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Corrina has a very special approach which combines professionalism, years of accumulated knowledge and a highly sensitive, intuitive personal touch. It makes for an experience unlike any other. Her priority is tuning into the precise needs of her client, ensuring their needs are deeply met. She is adept at moving with the moment, adapting to ‘what emerges’ and providing gentle, expert guidance when you feel ‘stuck’. Spending time with her was like shining a light into some of the dark, unacknowledged areas of my being. It has allowed me to make peace with some of my personal ‘demons’ and to find a new way forwards into personal growth. A deeply moving, satisfying experience which has left me stilled and full of wonder. Thank you, Corrina.
— Name protected
Pathway Balancing is inspiring, enlightening and absolutely stands alone as a life changing experience. Corrina is a well grounded, spiritual person, willing to share a wealth of expertise and knowledge. She has been caring, kind, funny and an absolute rock. I have felt so supported and safe. She’s a truly lovely lady. Thanks Corrina.
— Sue Preston-Eyles, Kinesiologist, Market Deeping
The balancing has had the most fundamental effect on me – more than any treatment I have
ever had. I feel totally at peace with myself for the first time in living memory. I also feel much lighter and less tired. My eyesight improved markedly after the treatment. You can’t imagine how grateful I am to you, Corrina, for having effected this change within me.
— Michael G., Peterborough,
Pathway Balancing has truly changed my life, after years and years of searching and clearing this was the final release needed. A huge weight has been lifted and I have the clarity I need to move forward and become my own person, who I truly am. Thank you so much Corrina. I look forward to taking this work forward.
— Jolene Ironside, Pathway Balancing Kinesiologist, St Neots
Pathway Balancing has removed me from my fears so I am able to be free at last, and live life to the full. I know I am able to do whatever I choose to do.
— Dena Hellowell B.Sc. Hons. KFRP, Kinesiologist