Behind a Pane of Glass

This week, someone described his years of depression as "Living behind a pane of glass, seeing life happening but unable to feel or be a real part of it." He didn't enjoy his work and didn't have the girlfriend he longed for. Through his 'pane of glass', he looked normal to the outside world, successful in his career and having a good social life, but inwardly he felt empty and that life was pointless. This disconnected feeling is a sign that growth has somehow halted along the path of life. We all grow up with imperfect parents and sometimes we can't develop the mechanisms of connectedness if those around us didn't know how to speak the languages of love. Although the framework of our personality is established in childhood, the brains potential for growth and change is phenomenal and we can break down old patterns and embody new ones over time. This is a key element of the work at Pathway Balancing.

The Pathway Balancing Journey is about reconnection and relatedness. The horizontal connection is initially through finding the practitioner, maybe by word-of-mouth, at an event or show, or via the internet. Once that human contact is established, the Pathway Balancing system begins to restore health and energy, ready for the vertical connection to Divine power. This Divine connection will be a personal experience of raised awareness, or higher consciousness, that gives each individual a sense of something they can come back to at anytime - a secure connection to creation, to limitless potential and to the heartbeat of life itself. The Transcendent Levels, at the height of the Journey, are about Heart Consciousness. Here the individual has an open heart, capable of being filled by an appreciation for all that God provides on a moment by moment basis. As the heart is filled to overflowing, by a constant awareness of life flowing and unfolding, it's possible to feel increasing joy and contentment. As the heart begins to feel more of God's grace and presence, the pane of glass, that was once a wall between us and the world, begins to reflect back to us how happy we are to be reconnected with our Divine Creator. We begin to see our reflection in the people around us, smiling, laughing, being kind & generous, gentle, imperfect and vulnerable. We begin to realise we have crossed to the other side of that pane of glass. We are no longer depressed, separated, restless, exhausted or unfulfilled. We have made the breakthrough and a new season, a new way of life, has already begun.

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