Leaving the Abyss Behind

Sometimes in life, events happen that are earth shattering for us and we see all that we hold dear falling away from us. In a matter of hours, life can change. A relationship may end, a work project fail to launch, a catastrophic financial loss happen or any form of loss or separation occur that brings us to the edge of the cliff and leaves us hanging over the abyss. The abyss is a dark, cold, seemingly bottomless pit, cut off from life, isolated and with no apparent way out. It can be a place where we cling on desperately, not knowing how long we can hold on and survive. Being in the abyss can feel depressing and hopeless. If we look down into it for long enough we can be drawn into a downward spiral of defeat, repetitive patterns, fruitlessness, tiredness and numbness. Signs of being caught in the abyss include a business in decline, a house that's uncared for, financial debt, shabby clothes or a bitter, withdrawn attitude towards relationships. Many people get stuck in this miserable way of life and further disempower themselves by blaming outside circumstances and talking about the awfulness of the abyss. However, we don't get out of the abyss by denying its reality or simply putting on a smile & saying everything is great when it isn't. How do we find the way out and how do we leave the abyss behind us?

We can begin by being fully aware of the present, how our body feels, our emotional tone and then focussing inwards to our heartbeat. Our heartbeat tells us we are alive, no matter how cold, fearful or lonely we are. If we can feel, we are still alive and embodied. Now that we are consciously connected to life again, we can begin to restore the healthy, natural flow of life through our heart. This means accepting whatever is present so we can dissolve it in the field of our heart-energy. Let the tears flow, the shivers run through your body and melt into any aches or tiredness along the way. This process takes as much time as necessary and comes to completion with an awareness of comfort, peace, softness and a soothing, gentle, steady heart-rhythm. You can feel, hear, see and know you are alive in a place of spaciousness. But this space isn't empty and you are no longer stuck or trapped. This place is swirling with life and you have choices. This place is your conscious connection with the universe. For some it will be a safely impersonal place, upheld by universal laws that can be relied upon. For others there will be a deeper sense of the universe being upheld by its Creator and a feeling of trust in this divine relationship. For a while, we may be unsteady on our feet and totter painfully on the edge of the abyss, especially during difficult moments that remind us of the earth shattering origins of our own personal earthquake. Then one day we totter and fall, knocked down by an old pattern, but then realise we have fallen safely on solid ground. Maybe our savings are low, but at least we have some. Perhaps we reached out to someone and they didn't respond, but we see we are no longer withdrawn or closed off from relationships. There may be a small first response to an innovation in our working methods, but we can see it's beginning to all come good again now.  With this new found confidence in life, we can step forward with faith that we have found the right path again. We know those water-filled ditches on either side of the road and we will steer clear of falling into their fear and procrastination or folly and presumption. We are now equipped to walk on solid ground. We can now keep straight on the path of faith by listening with our heart, sensing with our body, observing with our mind and trusting in the swirling, pulsing life that is upheld within the universe. In a matter of hours, life can change and it's all coming good again.

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