A Heart of Gold

Sometimes we say a person has a heart of gold. We may mean that they are a good person, kind, generous or dependable. Is it a good thing to have a heart of gold? Maybe something so precious needs to be protected in case it's taken from us. Perhaps helping other people leaves us tired or burdened. Life may be going along fine & then one phone call, a minor slip-up or a major event in our nation's economy can suddenly shake us. Living a golden life may be appealing but many people sabotage their dreams because of unresolved, embodied experiences of loss, which they do not wish to repeat. On the Pathway Balancing journey, Gateway 50 is the highest Gateway at the Dreamweaver Level. It takes us to 'a Life of Love, Power & Overflowing Abundance' but some people stall at this Gateway & have to back-track for some 'Healing of the Soul' before they can go through it. Many of us have had experiences that we never want to repeat - a whirlwind of change, uncertainty, desperation, choices made under pressure or facing the loss of almost everything that mattered to us. So how do we step forward into living our dream in such an uncertain world?

Many people cope with stress by shutting down to a certain degree - not caring any more, ignoring the needs of their body, holding back effort or criticising others. This may work in the short term but in time it can create apathy, depression, burn-out or isolation. It may take a sudden illness or relationship crisis to act as a wake-up call to change direction. Sadly, many people lose an opportunity by blaming others or seeing their symptoms as just an illness caught at random with no deeper underlying cause. The Pathway Balancing journey shows that we are shaped by our circumstances and that we can make new choices that will give us a life worth living. Being fully alive means that we have energy, resources, caring relationships, fulfilling activities, a healthy curiosity about life and confidence to express who we are. Behind Gateway 50, the Clearing area tells us that 'We find the richness of life by going through the dark times and knowing we'll never have to go back'. Part of the work involves the new Step of 'Seeing our mistakes, having compassion for all concerned, having forgiveness & mercy, & knowing we'll never go back'. Once we're balanced enough to clear this issue, we realise we've learnt our lessons and won't make those same poor choices again. This frees us to move in another Direction and follow a new Pathway of 'Refining by being tested and being found to be genuine'. The final Step on this Pathway is 'We have passed the test and been proven to have integrity and a genuine heart of gold'. We can safely live the golden life because we've learnt that storms come and seasons change but, through 'Healing the Soul', we've developed a heart of gold and learnt the way to 'Surrender to Life as the Cultivation of Prosperity'.

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