Balanced, Dynamic Waiting

On the journey of conscious embodiment we can recall the journey that our soul made in connection with the egg that would form our body. This egg journey involves a great deal of waiting and will be reflected back to us during times of waiting in our present life situation. The power of conscious embodiment is the use of energy to transform old patterns, leave them behind us, and deepen into awareness of our new, healthier way of being. We are remembering our egg journey when in a life situation that needs to be resolved or changed, but yet there is no more we can do. We don't have the sperm's power to move, leave or get hold of something to make our dream happen right now. Acceptance is the way to expand our options here, letting any traces of frustration or disappointment dissolve. This is a time for settling securely into the folds of the fallopian tube, making the most of a time of peace and allowing our unmet needs to rise to the surface. But what if this is an uncomfortable process?  Motivational speakers estimate that only 5% of the global population ever reaches the life of their dreams. If you have a Pathway Balancing session that takes you to Level 5 'The Dreamweaver' you are on track to become one of that 5%. If you train to become a Soul Journey Practitioner you are equiped to lead others to fulfil their dreams. Yet there is another Level required on the Journey if the dream is to become a living reality and that Level is 'Trans-formation'. This is where we overcome the final obstacles to realising the next stage of the dream, usually by stretching into territory that is new and probably umcomfortable. Waiting, powerless to move or change anything, can feel frustrating or cause anxiety - ask anyone who's been stuck on a motorway with no idea why the traffic has stopped completely. But balanced, dynamic waiting is empowering and vital to future success.

Once you've checked all your options and know there is no more you can do, the next question is "What's the cost of waiting?" When there is no loss involved in remaining exactly where you are you can settle into a time of balance. Take time to look back on how far you've come on this journey. Take time to recover from all that you've had to overcome. Look around you and see what's supporting you. Have the courage to state your dream clearly. Take some deep breaths, relax and feel your unmet needs rising into your awareness. Feel those needs in your body - your solar plexus, legs, heart, head, lungs. Allow space for the feelings to settle and inform you of the truth. Your needs matter. Fulfilment, satisfaction and comfort are vital if we are to thrive. Be willing to engage with life, with people, in a two-way process of exchange. An egg needs to have boundaries that are sensitive and flexible, in order to know what to block out and what to allow closer. In life we made need to wait and watch to see what comes our way. By being clear about the dream life held in the seed that we hold, we will know exactly what to do when the moment of decision arrives.

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