From Old Beliefs to New Success

The Pathway Balancing Journey raises awareness of old beliefs and their roots. Sometimes this awareness can be uncomfortable and can even make us feel ill, really tired or demotivated. As old beliefs are exposed as illusions, we may not feel motivated in the way we used to. If we ran on adrenaline and fear of loss in the past, it takes time to recover and restore sustainable energy levels for future success. When we no longer listen to a critical spirit within us, there is a time of adjustment and relaxation before we can build on a more confident foundation. The 6th Level on the Pathway Balancing mountain is 'Trans-formation', where we encounter the last 10 Gateways that stand as barriers to a life of success in paradise on earth. The last Direction we can take at this Level is 'Relaxing Into Our Destiny'. How can success be achieved by relaxation?

Relaxing tension allows for better circulation of vital fluids. As we take our awareness into the now, we can feel our embodied, present condition. By centreing in the heart we can allow a deeper wisdom to rise up. Into this space comes an overflow of anything unprocessed, because of tension and fear, rooted in beliefs such as being rejected or a failure. If we have the courage, skills and perseverence to dissolve these trapped emotions, or undischarged over-energies, our present becomes clearer. Anxieties about the future can be replaced by faith in the divine power that has sustained us all this way. We realise that we attract or repel, and are attracted to and repelled by, people and situations that reflect the energy state of our soul. Choosing consciously from the heart dissolves old beliefs in the truth of compassion and faith. New success starts as we see what needs to be done and choose where to start, listening to our body, applying our mind and listening in our heart for the constant, faithful presence of divine guidance. Life becomes richer when we enjoy the experience of people being different, seasons varying, emotions adding tone and unexpected results giving information. Successful transformation happens as we see a new horizon emerge from the ashes of our past mistaken beliefs.

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