Secure in Freedom and Prosperity

Security and freedom can be difficult to reconcile, seeming to oppose each other in some ways. Some degree of insecurity is the norm for ordinary human beings living out an everday life in a wonderful but complex world. We have many ways of seeking a sense of security from around us: establishing routines, fitting in to please other people, holding on to our money, looking for 'secure' employment. When the things around us are shaken, we may lose our sense of security and feel we are falling to pieces. On the Pathway Balancing Journey, we learn to centre ourselves in an inner security, coming from our soul and through our heart. Over time this inner security will increasingly manifest as outer security: energy levels are improving consistently, relationships are lasting and more stable, finances are settling and less volatile. Life begins to move at the speed of balance and will therefore be more sustainable. So what do you want now?

Security and freedom are often symbolised financially and many people would welcome increased prosperity. But ask yourself why you want to prosper. If it's to accumulate more or better stuff, no amount of financial prosperity will ever satisfy you. What would an increased income, plentiful savings and absence of debt give you? Take time to contemplate this because it will give you the next step towards true prosperity for your soul. Search your heart for the answers. Perhaps prosperity would give you freedom - from your past, from slavery to money-lenders, from a mundane existence. Maybe prosperity would enable you to live in beauty - your home, place of work, your transport, clothing. Could you be more creative if you had more resources? Would you enjoy being generous to others, giving tips to the car wash staff, donating more to charity, giving or lending money to help someone out of a difficult patch? Once you know what you really value in life, you can begin living that way today. Your money will then express your sense of freedom and security and begin to work for you, rather than enslave you.

The Pathway Balancing manual 'Healing the Soul' has a whole section called 'Coming Into and Handling Propserity' with 13 layers of healing in this area. Next week, this material is being taught to the next group of Pathway Balancing practitioners, who will then be equiped to lead others to greater prosperity. To join the next personal development group journey, book your place now.

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