The Road to Paradise

Paradise is an ancient Hebrew word that refers to a Garden of Eden state, a place of beauty, abundant produce, companionship and a close relationship with our God. The idea of a paradise experience will vary in each person's imagination but it will generally be something good or even wonderful and highly desirable. In the Pathway Balancing Journey, we face an imaginary mountain path that spirals upwards through seven Levels, with the top (Level 7) being called 'Paradise on Earth'. The practitioner uses kinesiology muscle-testing to find out how close you are to your own personal Paradise. Reaching this Level means finding an actual place, or people, in your everyday living that connects you to Paradise in some way. This Level on the Journey can feel like a relief, a place of healing and hope, of something being found or fulfilled. Sometimes clients need time for 'Healing the Soul' here. The road to Paradise can be a battering experience, overcoming obstacles, having doubts, facing opposition and not knowing if you'll ever make it through. It's a road taken by those who want to get to the bottom of their problems and root out the damaging patterns that have caused their symptoms, pain or distress. Facing and dealing with root causes can be a difficult and demanding process, so why go through it at all?

The road to Paradise is more of a journey back to who we were originally designed to be. It's a process of discovering your soul again and recalling the dreams you held before the storms of life caused you to batten down the hatches for safety. We often create layers of armour to cope with the pain of disappointment, failed attempts, lack of results or hurtful behaviour by others. This protective armour then becomes too heavy and numbing once we've survived and stabilised. To fully live again, we need to feel and move freely again. The process of healing is about dissolving the old patterns and feeling them fall away. As our life becomes healthier, we begin to feel warmer and more sensitive physically. Our thoughts become more creative and able to problem-solve. Emotionally we can be angry without losing our temper or sad without being overwhelmed by grief. Spiritually we discover a faith, based on the manifested reality of our experiences, that gives a deeper confidence and sense of security.

As these elements of healing permeate our soul, our heart can stay open and our spirit can flow and enliven us again. The road to Paradise can be painful and uncertain. It requires staying power, support and encouragement. Why is it so difficult? Maybe to act as a filter. Perhaps this demanding process weeds out those who would simply take from one another and destroy Paradise with self-centred agendas. Why take this path if it's so difficult? Because the alternative is to go back into the destructive ways that lead to such pain and distress in the first place. The choice to go back to old habits may seem easier on a bad day, when you're tired, short of money, feeling you're alone or facing a difficult decision. Problems and difficulties can throw up a fog of questions, doubts and emotions at times. Once the fog lifts and clears you will be able to see how close you are to your own personal life of paradise on earth.

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