Releasing Attachments & Building Relationships

Having an attachment to someone is not the same as building a relationship with them. An attachment can be one-sided and an attempt to fulfil an unmet need in yourself. A relationship requires more from both people. Forming attachments can be a helpful stage on the healing journey and a sign of progress after a period of isolation or over-independence. Maintaining attachments to past relationships may also be part of a process of rebuilding and regaining strength after a difficult period of change. When these attachments no longer satisfy our inner need for relationship, it is time to take the next step towards building fulfilling, two-way relationships. Old patterns will now surface and the trapped emotions, that limited us to one-way attachments, may come up to be released. This may be uncomfortable, even overwhelming at times, but the cleansing process will ultimately lead closer to the life we desire in our heart. How can we help this process to unfold and allow the new life to emerge?

Having the courage to slow down, and drop into a place of calm and peace, will allow space for old impulses and thought-patterns to surface. What are you tired of? What is it that's so dissatisfying about your life just now? How have you tried, unsuccessfully, to overcome these issues in the past? In craniosacral therapy, we allow the session to drop into stillpoints - moments of stillness, calm, peace and a sense of aliveness. This allows the cellular fluids to expand and flow, washing away the sediment that was held in old postures of tension and driveness. As the old fears, anxieties and thoughts surface, we can allow them to safely pass through, observing the old passing away to make way for fresh perspectives and ability to act. The Pathway Balancing Kinesiology journey starts with Touch for Health basic energy balancing, then takes us into the more advanced realms of holistic health to restore physical, emotional and electromagnetic aspects of health. We can then begin the journey of embodying more of our soul, through the heart, enlivened by the spirit. Taking time to appreciate the beauty of where we are can bring up grief at what has been lost. Breathing in peace, calm and safety can create gratitude to God for bringing us so far from our painful past. We can acknowledge our attachments as emotional and relational 'trainer wheels', helping us steady ourselves as we move away from past unhealthy connections and towards more open, healthy contacts. Vulnerability and openness are essential in building worthwhile, growing relationships. In an atmosphere of threat, oppression or neglect, it is not possible or desirable to cultivate these essential relational qualities. Take time to be at peace for a while, to revitalise, restore and reconnect with your aliveness. When you are ready, the trickle of new life will alert you that things are changing. Don't panic. Don't lose that sense of peace and calm within and around you. Take it with you into your new life and trust that all will fall into place gently, as you nurture your ability to care - both for yourself and others. Enjoy the journey.

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