A New Wave of Power Coming In

In the past week a powerful wave of Divine Power has swept through Pathway Balancing like never before, primarily affecting The Dreamweaver Level and the area of Healing the Soul. It started during teaching on The Individual Level about the energy fulcrums that can hold a person back from achieving their dreams. The focus was on those pivotal points in our maternal line that we centre around unconsciously because the issues are not yet uncovered and resolved. Patterns can exist today, that stem from our previous close relationships or marriages, that follow a trend in our mother's marriage and her parent's relationship. These patterns may not be helpful for our dream to be realised. For example, up to the mid 1970's, many women dreamed of not having to work and had openings of employment that were mainly drudgery or monotony, so financial dependency on a husband was preferable. After the mid '70's more women began to want to work, with choices now that were enjoyable and creative, offering increased financial security from their own personal incomes. If we release these old patterns from our energy field we are freer to choose the pathway that fulfils our own dreams and not our mother's. This week's training progressed onto establishing new energy fulcrums for a person. An open heart allows for honest relationships to develop. The use of the Navel Balancing technique clears a person to identify and form non-toxic relationships with others. As this week progressed into training on The Dreamweaver Level, power surged through the work and is still being integrated at today's Dark Moon phase. The level of consciousness, logged against Dr David R. Hawkins scale, reached an unprecedented high - 1000 at the level of Enlightenment. As this wave of high-level consciousness washed through our work during the teaching, it brought up waves of physical toxins, tensions and emotional vulnerablilty, followed by intense revelations, visions, night-time dreams and clear messages on the way forward. This power was evident in the first Soul Journey Day held by Sue Preston-Eyles and Jolene Ironside that Saturday, at the same time as the Pathway Balancing stand, plus a talk and demonstration, were were being presented at The Feelgood Show in Spalding. As people engaged with the information at the Show, there was a sense of readiness for this power to manifest more fully.

By Sunday the wave reached The Feelgood Show with a massive increase in busyness at the stand and treatment sessions running virtually non-stop, back to back, with in-depth enquiries into the Diploma training course that starts in January 2013. The journey sessions at the stand began with someone who was at The Dreamweaver Level 5 and progressed on to the next person being at Level 6 Trans-formation. They were followed by people who had overcome the 'mountain' that had stood in their path and were now having Healing for the Soul and moving into the Transcendent Levels of Heart Consciousness, Pearls of Wisdom and Completion of the Journey. The energy theme was of Paradise Regained. Where dreams had been lost or forgotten it was now time to live life to the full again. Where relationships had resulted in heartbreak, it was now time for new relationships to form between people who had reached wholeness within the grace of God. Where progress had been stalled because of financial lack, it was now time to rebuild prosperity with new ways of thinking, adapting and changing. After the Show, there was a renewed sense of joy, confidence and fresh vision that continued into Sunday night. Today's Dark Moon is a quiet day to let things settle and complete, in order to fully hold the power of this dream unfolding. Tomorrow is a new day and a New Moon, an opportunity to live the dream at a whole new level.

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