Seeds of Change

Gateway 5 on the Pathway Balancing Journey is 'The Power of Balance' and describes a place of transition, a time of barrenness and emptiness after some kind of war has ended in our lives. We may look around at our life and see overwhelmimg conditions that need attending to, like weeds overgrown on a fertile plot of land, or cobwebs and clutter in the house. This Gateway is reached when a major pattern has been released from our lives and the shackles  that held us back are now unlocked. It is found by people who've said to themselves "There must be a better way." and have now discovered it. It is a point where we realise we've survived the trauma and are really OK now. We are healed. We are a normal person and life is stable. The Overview of this Gateway tells us 'The seeds of the future are already present in this land, and the process of change encourages us to look at the things around us and observe their differences.' The way forward now is to open this Gateway and find a new way of being. It tells us we are 'Harvesting the fruits of experience and wisdom' and are now 'holding the seeds for the future'. We are at a crossroads and must decide which pathway to follow from here. As we open Gateway 5, we come into the Clearing 'Growing into Heaven'. This is about 'feeding the seeds of our dreams'. It is important to take stock and ask yourself what you really enjoy in daily life and examine your core values. How have you dealt with situations in the past when your values have not been upheld? Did you use confrontation, manipulation or dissociation? How do you find new solutions that don't involve giving in your notice, trying too hard to please another or sacrificing your own needs? In Pathway Balancing we apply a wealth of remedies and techniques to shift the old energies into new, fresh perspectives. For example, an Aura Soma Pomander can refresh our senses and help us see a different angle for the next step. 'Growing into Heaven' involves 'clearing away the rubbish' and 'sorting the seeds from the weeds'. As we focus on the things we appreciate and care about, we create a nurturing atmosphere that fills and emanates from our heart. This week a new Step was added to the Pathway around this Clearing: 'It is now safe to enjoy your freedom and being with the people who share your sense of joy in being alive'. It is time to stop pretending that something is OK when it isn't. It's time to stop colluding with ideas and behaviour that are insane. Now is the time to create freedom by planting the seeds of change in the world around you, to bring life where there was barrenness. Now it is the freedom that comes from honestly accepting yourself as an ongoing work in progress that releases you from the shackles of anxiety and insecurity. It is freedom by acceptance that someone is the way that they are and knowing you have power to make choices. Wait while someone goes off the path for a while and see if they come back. You will know more of the truth of who they are. Tell someone you don't like the way they have dealt with you and ask them how things could work better. You will open the possibilty for transformation. Stop warring against yourself and others and discover the Viewpoint of Growing Towards Freedom. Life is worth living and God gives us everything we need to enjoy life to the full and in true richness. Open your heart and keep filling it with better things every moment, then share those things generously with others.

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