FREE Initial Consultation

I offer a FREE 30 minute appointment to discuss your needs and agree the best way forward for you. This can done over the phone or in person. 


Standard consultation programmes

Sessions are available from 1 hour and no more than two hours is recommended for one session. 

1 hour: £44

1.5 hours: £66

2 hours: £88


Save up to £32 by booking consultations in advance

Treatments are from 1 hour and no more than two hours is recommended for one session. 

4 hours: 160.00

Save £16!

6 hours: £240
Save £24!
+ free Liquid Clorophyll*

8 hours: £320
Save £32!
+ free Zambroza*


*Receive your free Liquid Clorophyll worth £11.43 in your 6th hour of treatment or your free Zambroza worth £19.08 in your 8th hour of treatment.


Helping other people

A simple way to help other people is by sharing what you know, telling them about your own experience and showing them the way to better health.

In the natural order of creating abundance, you will also receive the rewards and satisfaction that come from encouraging others to live a better life each day. 

There are two ways to help other people enjoy the same good things you have found at Pathway Balancing:

1) Referrals for a consultation

Recommend a friend, family member, colleague or client to Pathway Balancing and receive a £5 John Lewis/ Waitrose Voucher, once they attend their first consultation for kinesiology or craniosacral therapy. 

2) Recommending Nature’s Sunshine Products

Pass on the benefits of using Nature’s Sunshine Products to your friends, family, colleagues or clients and benefit from extra discounts, rebates on purchases or even commission if you enjoy sharing the products with a wider group of people.  

  • Club together with others to place your order so everyone benefits from the 15% discount from the Retail Price and saves on postage and packing.
  • Upgrade your Direct Customer Account to become a Distributor and show others how to open their own accounts under your guidance and support. Benefit by ordering your products at wholesale prices. 
  • Develop your own group of customers and help them choose the optimal supplement programme by going through the Lifestyle Analysis process with them. Benefit by receiving monthly rebates on the products you buy and those purchased by your group. Rebates grow, as you build and help your group, to 5%, 10%, 12% and 20% of value of products. 
  • Become a Manager, developing your group to become Distributors, and enjoy helping them to achieve their own personal and professional growth. 
  • Build your own business based on principles of integrity and quality. Lead others by your own experience of healing, increased vitality and knowledge. Simply use the products yourself, share the products with others and share the business concept with those who can enjoy its potential. 

Advance booking giveaways!

Receive these free gifts when you book 6 or 8 hours worth of treatment in advance.

Pathway Balancing recommends Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll

liquid clorophyll

473 ml

Chlorophyll is the green pigment in plants that harnesses the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. It performs metabolic functions in plants such as respiration and growth. Naturally flavoured with spearmint oil and can be taken throughout the day, leaving the breath minty fresh.  Ideal for everyday use.

Pathway Balancing Recommends Nature's Sunshine Zambroza


458 ml

Supplies powerful nutrients that give the body energy and vitality and help to maintain a healthy immune system. A unique and powerful blend of juices naturally rich in antioxidants.