Soul journeys

Embodying Your Sperm & Egg Journeys

Before your new identity could be established at conception, your body began as a sperm and an egg. These two gametes were the earliest opportunities for your soul to embody its earthly destiny. The patterns laid down in the sperm and egg journeys continue to unfold throughout life. When you know about your soul journey through these two routes, you experience the power of conscious embodiment. Seeing these patterns unfolding around you helps you to find your way forward and come closer to your true destiny. The sperm journey is unfolding when you are with crowds or large groups of people and you get a sense of your identity from those around you. For example, there was a National Day of Prayer at Wembley stadium last Saturday (29th September 2012) where tens of thousands of Christians prayed for the British people, seeking God's will for the way ahead for our nation. As you move, walk, stand, talk, or sit with others who are like you, you can see patterns emerging, such as protection, attractiveness or discernment. You might be searching for something but be unable to find quite what you're looking for on this journey to the egg. The egg journey unfolds as you slow down or become still, maybe sitting alongside your 'sisters', or perhaps being alone in your own space. You realise there is no more you can do in your own strength and you can only wait until the next wave rolls you along a little further, as you listen for the sound of those vital sperm. Before your new identity as an embodied soul can really take shape, there is sometimes nothing else needed except time and patience.

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To discover your own specific embodied patterns, join one of our soul journey days in October or December 2012. E-mail Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK.

Dissolving Defensive Walls to Step Out Again

Last week's blog was about the safe defensive walls of Gateway 28 'The Walls of Jericho' at Level 3 of 7, The Nation. This week the journey moves on, up the 'mountain' to Levels 4 (Heaven on Earth) and 5 (The Dreamweaver). There has been a flood of new material into these Levels this week representing the energy that moves when the defensive walls of the past are dissolved. The soul's embodiment through the sperm journey involves the experience of the sperm's outer layers dissolving, or bursting, once it is inside the egg. For the sperm, and it's attached soul, to experience the bliss and awesomeness of a new life, the sperm has to die, let go of the outer shell that protected and defined it on the way to it's chosen destiny with the egg. In the same way, we may reach a point where we have to let go of an old way of being in order to reach a state of heaven on earth and begin weaving our dream into a more manifested reality. A new title for one of the Clearings in Level 4 - Heaven on Earth is 'Having the Freedom to Be the Person You Were Always Meant to Be'. Once we can let down our walls they can be transformed into boundary lines instead. Now people can see us and the material that we are made of is more available for mutual exchange. Now we can move up to Level 5 'The Dreamweaver' and one of the Directions in Gateway 48 that says 'We all have choices to make between safety and risk. The power to choose is what sets us free. The only limit is the limit we set on ourselves.' A new Step in this Direction that was revealed this week says 'Being different makes life easier because we all have something to offer each other that enhances the different skills we each posses.' When the sperm's genetic contents are made available to the egg, the egg can eject it's own unwanted material via the polar body. We can grow in our personal and professional relationships by sharing in the same way. We might let go of an old pattern where we cut off from people if they didn't step forward to do what we wanted, in the way we expected, at the time we needed them to. We might choose to hang in there instead, and decide to learn more about them and give them more time to learn about us. We can switch from defensive 'now or never', 'all or nothing' impatience and fear of loss or rejection. We can instead make clear our current position and wait to see what develops or even reach out with an offer or invitation. By opening up to a risk like this, we may find ourselves in Gateway 34 and the new Direction of 'Deciding to Move Forward Because Our Choice is Honoured by the Divine Heart'.

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You're Safe - But Are You TOO Safe?

Gateway 28 on the Pathway Balancing Journey is called 'The Walls of Jericho'. The Overview describing what we can see through this Gateway to awareness starts 'This is a story about defensive walls that keep the people safe. Nothing can get through. This seemed good to the people because they liked to feel safe.' In life, we all get hurt sometimes, disappointed about the way things go, or realise someone around us doesn't have our best interests at heart in their behavior towards us. To stop this happening again, we often put up defensive walls of some sort. We can make vows to "never let that happen again" or make a rule to say "No" to stepping over a certain line again. These vows, rules and other decisions can be an important part of our healing process after suffering a loss or a wound. But later on, in this Gateway 28 Overview, it says 'However, they found that they were very isolated and stuck.' Where staying at home was once a refuge, it now becomes lonely & empty, where time alone once meant peace it now feels like isolation, where saying no to invitations felt cool and superior it now feels sad and out of touch. There can come a time when you realise you've drawn the boundaries too far on the side of caution, but what do you do now? When you're on a journey of personal development and healing, you will be changing and growing, probably on a daily basis. Gateway 28 of the Pathway Balancing Journey is almost at the top of The Nation Level on the climb up the 'mountain' towards your destiny. The Nation (Level 3 of 7) is about being who you were born to be, being who you truly are and fulfilling the purpose your Creator placed inside of you. By Gateway 28, a journeyer will be seeing and sharing more of their true self with others, in the context of a healthier Community (Level 2 of 7). They will have a more stable foundation as an Individual (Level 1 of 7). From this stronger perspective a person can make different choices from the last time they came around this 'mountain'. Now they may have friends they can count on, and have learned to listen to their advice. Their finances or career path might be on a firmer footing. They may trust their relationship with God more wholeheartedly. Now, as the last paragraph in the Gateway 28 Overview says, 'Very slowly, they started to go outside of the walls. They began breaking down the barriers that prevented them from moving forwards.' Our barriers can become an obstacle instead of a protection. These old barriers can stop us taking opportunities that would fulfill the deepest desires of our heart. Letting these old defences go can be safe now, because this time things are different. This time we are wiser, more supported, more confident. we know we can go back into our refuge and take to time to heal if we need to. This time we can step out and explore, because now we are ready to walk towards Gateway 29 'Knowing You Have Something Uniquely Special Inside'. This Overview tells us 'Celebrating the joy of being unique, means surrendering to the Divine purpose for our lives. This frees us from oppression, from fear and gives us the courage to submit control to Divine will.' This time it will be different because you're safer than you've ever been before. Now is the time to step forward and be willing to walk again, over that line that protected you before but is now no longer needed.

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Do You Need to Slow Down?

The primary way to deepen into your soul's energy field is by slowing down. Slow down in your car & stay within the legal speed limit, enjoying the view and listening to music. Slow down in your physical movements & notice your posture, allowing your muscles to relax & your body to feel comfortable. Slow down in your mind by stopping the imaginary conversations, the mental constructs of events before they happen, the criticism of yourself & others for not doing something a certain way. Slow down and let your five senses inform you about your soul's energy field. How can you experience the depth and richness of your soul's potential? Look around you right now and take in all that your eyes can see, and take your time to do this more slowly than the initial impulse that arose at first. Then close your eyes for a few moments and pay attention to your internal environment, such as your heart beat, breathing, muscle tension, nervous twitches or fidgeting. Now sit still for a moment & notice the alignment of your pelvis, back, neck & head. Do you need to adjust in any way to bring about a straighter midline? Perhaps you'll need to exercise more to improve your physical core strength. Your soul is a huge energy field of potential and the more of this field that is embodied, the more power and fulfilment you'll have in your life.

I've had a wonderful time this month as a participant on the 6-day residential course with Consciousness Embodiment Trainings on 'Deepening into the Genes & the Synchronistic Field of the Soul'. Then this weekend I taught Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) as a residential module for the first time, which allowed a slowing down & deepening into the PBK Journey and Healing materials. Another group of students will be here this Friday & Saturday for PBK 2, non-residential, as we work to deepen into wholeness from the soul's perspective. To experience this work for yourself, there is a Soul Journey Day happening on Saturday 9th June and all six places are available for booking now with just £20 as deposit (non-refundable). E-mail now to reserve your place. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

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A Day of Soul Retrieval & Cutting Soul Ties

Last Saturday's Soul Journey Day had a different dynamic from previous Days, as we looked out on the start of 2012. Our little group soon settled into a cosy atmosphere, with bright winter sunshine streaming through the south-facing window and everyone snuggled into their tub chairs with soft blankets wrapped around legs. There was a sense of grounding, depth, rootedness and lively curiosity about the way ahead. Our initial group discussion revealed how much each of us had overcome on our personal soul journey to date. There was recognition of the accomplishments of each person and an awareness that much more was yet to come. There was a collective desire to 'get this stuff out there' because we recognised the profound effects that the power of Pathway Balancing had manifested in our own lives and we wanted more people to benefit from this work. As the group embarked in its Soul Journey for the Day, it was apparent that our energies & needs were all positive and good - both as individuals and collectively. We were centred in a sanctuary that held dazzling, priceless pearls of wisdom - a place that would feed us. A guided meditation session showed we had reduced our 'mountains to mounds', discovered a tower of strength and found the way home. This deepened into an exploration of the Conception Journey as the soul comes into embodiment. We opened soul energy Gateway 45 'Stability Produces the Richest of Relationships' and our work intensified into tracking back to earlier times in life that needed energy balancing. There was a session of soul retrieval - bringing back a part of the person that had lost it's sense of vocation in the past, but could now integrate and empower the person to go for their specific dream destination. There was a powerful time of removing soul ties - breaking attachments from a past relationship that was 'infecting' the present with false ideas and feelings, in order to release the truth of the good life in the present and a true sense of self-worth and value. The Day finished with each person having a unique 'To Do List' for nurturing and manifesting their purpose. There was a group balance for all those who are part of Pathway Balancing to keep an open heart and commit to leading Pathway Balancing forward this January. It was a clear and frosty night as everyone stepped out to bring their plans and purpose to fruition.

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Gain the power you need to move forward in your life by starting Touch for Health 1 on 28th/29th January 2012 or our next Soul Journey Day 10th March 2012. E-mail to reserve your place, then send your deposit for booking.

Divine Heart Guidance as the New Year Begins

The basis and centre of our lives will determine the way ahead for us this year and create the outcome of our efforts in 2012. The safest place to be is under the protective wings of the Divine heart. The Pathway Balancing system has been created through Divine guidance, to give answers and healing to those of us that seek God's guidance for the Way ahead. The therapy and training rooms here are the miraculous provision of a loving God and many of you will know the amazing ways this has happened during the past few years. In this sanctuary we have access to grace and guidance that heals our past, gives us comfort, joy and confidence for today, and directs our paths towards our uniquely conceived purpose on earth. This weekend (Saturday 14th January) will be the first Soul Journey Day of 2012 and this is a time of preparation, in the natural and supernatural, for those of us taking part. What are the messages coming from the Divine heart as we draw closer together for the workshop?

A major theme in the practice, as the year starts, is a need for rest, warmth and comfort during these long evenings and dark mornings, to prepare us well for the coming spring. There have also been powerful times of deliverance from destructive attachments and lies from the past, that would have sabotaged the emerging life of abundance and fulfilment ahead. Insecurities have been uprooted that came from erroneous beliefs about not being good enough. Fears, that actually belong to someone else, have been exposed and released. Ancestral patterns of neediness, rescuer mentality and stifled talents have been peacefully dissolved. The new patterns that are now building, ahead of our Soul Journey Day, are ones of greater stability and confidence. This is a time to let go of old strands still stuck to us from the past, a time to draw comfort from our material provisions, to soak in being with people that know and care about us. If we shift our centre to the Divine heart and sink into surrendering to the eternal presence of God, we will receive the support and guidance from above that can take us forward into the best year of our lives so far.

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Just 2 spaces left for this Saturday 14th January. Post your £20 deposit today to reserve your place and e-mail with your details now. Corrina.

Soul Journey Day - October 2011

Our group theme that emerged as the Day opened was loss of relationship - through bereavement, miscarriage, divorce or lost connection to the source of life. These soul wounds can manifest in all sorts of ways - wearing dark coloured clothes, becoming anxious, feeling ill with 'flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, and reacting from the head rather than responding from the heart. We needed to have compassion for the human limitations of ourselves and others. We took our morning break, then, as the healing work began, we started getting answers to questions from the morning's process. The group was working at the cutting edge of new vibrational energies emerging in today's collective consciousness and resonated  with acceptance, forgiveness and a harmonious life-view. We were letting go of agenda's about right or wrong and looking for ways to resolve issues and find a way forward in each situation. There was work to be done after the lunch break! Our journey up the Pathway Balancing mountain stopped at Level 2 'The Community' and we were stuck outside Gateway 15 'Belief in Ones Self'. This blockage was caused by damage to self esteem when we intend to get things right in our relationships but get it wrong & the relationship ends. We needed to accept that it's normal for things to go wrong in this world, forgive ourselves & have the humility to know we're not God! When we do our best to learn & create something good, worthiness increases & relationships can flow. After a well-earned afternoon break, we started to gather the wisdom of the Day to take back home. We realised that overcoming resistance strengthens us & lays down 'mother-of-pearl' layers in our soul that make us unique & beyond price. There are angels guarding & helping us. With them, we can create a spiritual atmosphere of peace, joy, warmth & welcome over our lives, homes & neighbourhoods.

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The Soul's Template

It's been a busy time with new clients coming after the very successful Mind, Body, Soul event last week. These highly aware individuals are bringing new insights to the work of Pathway Balancing, with new Directions and Steps being formed in the material as  each person transcends the problems that have held them back from reaching their soul's dream destination. The issue of relationships between a man and a woman has been at the heart of much of the work this past week. The need for intimacy, companionship and shared endeavours in a commited relationship is often a deeply held desire and yet so often seems unatainable. One of the ways to address this issue is by working at the stage of 'The Soul's Template' - one of the highest Transcendent Levels in the Pathway Balancing Journey. Here's an example of how this might unfold in a healing way. In the Pathway Balancing Journey, it is believed the soul comes into embodiment by first connecting with the energy fields of its biological mother and father. These two people carry all the gems the soul needs in their DNA, but also carry the ancestral dross of the past generations in this fallen world. The souls destiny involves a process of refining out the pure gold of the parents and ejecting the unwanted qualities and material. The pattern imprinted on the soul will have profound effects on future adult male/female relationships. By applying the Pathway Balancing Healing methods at this stage of the Journey, many unhelpful patterns from the past can begin to dissolve.

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Wasn't it a Great Weekend at Mind Body Soul?!!

Hi everyone - especially to new visitors that met us at Peterborough's Mind Body Soul event at the East of England Showground this weekend. Sue, Jolene & I had an absolutely wonderful time and the event was a success on every level, exceeding our highest expectations! Thanks for doing such a great job as organisers Richard & Hannah & we'll be booking with you again for the 22nd/23rd September 2012 event - which I can see being even bigger & better yet! There were 36 people at our talk & demonstration on Sunday afternoon and we could sense the harmony and open-heartedness of the group. It was a pleasure to spend one to one time with so many of those people at our stand afterwards too. Sue, Jolene & I were so busy both days, giving mini-sessions and answering questions for our other visitors. So what was the theme that emerged from the collective consciousness of these highly aware & sensitive souls that gathered together with us over the two days? It can be best summarised by the fact that lots of people went to the highest levels of the Pathway Balancing Journey in great joy & also that many others released their deepest hurts & pain as we sat by their side & listened. One person reached the highest of the 3 Transcendent Levels  - 'The Journey of the Soul' which opens with the line 'A turning point is reached when a soul's journey is all about love.' This was the case for another person who was in great distress but, with our stress release & grounding methods, was able to break through to Gateway 1 'Trackways of the Soul'. This is a black gate, formed with spirals & diamonds. As the life force coursed back into this person's body, the vision was that they were now running to escape out of the deep black pit they had been in. It was collapsing behind them, gone for ever, with no way back. In this vision they ran clutching handfuls of diamonds & gold taken from the mine of life experience behind them. The way forward now is to spend time with other people who share this rich experience of having mined the deepest dark depths of their soul to come up shining with the light & sparkle of refined gold & polished diamonds.

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Mind, Body, Soul Weekend

Pathway Balancing will be at the 'Mind, Body, Soul Weekend' 10am to 5pm, Saturday & Sunday 24th & 25th September 2011 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough PE2 6XE. Corrina, Sue & Jolene will be giving short taster sessions of soul energy balancing using Pathway Balancing Kinesiology - £15 for 20mins. Come along & find out more about training as a kinesiologist or Soul Journey Practitioner, plus our Soul Journey Days in Peterborough, Market Deeping & St Neots. Originator and Director of Pathway Balancing, Corrina will be giving a talk and demonstration at 2pm on the Sunday 25th. We look forward to seeing you!

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Discover the Jewel in your Family Dynamics

Having my quarterly supervision session last week helped me to see how the family dynamics of many of my clients are opening up & freeing them to be more of their true selves. The energy field of our biological parents draws our soul towards the patterns of their ancestral bloodlines, which we then embody at our conception. Uncovering these patterns over the course of regular therapy is a journey of discovery. There are sometimes blocks of heavy or dense energies that keep us stuck in old patterns that can manifest in relationship problems, financial difficulties or other ways. Releasing these, with energy balancing methods, allows the jewels of our ancestral inheritance to shine & enrich us at last. We need a safe system that allows us to find that freedom. One of the most effective ways of seeing & dissolving unhelpful family dynamics is in a group setting. Remember that we can never see our own face, only it's reflection. A group setting enables us to see a multifaceted reflection of our soul. When there are safe boundaries in place and a safe system of tracking and healing the wounds of the previous years, we can open our hearts to more of life's richness within our group. We then know how to do this safely once we move back out into the world that we live in.

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Escape to Eagle Mountain

Is Monday a depressing return to the 'battery hen' office job or maybe a lonely day at home as a 'pet chicken'? We often make choices based on our need to feel secure in this changing world but those choices don't always satisfy the deeper longings of our soul. In my work with clients last week, there was a theme emerging of a desire for something more, something better, for more fulfilment of the life people had set out to create. My work involves helping someone to find the root cause of whatever blocks their progress towards better health, financial prosperity or harmonious close relationships. In many cases, there has been a traumatic event or a period of sustained stress that becomes intolerable. The healing work helps to release as much of this embodied negative energy as possible during the session, freeing up mental & physical energy that can be directed more positively. So are you really an eagle, stuck on the ground eating chicken feed? Are you ready to fly? The promptings of your soul will lead you to seek that 'something' that you need in order to feel fulfilled and secure. The Pathway Balancing system shows you where you are on 'Eagle Mountain' and is a resource that enables you to fly to the highest level and to embody a lifestyle that sustains you at the top of your personal paradise. This journey may not always be easy & it won't happen overnight but it is so, so worth it! Whatever you have to overcome or attain, in order to reach your dream, I encourage you to take the steps that will bring you there today. What does your personal mountain look like? Is it a smouldering, dark volcano with its gates obstructed by demons? Is it a quiet but steeply sloped hill with lots of intriguing shortcuts leading off its paths? Does it look like a jewelled mountain, wreathed in rainbowed mists, with a sunlit summit glittering above you? Let me help you find your way. I've made it to the life of my dreams and there is still much more to unfold. I'll sit with you & listen and, if you're ready to go, I'll take your hand & lead you that little bit higher, to a safe & beautiful place.

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Your Conception Journey as a Sperm

The sperm's journey to conception has been a long heroic one, overcoming massive odds against success. This little being, that your soul chose for its journey into embodiment, has made it to its life goal and is about to fulfil its divine destiny. This tiny creature will determine whether you will be a boy or a girl. The sperm has caught the scent of the egg, the smell of lily-of-the-valley, and approaches the object of its desire, probably still alongside a few remaining sperm from the original 'band of brothers'. The egg might keep them waiting for anything up to five days before inviting her chosen one to come closer. For reasons unexplained by science, the egg begins to spin, usually anti-clockwise. The clouds of cumulus oophorus cells float around her body like a veil of lace, gently brushing against the almost exhausted sperm, encouraging it to begin this first stage of conception. With the relief of arrival & a sense of being welcomed, the sperm nudges its way carefully towards the cells of the corona radiata, only to find them hard & densely packed. After all this hard work, is the sperm being shut out, rejected? Can it find the energy for the effort required to keep going? But now, there is nowhere else to go and nothing left to lose at this second stage of conception. So the sperm hangs on in there untill it suddenly realises it's trapped. The ZP3 receptors have locked the sperm's head onto the egg, at the third stage of conception. The sperm tail thrashes violently in panic, but now there is no more swimming, no getting out of this intact, the sperm is powerless, as good as dead, yet still alive. The zona pelucida cells of the egg begin to dissolve and the sperm begins sinking into this quicksand, desperately trying to get free but hopelessly trapped and at the same time exposed and vulnerable during this fourth conception stage. The sperm is no longer able to move under the crushing weight of the zona pelucida and the longer it stays there, the more sharp and painful the situation becomes. As the last traces of vitality cause the sperm to wriggle just a little bit, there is a sudden sense of space nearby, an awareness of deep waters looming. Does the sperm take the risk of moving towards the deep waters of the unknown, or stay where it is? At least this place is known and secure. When the pain of the zona pelucida outweighs the fear of the unknown waters, the sperm knows its time has come - it must now die a slow and painful death or make a final break for those unexplored depths. With a last heroic effort, the little sperm flies free, into the fifth stage of conception within the perivitteline space of the egg. It may be wounded, damaged, shocked or exhausted - all the familiar feelings of its initial journey to find this egg - but now at last it can swim free again. It can recover, it has a reprieve in a refreshing space. There may even be one or two of its former companions in here too. This is a time to reasess things, to explore the options, to think again about the destiny and dream. The sperm has crossed the edge of the storm and made it safely into the eye of the hurricane. This is a place to rest before starting the next seven stages that will bring its conception journey to completion.

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Your Conception Journey

Whether your parents intended to conceive a baby or not, you were no accident. They also had almost no control over your conception, no matter how much they wanted a child. I have just returned from a six-day residential course at the beautiful Poulstone Retreat Centre near Ross-on-Wye, which was led by Karlton Terry as part of his four-year Embodied Consciousness training. We studied the process of conception as part of a course on the soul's journey into embodiment. The 'moment' of conception actually takes 24 hours and has twelve identifiable stages. The sperm and the egg have both had long, high-risk journeys to reach the point of conception and must now meet and successfully negotiate the process of union. The patterns laid down during this process are held as embodied, subconscious memories that create a template for the soul's life path ahead. So how might the conception journey affect your approach to relationships, work and much more? There will be a stage of the conception process that correlates with your current life situation. Once you know what this is, and how it's affecting the course of your life so far, you may choose to consciously explore a more fruitful and valuable way to negotiate your way through this stage. You can see what it is you're leaving behind, what it is that's being transformed and what you are now moving towards. For example, stage 4 is the sperms arrival in the peri-vitteline space inside the egg. This is a fluid-filled space where a sperm can swim freely after passing through the entangled, thick cellular layer of the zona pellucida. Not all sperm make it this far - perhaps five of the original 100 million (100,000,000) that set out on the journey about 14 days ago! It is a place of freedom, recovery and comparative rest for this amazing little being, before it moves on to the vitteline fingers that surround the inner body of the egg. The way your creating sperm navigated through this space will impact the way you approach rest, space, the unknown, freedom and recovery later in life. The embodiment process at conception is a miraculous design that prepares us for our soul's unique life path and destiny.

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Preparing to Live the Dream

I've started reading a book called 'Living the Dream' by Dr Dave Smith. It's based on the story of Joseph - he of the many-coloured coat, as told in the Book of Genesis. Dave Smith is certainly living his dream, so I am curious to learn more from him and Joseph, so that I can live mine more fully. The first chapter of the book is called 'Dream the Dream' and is about identifying the dream that your soul brought into this world. If the dream came from God, rather than your own teenage fantasies or the projections of others, it will have a compelling power that will draw you towards your destiny, step by step, day by day, life event by life event. Meditating on this in my garden this morning, I realise my heart's dream is for lost soul's - those who've lost their way in life, lost their dream, lost track of their destiny and become hurt and damaged along the way. My work, my dream, is to offer something, a place, a way, that allows lost souls to find their way back home again - a place where they can heal, find guidance, support, encouragement and gather the strength to go on their way again, empowered to fulfil their unique destiny. Each soul is uniquely valuable to the fabric of life on this earth. Humans and animals are souls and the way a person or society treats its animals is a reflection of how they will treat other people. Human beings are said to be made in the image of God, so the relationship of a society to the Divine presence can also reflect the way the members of that society are treated. What is it in our society, land or culture that troubles you the most? Finding the answer that touches your heart can give you an indication of the purpose you came to fulfil. Is it cruelty or neglect of the vulnerable - children, animals, the very elderly - that troubles you? If so, is there an area of employment that would fulfil your longing to change this? Are you seeking a spiritual truth, a way of life and set of principles that will guide you through the moral, relational and financial maze of today's world? Whatever your question in regard to your dream, you will need to prepare for living that dream, way ahead of its fulfilment. This preparation needs time, space, research and guidance from the Divine source of that dream. There are many pathways that prepare us for living the dream and Pathway Balancing offers a place and a system for discovering exactly who you are and the truth of the dream you hold.

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March's Soul Journey Day

There were three people at this month's Soul Journey Day, including two first-timers who'd travelled to Peterborough from the Birmingham area. We were initially aware of negative energy - from the relentless grey weather to doom & gloom media reports. How do we deal with the realities of rising petrol prices yet not fall into the fear-based negative spirit that comes against us? How do we help others and how do we move forward at this time of the New Moon? As the morning progressed and we began the energy balancing work, particular themes emerged. There are times of waiting & not getting on as fast as we'd like, yet also the energy & willingness is there. A sign of healthy development is a flexibilty in boundaries, connections & timing and a capacity to trust that you don't always have to do very much more. In the afternoon, the energy began to move in a new direction. When we experience loving & being loved with gentleness & tenderness, we are able to release the emotional backlog of past hurts and have our deepest needs heard. This love might come from a pet, from friends or from a spiritually like-minded group and eventually progress towards a more intimate close relationship with a partner. Seeing ourselves as precious enables us to be nurtured. We are able to mark time by enjoying doing all sorts of good things. Treasuring every moment of every day is happiness personified. The Soul Journey Day had been one of laughter and joy in each others company. We had all learnt so much from each other as we'd journeyed on our life path together for that day. Join us on the next one Saturday 21st May 2011

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Surrendering Control on the Soul's Journey

As many of you know, last April I was on the five day retreat in Somerset for the Egg Journey - the second of four trainings in Embodied Consciousness by Karlton Terry. On the soul's journey into embodiment, connection is made with the mother's egg and the soul experiences earthly life from the feminine perspective. The egg has no tail, no powerpack to propel itself as the sperm does. The egg has to go with the flow of the fluid forces in the mother's body and does so alone - unlike the sperm with it's gang of 'brothers'. The journey in the fallopian tube is one of waiting, with no certainty that the sperm will ever arrive to begin their new life together. But what happens when those few remainig sperm do arrive? What control does the egg have over her destiny now? Biologists now know that, although the sperm do push against the egg, it is the egg that chooses to open to her selected sperm. She uses discerment in choosing which one to allow into her space to create that new life for the embodying soul. The egg's entire journey is one of surrender and receptivity to the flow of life. This pattern plays itself out over the course of a soul's life. Where there has been wounding in relationship, the soul can develop a controlling spirit in an effort to feel more secure - but this is exhausting and creates anxiety. Knowing that the divine power that created life itself has guided you into embodiment, and continues to watch over your path, can restore that sense of trust and security again. Be receptive, stay fluid, use discernment, do all you can do and then let go of that controling spirit so that the truth can once again unfold in your life.

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Next Soul Journey Day  at Pathway Balancing, Peterborough - Saturday 5th March 2011

January's Soul Journey Day

This month's Soul Journey Day was sold out before Christmas & I needed to add an extra seat to meet demand - plus two more people have had to book onto the March date as I couldn't fit them in this weekend! This confirms there is a strong need for soul therapy, healing and guidance. More and more people are seeking a spiritual path that will lead to wholeness and a way to overcome the struggle of moving forward positively. I hope more people will sign up for the Soul Journey Practitioner training that starts in the spring. It is a 2-year kinesiology diploma followed by a 1-year post-graduate course that enables each participant to become an effective soul therapist. People are crying out for the positive energies that we experienced on Saturday and new insights were gained as we travelled through the levels of the Pathway Balancing Journey. Our journey took us through the pink Gateway 10 for 'Renewal of Life Path' & Clearing issues around 'reclaiming the part of ourselves that we lost on the journey'. The highest Gateway we needed to open was no.59 'The Heart's Fulfilment' which then took us in the Direction of 'An exchange of energies that creates synergy for the satisfaction of a truely rich life'. One member of the group transcended this level to reach the place of 'Paradise Regained', which tells us that 'People who have regained Paradise know the difference between conditioned & unconditional love. Finally, our group balance at the end of the Day reached the place of 'Pearls of Wisdom' which brought our combined energies to a state that was centred in divine unconditional love. We truely had a wonderful & special day together and I'm looking forward to the next one on Saturday 5th March 2011.

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Preparing for an Upturn

As the economy comes out of recession and a time of growth is predicted to start in 2011 are you prepared for an upturn? The soul journey in Pathway Balancing is designed as an upward spiral through the seven levels of raised awareness. Before the upward journey begins, the person needs to be balanced at the basic level of energy in Touch for Health. So a way to prepare for an upward passage in life is through healing and building up energy levels by using holistic therapy. Giving and receiving in mutually supportive relationships greatly accelerates progress and this is part of the power of the Soul Journey Days at Pathway Balancing. Book now for Saturday 22nd January 2011 and be prepared for an upturn in the New Year.

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