new relationships to form between people who had reached wholeness within the grace of God. Where progress had been stalled because of financial lack, it was now time to rebuild prosperity with new ways of thinking, adapting and changing. After the Show, there was a renewed sense of joy, confidence and fresh vision that continued into Sunday night. Today's Dark Moon is a quiet day to let things settle and complete, in order to fully hold the power of this dream unfolding. Tomorrow is a new day and a New Moon, an opportunity to live the dream at a whole new level.

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