Restoring Lost Confidence

Last week's blog asked the question 'Are you headed for defeat or a breakthrough?'. One of the determining factors will be your degree of confidence in yourself and an optimistic view of the possible outcome. Our confidence is affected by previous experiences of defeat, loss, dissapointment or failure. It is a natural healing response to draw back or pull inwards after being hurt or let down. We need time and space to recover. The problem is that this posture can become engrained. If we play it safe for too long we can become paralysed and unable to move on. Are there areas in your life where you seem unable to get a breakthrough? Have you been hurt or let down in these areas? How can we break out of excessive safety and begin to live life to the full again?

New material was added to the 'Pathway Balancing - Healing the Soul' manual this week. The title of this new piece is 'Confidence is Lost in Defeat and Felt as a Rising Force in Overcoming Our Patterns of Self-Destruction or Loss'. Pathway Balancing is all about recovering lost, damaged or trapped parts of our soul and being able to embody those parts again, so we can be whole and more of our true self. One of the ways our soul can be damaged is by a lot of emotional drama. Have you ever had passionate arguments late into the night or been out of bed in the early hours pondering the future or writing out heart-felt letters to someone who isn't listening to you? Did someone you care about say negative things about your dreams or the things you value? Part of our soul can wither away under these conditions and things need to change in order to restore lost confidence again.

A safe place with safe people is the starting point for recovery. Here, we need to fill up on beauty - birdsong, blossom, flowing waters, good food, harmonious music. We need to stretch our body to release tension, even tears if necessary, to let our blocked emotions flow through cleanly again. From past disconnection we need to take the risk of reconnection again. Our posture, demeanour and position needs to shift upwards, opening up and expanding outwards. It's time to start carrying our fair share of life's load once again and joining up with others on the road and in the market place. Our hope rises as we see positive changes taking place - in our energy levels, achievements, relationships and finances. If we maintain this new, positive momentum there will be a tipping point that cascades us into a new, more confident and empowering way of life. We can be secure and confident in displaying our hard-won jewels to a waiting world and are able to return to life renewed.

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