FREE Initial Consultation

I offer a FREE 30 minute appointment to discuss your needs and agree the best way forward. We can look at the best options for you, using kinesiology, craniosacral therapy or a programme combining both.

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Standard consultation programmes

Appointments are available on Tuesday evenings between 6pm and 8pm and Wednesday daytime and evenings from 10am to 8pm

Sessions are usually an hour, and no more than two hours is recommended for one session. The whole consultation lasts a full hour, so allow about 10 minutes after your treatment, to receive you Self-Care Summary Sheet and to pay and then book your next appointment. Book and pay as you go.

1 hour: £44

1.5 hours: £66

2 hours: £88


Save up to £32 by booking, and paying for, a course of sessions in advance.

Plan your spending, and reduce the cost of each session by up to £4 per hour. By block booking, and paying in advance, your preferred slot is reserved for you for the duration of your treatment and development programme. 

4 hours: 160.00 Save £16!

6 hours: £240
Save £24!

8 hours: £320
Save £32!

Helping other people

A simple way to help other people is by sharing what you know, telling them about your own experience and showing them the way to better health.

In the natural order of creating abundance, you will also receive the rewards and satisfaction that come from encouraging others to live their best life. 

There are two ways to help other people enjoy the same good things you have found at Pathway Balancing:

1) Referrals for a consultation

Recommend a friend, family member, colleague or client to Pathway Balancing and receive a £5 John Lewis/ Waitrose Voucher, once they attend their first paid consultation for kinesiology or craniosacral therapy. 

2) Writing a Testimonial

If you have enjoyed and benefited from your sessions at Pathway Balancing, let other people know about the help that's available to them. Please e-mail a brief description of your own experience to me at and let me know how you would like to be identified. I will then include your message in the testimonials on this site. Thank you in advance.


Therapy and Personal Development

Take the time you need to resolve the root causes of your symptoms. Choose a short term course of therapy sessions or progress into a deeper journey of personal development and transformation. 

Pathway Balancing recommends Nature's Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll

Corrina is a Senior British Registered Complemetary Practitioner with over 27 years experience in therapy and personal development. She is also an Advisor to the BRCP.

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Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) is the unique system researched and developed by Corrina. She has also trained a further six PBK Practitioners to professional level.


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Pathway Balancing is inspiring, enlightening and absolutely stands alone as a life changing experience. Corrina is a well grounded, spiritual person, willing to share a wealth of expertise and knowledge. She has been caring, kind, funny and an absolute rock. I have felt so supported and safe.
She’s a truly lovely lady.
— Sue Preston-Eyles, Kinesiologist, Market Deeping