BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit - Wood Green 2013

A special welcome to all our visitors, the other exhibitors and the organisers of the 2013 BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit Weekend held at the Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester. It was the first time Pathway Balancing had taken a stand at this event and we really enjoyed being there. It was a spacious and light venue with an atmosphere of generosity and friendship among the exhibitors. On Saturday, our student Owen Wheatley offered test sessions of the 'Power vs Force' levels of consciousness, based on the work of Dr David R Hawkins, which generated interest from visitors to our stand. On both days we were giving mini-sessions of Food Intolerance/'Allergy' Testing which revealed much about the diets of those who opted for testing. Only one person had a food intolerance, whilst others needed to actually decrease the amount of raw food in their diet, time their food supplements for their evening meal or avoid combining beans with either white pasta or apples & pears. For one client, we established that diet was fine but the symptoms were rooted in stress. The most popular sessions were for Pathway Balancing Journeys and we were working at our maximum capacity on both afternoons. Our clients were all at impressively high levels on the Journey, most being at Levels 5 & 6; Dreamweaver and Trans-formation, with almost everyone having something for 'Healing the Soul'. We even added new material to the manuals, with one particularly memorable addition.

One lady was looking for guidance on using her spiritual gifts. During her session, we needed to extend the new, un-named section of the 'Healing the Soul' manual and she sensed the powerful presence of an angel with her. The messages that came through for her told us that each of us has the ability to hear from spiritual sources but it's important to discern the source, intention and heart of the voice we are hearing. This new part to the manual signals that a new season has begun for the person who reaches this point and to be ready for a new beginning.

On Sunday afternoon, Sue Preston-Eyles and I gave a talk and demonstration of the Pathway Balancing Journey to a group in the Event Meeting Room and we decided to give a group balance. Our Journey took us to Level 6, Trans-formation, Gateway 54 and the Direction 'Flowing Power' which has the Pathway of 'Rising to new levels with more enriching resources'. Our group journey completed at the Viewpoint 'Holding a position of leadership, in truthfulness and integrity, is empowering for all concerned.' The feedback was fantastic! People said the atmosphere was really special and they could feel the energy shifting and changing. Each person enthusiastically asked for the leaflets we had for Individual Therapy and the Personal Development Training Course.

There was also a little bit of time, over the weekend, to visit other stands and I had a wonderful session of 'Matrix Energetics' with Wai Cheung on his 'Trans.Form' stand. I highly recommend him and his work. He is impressively knowledgeable about the science behind energy work and has a passion for his work and a heart for people. Overall, Sue, Owen and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and are looking forward to the next one with BSSK in 2014. If you can't wait that long, come to our next stand, at the Peterborough Mind, Body, Soul Weekend on Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd September 2013 at the Excel Centre, East of England Showground. See you there!

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