You Don't Need Them Anymore

You Don't Need Them Anymore

Have you ever heard someone being described as needy? Maybe you've even heard the technical term of co-dependency, where you have TWO needy people in a relationship with each other. But what makes a person a needy one, rather than someone with genuine needs? And if we can't depend on anyone else, surely we'll be very vulnerable and isolated? The term co-dependency originally grew out of work with alcoholics, where it was observed that they often had a partner who enabled them to continue drinking. Then, in cases of morbid obesity, it seems that the overweight person often has a 'feeder' that keeps them fat. The most stunning case I've seen is the 'sofa lady' of Atlanta USA, who had sat on the sofa so long that her skin had grown into it and she couldn't be removed. The medics had to take the side off her house and transport her to hospital on the back of a lorry - sofa and all! So how did she get to the kitchen or shop for her food without anyone noticing the state she was in and getting her some help? She had a boyfriend.

On the Road to Recovery

In 2017 I was a participant on a seven month long course called Celebrate Recovery. It was the third year I'd taken the course, which is run by my local church KingsGate Community Church. As the name suggests, it's about celebrating our progress in living our best life today and in the future. It's about moving on and overcoming life's hurts, habits and hang ups, whatever they may be for any individual. The course is based on accepting God's grace to release you from the past, because if you could have cracked your problems in your own strength, you would have done so by now. All sorts of people attend the course: Christians and non-Christians, men and women, youngsters and mature people. All you need is a desire and willingness to change things for the better, then just turn up once a week and follow the course through to it's end. Simple enough but the fact that there are people who will attend such a course - or settle in to a regular series of therapy sessions, or read books on personal development - and people who don't, makes a whole world of difference.

Mending the Hole in Your Soul

Mending the Hole in Your Soul

You may have heard phrases like 'This is soul destroying' or 'It's a soulless place' but do you know if you have a hole in your own soul? A group of friends recently asked me "What exactly is this therapy that you do?" At work I was asked "So your therapy - is it massage then?" Sometimes I wish I could just say "Aromatherapy" and everyone would just get what I mean. If I say "Kinesiology" or "Craniosacral Therapy" people usually reply "What??" although occasionally someone has heard of one or other of these. Recently, in reply to my group of friends and my new work colleagues, I've said "It's called Pathway Balancing. The 'Balancing' is your energy level and the 'Pathway' is your best way to live your life". This seemed to be something people could relate to and ask a few more questions to clarify their understanding.

Pulling Together the Threads of Life

....a sense of something being broken or something missing

People often embark on a course of therapy or personal development because of a sense of something being broken or something missing. Further along the way, this same problem has now become the best thing that could have happened. The years will pass anyway so we may as well choose to make every day a better one and head for the best personal vision we can come up with.

We are largely powerless in our attempts to stop life causing us hurts or problems. Other people make choices or behave towards us in ways we may not like. Sometimes it's just the weather that creates havoc or hold ups. I believe it's how we respond to events that makes the difference to the outcome. I also think it's OK to feel how hurt we are, to acknowledge our sadness, tiredness, anger or defeat because it's part of the reality of human experience. But this is where the biggest difference arises in those who have therapy, personal development courses or spiritual growth programmes. We don't stay there too long!! Woohoo!! Let's get the lesson we need from this experience and then get out so we can be somewhere better.

Mind and Body

Learning a lesson from a painful experience turns the whole situation around into an empowering and liberating one. This is why it's so important to feel those less comfortable emotions and physical symptoms when they arise - rather than denial (ignoring) or dissociation (avoiding). As the inner or outer crisis begins happening, slow down and become fully aware of your body. What does your skin register as a sensation or temperature? How is your breathing going, in your chest and your nostrils? Can you feel your heart beat? Then just RELAX. Yes, I know, it's so counter-cultural isn't it? Aren't you supposed to be stressed, upset and tense? I've found this practise of relaxation in the moment to be hilarious, empowering and SO freeing in recent months. I felt myself to be secretly in charge of my situation, calm and centered, while those around me were going into meltdown, raging, turning white and having a nosebleed - literally!

Within this calm, centered physical space, begin to notice your mind, your thoughts and then slow these down too. You could simply think 'Stop!' and then come back to how your heart feels. You might say "Thank you" to the part of your being that is alerting you to a potential threat and then ask inwardly "So, how do we deal with this point here, right now?" Stop yourself from racing into imaginary scenarios and joining way too many dots at a time. Be focused, like a laser beam. The art of retraining your mind is priceless. One of the simplest and most powerful truths I've found is the saying 'Be transformed by the renewing of your mind' from the Book of Romans, Chapter 12, in the New Testament. Habitual destructive thoughts can sabotage your best efforts at building a better life. It's well worth nurturing sensations of comfort, enjoyment in your work, pleasure in good company and exploring ideas for creating something you love and value.

Heart and Soul

The dominant theme in Pathway Balancing sessions for many months has been that of the heart. This centre, this powerful electromagnetic field, is a key to our soul, our identity, our wellspring of deeper truths. It is where we formulate our most sparkling jewels of creativity, our unique and priceless personal expression and the deepest and most fulfilling of relationships and personal bonds from joyful experiences. The trouble is that we live in a world with so many people who could be described as unconscious, or unaware. When a person is unaware of their own wounding, or their sabotaging behavior, they usually continue to act out the same script or repeat the same damaging behavior. When the hurts of life are not resolved, they keep reappearing as the same old patterns. Such unconsciousness, lack of awareness or unwillingness to take responsibility can cause wounding to the hearts of others. As a result, wounding of the heart is very common in those who seek help and healing.

If a heart wound is very deep, or left unresolved for years or even decades, it can begin to infect our soul, the core of our being, the very essence of who we are. The 'scab' over a wounded heart can cause us to shut down, become depressed, abandon creative projects or become isolated. If you've spent years walking on egg shells because someone close to you might "go ballistic" how can you develop as the person you truly are? If you've tried for decades to appeal to another so they would care for you, how do you know who you really are? A new Step in one of the Clearings in the Pathway Balancing Journey is 'Knowing and Being Known' as the way to build an intimate and growing heart based relationship. How can you do this if you've been living a lie to protect your wounded heart and soul? We all need coping mechanisms as temporary 'scaffolding' to protect and support our soul and heart at times. However, while that scaffolding is in place it's vital to get on with the deeper work that needs doing for life to thrive and flow again. It's time to take hold of the broken threads, where the damaged part of your life has had to be removed so you could heal. Gateway 43 on the Journey is called 'Pulling Together the Threads of Life to Fulfill Your Dreams' and it's situated on the Pathway Balancing 'mountain' at Level 5 'The Dreamweaver'. Be here and simply relax. Reach deep into your heart and soul and let the salt water of your tears flush out the old illusions. Once you can see things clearly you will not need to make false turns down the wrong road ever again. This time you can take a different path and let your healed and whole heart lead you in a better way.    Corrina, Pathway Balancing, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

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Escaping From the Rat Race

When I was a part-time administrator at an Estate Agents, the Lettings Manager passed round a little book called 'Who Moved my Cheese?' by Dr Spencer Johnson. It was a hilarious little tale about some mice who lived in a maze where they were fed on cheese everyday. They were all perfectly happy until one day when the cheese suddenly wasn't there anymore.


The story goes on to describe all the various thoughts, discussions and events in the lives of the little mice, as they faced this puzzling situation. The aim of the story is to show how different personalities react to unexpected change and to events beyond their control. The manager's intention was to use the book as a motivational tool, to encourage his staff to look for 'fresh cheese' and not just sit moaning about how quiet things were. He gave them leaflets to go out door knocking for new business.

Meanwhile, being the sensitive soul that I am, I saw a whole other layer of deep and meaningful stuff in the story! To be honest, I was quietly horrified and very thankful that I don't work in sales anymore and ultra clear why I left that world behind me. This book was actually teaching people how to stay in the rat race, when I was used to mixing with people who were seeking a better way to live! I wondered, like the little characters in the story, who did move their cheese? More to the point why? It seemed like an unkind and pointless little game to me. I never found those answers in the book.

Building on a Firm Foundation
Fast forward to January 2017. I'm now a full-time administrator for a financial planning company. At 8:45am I'm clomping along the frozen pavements of Peterborough City Centre asking myself why I'm doing this. Regular readers will know that this position had brought me full circle, back to the field I was in around 2001, when I'd made a radical change of career direction from financial services towards therapy and personal development training. So now I was exploring the how's and why's of where my journey had taken me, from a well paid financial services role back then, into the fields of therapy and personal development today, and now to this place back in the rat race for some reason! Over the four months of working in that City Centre office, I had gone through a series of revelations and dreadful experiences that left me coping with the job on an hour by hour basis! By lunchtime on Friday 20th January, I was sitting in my car, asking myself why I should go back in there at 2pm. I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to guide me in my heart. I started drawing a little diagram on the page of my diary. Perhaps this little illustration will help you to make a sound decision about your future too?

In the story of the Pathway Balancing Journey, there is a Gateway called 'The Completed Pyramid'. When I draw this with my clients, I ask them to tell me what their life is based on? What's their firm foundation that their own personal 'pyramid' or life structure can stand on firmly, before they risk going any further or higher? In a maximum of two words, what enables them to stand securely as they seek to build a better life? For me it's my faith and my health. Next, I need to know what the four cornerstones are. What key things are their must-haves for a worthwhile life? Everything else must line up with these key issues for their life structure to take the correct shape. For me it was my home, my church KingsGate, my relationships and my work with Pathway Balancing (PBK) as a therapist & personal development trainer. So as I looked at this little square on the paper, I asked myself, "So where does the full-time job as office administrator fit in to this model?" I drew a long arrow, leading outside and away from the 'Home', because it took me away from there for most of my waking week. This arrow also went in the opposite direction from PBK, leaving hardly any time for a deeply held passion of mine. Relationships? The slightly odd atmosphere of the early weeks there had degenerated into some of the most awful bullying I'd ever experienced in the workplace! Church? The only knowledge and regard they had for Jesus was as a swear word. I concluded, and confided to the Holy Spirit in my heart, that with such a distortion of all I held true and precious, this job could not last in my field of energy or awareness for much longer! Within three hours, it had gone. 

Initiation by Fire and the Ecstasy of Freedom
Gateway 19, described in the Pathway Balancing manuals, is called 'Initiation by Fire and the Ecstasy of Freedom'. It's about going through the refining fires and coming out shaped for your destiny by the experience. When clients are considering making an escape - from the rat race, from an abusive or dead-end relationship or anything else - I always counsel then to prepare well. It can be easy to make a spectacular 'Eastenders'-style exit in the black cab. It's how life goes from the following morning that's more realistic. So the model of the 'Completed Pyramid' is a good example of planning a stable structure for a sustainable future. Often we need the refining fires to clear away the residue of the past. These could be false beliefs based on old wounds that are now healed. We can find all sorts of ways to protect ourselves from getting hurt again. That's a good thing. However it's also important to know when it's time for the bandages to come off.

In my case, I'd gone back one last time to the world of money, to see if that was really my destiny after all. I learnt that I'm not a corporate climber - never was. I'm not a sales person either, even though I've been successful in that field before. I'm not even an entrepreneur, even though I've risked full-time self-employment more than once. I'm not really a business woman at my core, even though I've had to learn about marketing, accounts and profit & loss sheets along the way. So who am I really and how can I apply this to get my 'cheese' every day? I read a line in a book by Alan Cohen yesterday that summarised the answer - 'You're a healer not a dealer'. I trust in my God to show me the way. I'm free from a lot of old illusions now, that had obscured the truth. I hope you too can find your firm foundation and escape from anything that doesn't truly sit with who you are designed to be, at your heart and in your soul.

Corrina, Pathway Balancing, Peterborough, January 2017

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Healthy Boundaries - Being a Whole and Complete Person

Last month's message was about dissolving old barriers that we no longer need. We still need to have clear personal boundaries though. Our boundaries can have lots of layers - our skin and hair, our clothes and make-up or grooming, our personal space a few feet or inches around us, our home or neighbourhood, our time, our sense of right and wrong - these are just a few examples. When our boundaries are over-stepped, or a line is crossed, it can have a minor or major effect on our happiness and health.

In the normal course of life our boundaries will be affected by others and by events. It's how we handle these situations that makes the difference. What's inside of us will come out when we're under pressure. When we feel free, confident and inspired we can express and produce our finest inner qualities. There are lots of ways to overcome stress but is it possible to go further than this? Can we reach a point on the journey where we can be a healthy, whole, complete person who can hold their integrity in any situation?

Mind, Emotions, Body
I see health forming on different levels - a bit like water forming as either mist, liquid or ice. When working on health issues I find it helpful to pin-point where these problems are located. I believe that if we can clear something up at an early stage - in it's formation at the misty, vapour stage - it will disperse more quickly and easily. If a blockage is left unresolved at the lighter, cloudier stage it can get heavier, denser and begin to sink down into the more liquid or even solid states. So I ask the question "Where is this coming from?" If someone has a physical symptom, like a headache, stiff joints or a skin rash, I'd wonder what had happened 'upstream' to cause this dense, heavy state of ill health. I'd look at tracing back to the source to see if we could unravel the underlying cause.

I love doing this, for myself and with clients, because it can not only root out and remove the cause of the problem, but can also have really great healthy ripple effects. It still saddens me that probably 80%-95% of people either don't understand this or aren't willing to go through the process that's involved. For example, someone may be getting headaches and skin rashes of some sort. How could they work through the layers to clear the roots out of their system? Physically: relax and breathe, letting go of tension in the muscles and scheduling in some rest time. Biochemically: take a good quality supplement, like NutriCalm, to feed and soothe the nervous system. Emotionally: go somewhere private and let yourself feel the emotions that rise up, allowing them to flow safely - with tears, shouting, brisk walking, singing or laughter. Mentally: take time to review the situation you are in and maybe find a good book or qualified expert to help you understand what's happening. Develop a strategy for change or for acceptance. Spiritually: pray, spend time appreciating nature, call on God, meditate on Bible verses like Romans 8:28 'All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes'.

Completion of the Journey
The furthest and highest point on the unique Pathway Balancing Journey is called 'Completion of the Journey'. On the Pathway Balancing Journey map, it's shown as a circle, forming a boundary around us as a uniquely formed person. The material describes those layers of misty-to-dense energy again but this time in relation to the original formation of our body. The Introduction to the material lists the Layers of Embodiment. These layers paint a picture of a misty formation, a shimmering presence, our soul and then describe it's spiralling descent towards the denser materials of earthly form. By pin-pointing the Layer of Embodiment that was disrupted during this conception process, we can work to resolve problems at their deepest level. This has the potential to release very old patterns of distress or discomfort from our template or blueprint.

There are thirteen Layers of Embodiment that we go through, on the way to becoming an embodied soul, over the course of the conception process. The sixth layer down is called 'Strengthening of Boundaries by Meeting Resistance'. As the soul comes down into earthly manifestation it begins to meet with the buffeting negative forces that permeate this world. Passing through this stage can be referred to as 'going through the waists of the hour glass'. A whirlwind of change as we fall through the narrowing passage into a new place - just like a baby passing through the birth canal. Our soul and our new body become stronger by pressing through these challenging forces. So it is when we come across resistance, frustration or blockages later in life's journey. By holding to our boundaries, connecting with sources of support and protecting what's important to us, we come through all the stronger. We find the power to be fully present and alive. We learn to trust wisely. We find peace as we enjoy life on a new level of wholeness and completion.

Corrina, Pathway Balancing, Peterborough, November 2016

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Identifying and Dissolving the Old Barriers

When life seems to come full circle, it is a significant opportunity for change that’s not to be missed

Last month I wrote about circles as patterns in our life and how this can help us see where we are and identify the next stage of our journey. Can you look back on your life and see a point where you would now make a different decision if you had the chance again?

My own current situation is a good example of this. I'm now in a position that takes me back to around 2001 - 2003. I'm back in full-time employment in financial services while also being a qualified and practicing therapist working from home. I live in a three-bedroom end of terrace house and drive the same Citroen Saxo I bought brand new in 2002. I'm a Christian and belong to a great Community Church. The big difference is that now I'm no longer in an abusive marriage. I'm free to make better choices. I'm also a very different person because of the refining processes I've been though. I'm waiting, watching and listening for the right way forward. I'm also learning to relax into being where God has led me thus far

Identifying Barriers and Blockages

In my kinesiology session I wanted to identify any blockages in my energy system that might be barriers in my new life. I could use a circle again, to see any patterns, by looking at The Wheel from the basic energy balancing method called Touch for Health. Over the course of twenty-four hours, our body energy moves through a cycle of two-hour peaks. These subtle energy flows move through the acupuncture meridians, just like our blood flows through our veins. By muscle-testing for weaknesses, or over-energised blocked meridians, it's possible to see a picture of your energy imbalances. Each Meridian affects an organ or system in the body, as well as corresponding emotional and mental qualities. By understanding what's happening in your system, and having natural therapies to correct imbalances, you can clear away blockages and restore a healthy flow of life energy.

This Meridian is about taking things in, being nurtured,
feeling appreciated and joyful

So I had a build up of stuck energy in the Small Intestine Meridian. It gets blocked by neglect, feeling unappreciated or sorrowful - a residue of how it felt to be in a miserable relationship back then. This blockage caused weaknesses downstream: in this case, the Circulation/Sex, Liver & Lung Meridians. So this pattern would cause difficulty with responsibility (Circulation Meridian), resentment (Liver Meridian) and low self-worth (Lung Meridian). By using techniques to release and restore the flow from the Small Intestine Meridian again, I could feel more nurtured, realise how much joy I have in my life these days and see how I am appreciated in many ways by people around me. This released energy then flushes round the circle to support appropriate responsibility (Circ/Sex), optimism (Liver) and self-esteem (Lung).

Dissolving the Boundaries

The theme among this month's client sessions was about meeting barriers, or boundaries, in a different way. Many people were responding to life in a different way, as a result of their personal development journeys. This included: listening to another without needing to put forward your own view; realising you can't control everything around you but you can influence situations; being genuine about how you feel towards someone, including being angry, feeling vulnerable or just sad; understanding you need time and space for yourself, away from those who may be depressed or hostile; being less independent and learning to share more openly with others. How we meet the world, other people or life situations sets up a boundary which can become a barrier. If we are defensive, mistrustful, wounded or insecure we may not feel safe enough to be our true selves.

To help us meet boundaries with more strength and confidence we can use the cross as a helpful pattern. The horizontal line is where we meet others and encounter daily life situations. The vertical line is how we connect upwards with Heaven and anchor downwards with Earth. On the Pathway Balancing Journey, the 4th Level is 'Heaven on Earth' and Gateway 39 here is called 'Emerging into a New Life that is Rich and Rewarding, within People and Places that are Enjoyable'. This month a new name emerged for one of the Directions: 'Richness is Magnified by Focussing on Openness to the Presence of Natural Prosperity'. Nature is all about abundance - just look at the number of seeds and fruits that burst from trees and plants of all kinds. When part of our life is blocked or lacking in some way, this is an unnatural state of being that needs release and healing. The prophet Jeremiah wrote "For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future". Relax and trust in the Creator of the universe. Relax into accepting the flow of the laws of nature. Relax and dissolve the old, hard boundaries that you don't need anymore.

Pathway Balancing restores and heals the soul, body, heart and mind. Contact me at corrina@pathwaybalancing for your next appointment. Corrina.

Coming Full Circle

Life is sometimes expressed in geometric patterns, like triangles, spirals, waves or circles. This month there has been a theme of circles in people's lives. For some it's been a case of going round in circles and not getting very far. For others it's been a time of seeing an old pattern come around again in relationships. Sometimes the end of a cycle is coming nearer. It's also been a time of coming full circle, back to a point that's been reached in the past, but now with a different perspective and as a changed person.

Restoring Lost Confidence

Last week's blog asked the question 'Are you headed for defeat or a breakthrough?'. One of the determining factors will be your degree of confidence in yourself and an optimistic view of the possible outcome. Our confidence is affected by previous experiences of defeat, loss, dissapointment or failure. It is a natural healing response to draw back or pull inwards after being hurt or let down. We need time and space to recover. The problem is that this posture can become engrained. If we play it safe for too long we can become paralysed and unable to move on. Are there areas in your life where you seem unable to get a breakthrough? Have you been hurt or let down in these areas? How can we break out of excessive safety and begin to live life to the full again?

New material was added to the 'Pathway Balancing - Healing the Soul' manual this week. The title of this new piece is 'Confidence is Lost in Defeat and Felt as a Rising Force in Overcoming Our Patterns of Self-Destruction or Loss'. Pathway Balancing is all about recovering lost, damaged or trapped parts of our soul and being able to embody those parts again, so we can be whole and more of our true self. One of the ways our soul can be damaged is by a lot of emotional drama. Have you ever had passionate arguments late into the night or been out of bed in the early hours pondering the future or writing out heart-felt letters to someone who isn't listening to you? Did someone you care about say negative things about your dreams or the things you value? Part of our soul can wither away under these conditions and things need to change in order to restore lost confidence again.

A safe place with safe people is the starting point for recovery. Here, we need to fill up on beauty - birdsong, blossom, flowing waters, good food, harmonious music. We need to stretch our body to release tension, even tears if necessary, to let our blocked emotions flow through cleanly again. From past disconnection we need to take the risk of reconnection again. Our posture, demeanour and position needs to shift upwards, opening up and expanding outwards. It's time to start carrying our fair share of life's load once again and joining up with others on the road and in the market place. Our hope rises as we see positive changes taking place - in our energy levels, achievements, relationships and finances. If we maintain this new, positive momentum there will be a tipping point that cascades us into a new, more confident and empowering way of life. We can be secure and confident in displaying our hard-won jewels to a waiting world and are able to return to life renewed.

Pathway Balancing restores and heals the soul, body, heart and mind. Contact us on info@pathwaybalancing for your next appointment. Corrina.

A Breakthrough or Defeat?

I recently had a conversation with someone who was trying to decide on a course of action. Eventually she said "Oh well, I suppose if it's meant to be it'll just happen and everything will fall into place smoothly". My response was "Not necesarily. Sometimes we have to push through things and overcome our resistence or a weakness." It's true that life unfolds all around us and we as individuals aren't in control of the whole universe, however we do have choices and are responsible for our actions, or lack of them. Over my 23 years of practice in holistic therapy and personal development, I've seen many people who have everything going for them in life and yet remain negative, weighed-down and in an attitude of defeat. This pattern, if not broken, can sabotage and destroy all that could have been so good. How do these destructive or passive and defeated states begin and how can they be resolved?

Picture a snail, eyes out on stalks, going about its business, until Harry the cat gives it a curious sniff and accidently touches the snail's eye-stalk. We know the snail will pull its stalks in and, if Harry persists, the soft little creature will draw back into its protective shell. When we are smaller than something uncomfortable or threatening, we might also 'pull our stalks in' or even 'withdraw into our shell'. Holding back or hiding can be a wise strategy initially but if we keep it up for too long it can become an embodied habit that paralyses us in the face of a decision or opportunity. If there's an area of lack, unfulfilled needs or unrealised dreams in your life, it may be time to change the inner patterns of defeat into a new level of breakthrough. There are four stages in this process.

First you must find a place and time where you feel safe and then be there as much as possible. Secondly you must allow time for recovery. This might mean letting the shock go out of your system, sleeping a lot, crying, raging, talking about things or looking back to see how far you've moved on. Thirdly, you begin to heal and rebuild your life. As you begin restoring a healthy curiosity about life again, you may notice a willingness to try something different, an ability to express you who are again or an increase in creative ideas and energy levels. This time life will be different as you establish your 'new normal'. Finally, you will know you have overcome defeat and made a permanent breakthrough when you face that same brick wall again but this time you see it differently. Now you know it's just a situation to be dealt with. You feel the familiar old patterns rising - fear, anxiety, anger, doubt, dissapointment, worry, defeat, blame - but then they subside and the mist clears. Now you can take a breath, relax into your body and centre your awareness into your heart and outwards to the bigger picture. You realise this is the same brick wall you came to last time around. This time you just step over the rubble and go on your way.

The Pathway Balancing Journey can guide and empower you for your breakthrough. E-mail to find out more.

Headaches and Neck Tension


Working with our webdesign and marketing company, we asked the question 'what do Pathway Balancing clients need help with the most?' After researching the past four year's practice records, we found the answer. The biggest problems are physical and structural ones and the area most affected is the head and neck region. People have been coming for help with headaches, neck tension, blocked sinuses, migraine, tinnitus, vision disturbances and a lost sense of smell. These problems can be helped with both craniosacral therapy and kinesiology, according to the client's preferences. A good course of action may be to start with craniosacral therapy sessions to ease the physical pain and tension. As symptoms improve, moving on to kinesiology can uncover and deal with the root causes, so preventing a recurrence of the problem in the future. Why is the head and neck region such a problem?

The plastic model in the therapy room shows the junction between the head (cranium) and neck bones (vertebrae). The red plastic shows the pathway of the arteries and the yellow plastic shows the nerves from the spinal cord. The head sits on the top vertebra, which is called the Atlas bone. The Atlas bone can swivel around by almost 90°, allowing our head to rotate so we can look around us. The seven bones in the neck (cervical vertebrae) can compress down backwards (extension) or open up forwards (flexion) to allow us to look up or down. As we move in any combination of these directions, the many muscles around this area must contract or relax in balance with each other. If there is tension, tightness or stiffness in any muscle, the movements can become restricted, uncomfortable or even painful. As the model shows, tightness in the head and neck region can also affect the blood supply to the brain and nerve-signals along the spinal cord. The brain and spine are also bathed in a fluid called cerebro-spinal fluid (or CSF) which needs to flow freely around and out of the head.

When head and neck muscles are constantly tense, our brain cannot maintain a fresh supply of blood, the CSF can't drain away and nerve impulses are distrupted. We can feel this stagnant fluid backing up between the eyes, just above eyebrow level. The pressure then causes a heavy, groggy head and we can't think so clearly. Over time, the sinuses might become inflamed and produce mucous to cool things down and kill off multiplying bacteria. Trapped nerves could begin to produce a ringing in the ears or vision disturbances. This downward spiral needs intervention as soon as possible. Have a drink of water, take a short break for some fresh air, get moving to help circulation, avoid the computer screen or TV for a while, lay down on your back for 5-20 minutes if possible, have an early night, and pay attention to posture throughout the day.

Head and neck problems can have many root causes that can't be resolved by simple self-help techniques. Almost everyone has residual damage from the compacting forces of simply being born, let alone all the minor or major childhood slips and falls. Some people go through extensive dental treatments, road accidents, or even physical assaults that can leave the head and neck muscles misaligned. The journey of life can be an emotional one and stress is commonly held in tension around the jaw, eyes, throat or back of the neck. All of these stresses and tensions can be addressed gently yet effectively with hands-on treatments like kinesiology and craniosacral therapy. Releasing tension allows energy to flow again and can produce results that go far beyond simple pain relief.

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The Road to Paradise

Paradise is an ancient Hebrew word that refers to a Garden of Eden state, a place of beauty, abundant produce, companionship and a close relationship with our God. The idea of a paradise experience will vary in each person's imagination but it will generally be something good or even wonderful and highly desirable. In the Pathway Balancing Journey, we face an imaginary mountain path that spirals upwards through seven Levels, with the top (Level 7) being called 'Paradise on Earth'. The practitioner uses kinesiology muscle-testing to find out how close you are to your own personal Paradise. Reaching this Level means finding an actual place, or people, in your everyday living that connects you to Paradise in some way. This Level on the Journey can feel like a relief, a place of healing and hope, of something being found or fulfilled. Sometimes clients need time for 'Healing the Soul' here. The road to Paradise can be a battering experience, overcoming obstacles, having doubts, facing opposition and not knowing if you'll ever make it through. It's a road taken by those who want to get to the bottom of their problems and root out the damaging patterns that have caused their symptoms, pain or distress. Facing and dealing with root causes can be a difficult and demanding process, so why go through it at all?

The road to Paradise is more of a journey back to who we were originally designed to be. It's a process of discovering your soul again and recalling the dreams you held before the storms of life caused you to batten down the hatches for safety. We often create layers of armour to cope with the pain of disappointment, failed attempts, lack of results or hurtful behaviour by others. This protective armour then becomes too heavy and numbing once we've survived and stabilised. To fully live again, we need to feel and move freely again. The process of healing is about dissolving the old patterns and feeling them fall away. As our life becomes healthier, we begin to feel warmer and more sensitive physically. Our thoughts become more creative and able to problem-solve. Emotionally we can be angry without losing our temper or sad without being overwhelmed by grief. Spiritually we discover a faith, based on the manifested reality of our experiences, that gives a deeper confidence and sense of security.

As these elements of healing permeate our soul, our heart can stay open and our spirit can flow and enliven us again. The road to Paradise can be painful and uncertain. It requires staying power, support and encouragement. Why is it so difficult? Maybe to act as a filter. Perhaps this demanding process weeds out those who would simply take from one another and destroy Paradise with self-centred agendas. Why take this path if it's so difficult? Because the alternative is to go back into the destructive ways that lead to such pain and distress in the first place. The choice to go back to old habits may seem easier on a bad day, when you're tired, short of money, feeling you're alone or facing a difficult decision. Problems and difficulties can throw up a fog of questions, doubts and emotions at times. Once the fog lifts and clears you will be able to see how close you are to your own personal life of paradise on earth.

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Healthcare with a Heart

Would you want your healthcare professional to leave you immobile in a room without fluids or water for 24 hours? How would you feel if they did this to someone you love? In healthcare today there are two primary models of working: the medical, allopathic model and the holistic, naturopathic model. Professionals in both schools of thought often view the other methods with varying degrees of doubt about their effectiveness or value. Doctors and nurses might believe there is little scientific evidence provided for complementary or alternative medicine and so it must be of no real value to the recipient. Holistic and naturopathic practitioners might see a failure to address the correct root causes of poor health through the medical focus on managing symptoms. Opinions can be divided on the causes and treatments of 'flu-like or 'cold' symptoms. Is the condition caused by the bug that's going around? Is it best to supress symptoms with chemicals that dry up the flow of mucous, hide the aches and pains and kill bacteria? Is the cause rooted in an overly driven lifestyle? Is it best to take time out to rest, drink water, take vitamin C and zinc or a herbal formula? Is the body clearing out harmful toxins through sweating, cloudy urine or a runny nose? The whole picture will probably contain elements of many of these possible causes and treatments. Each person needs to choose their healthcare program responsibly. However, healthcare professionals have a higher responsibility towards their clients or patients, particularly when a person is too ill to make that choice for themselves. This is where the fundamental values of the qualified professional really matter. The question is, does the practitioner really care?

In the UK, all qualfied and registered healthcare practitioners must be trained to meet the government requirements of National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Healthcare, whether they are a nurse employed by the NHS or an acupuncturist in private practice. The growth in complementary medicine means that many therapies are not yet state regulated but are voluntarily meeting the standards laid down, in advance of regulation coming in the future. Pathway Balancing Kinesiology practitioners are trained to meet these standards of professionalism. However, there is far more to the Pathway Balancing training and the treatments our clients are given in a session. The Pathway Balancing system describes a Journey that balances energy, improves health, increases levels of awareness and leads to a continually better lifestyle. At the highest and furthest levels of the Journey, the practitioner is trained to work with clients at the Level called 'Heart Consciousness'. It's about being open-hearted, sensitive to the sacredness of life and being caring towards others. Perhaps the clinical, science-based medical training loses some of this Heart Consciousness along the way? Maybe the medical system, that uses scientific experiments on live animals as evidence, disregards the sacredness of human life in the process?

Sadly, my recent personal experience has caused me to question the beliefs and practices of medical staff in the NHS. My 94-year-old father, recovering in hospital from pneumonia, was left without a fluid drip and was not offered any water for 24-hours, until my family questioned the staff about it. The Consultant's view was that "people like these" are a "long way from their baseline" so the drip had been stopped and if they couldn't sit up they couldn't drink water without choking. I asked him if this was the same as leaving someone without water or fluids for 24 hours and seeing how long it took for the person to die. It took us 2 hours to get the Hospital Consultant to agree to let staff tilt the bed up and provide us with a sponge to moisten Dad's lips. As soon as the water touched his lips, Dad gasped and sucked the water as hard as he could, eyes open wide and following my sister's hand desperately as she soaked the sponge again. I broke down sobbing. After drinking a cup & a half of water, Dad was offered a yoghurt, which he ate hungrily. Four days later Dad has continued to improve and we hope to get him safely out of Colchester Hospital in Essex, as soon as possible. Whatever model of healthcare practised, the primary emphasis surely is the word care. What kind of care would you like from your professional practitioner? Isn't the best practice one that offers healthcare with a heart? Corrina.

From Chronic Fatigue to a Stable Platform

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a medical term for extreme tiredness over a prolonged period, for which there is no clear, medically treatable, cause. Symptoms can include waking from sleep feeling tired, joints and muscles aching, recurring sore throats and tender lymph nodes, emotional depression or anxiety and headaches. Any combination of these symptoms can occur and the overall condition can often last for years, maybe for most of a person's life. Because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is difficult to resolve by medical means, many people seek help from holistic practitioners. The holistic approach is not a quick fix. Building a stable platform of energy requires quality time for yourself and an investment of available resources. The system of Pathway Balancing provides a wealth of natural treatments and lifestyle guidance. Pathway Balancing could be used to not only overcome feelings of chronic fatigue but also to build and maintain a stable platform of resources for the whole of a person's life. Pathway Balancing uses kinesiology muscle-testing to ask the person's body for answers. Being tired all the time can be bewildering and frustrating, especially when no amount of rest or healthy food seems to help. Life can become impoverished if you run out of energy after an hour of activity or can't get out of bed before midday. It can be difficult for the people around you to understand your extreme lack of energy, which may cause you feelings of guilt or low self-worth. So exactly how could a Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) practitioner help their client to overcome feelings of chronic fatigue?

The first thing a PBK practitioner does is listen to your story. People can become chronically fatigued for all sorts of reasons, such as over-working or over-care for others. Sometimes there is no obvious reason and this is where kinesiology muscle-testing is invaluable. Once the PBK practitioner has taken a case history, you can move, fully clothed, to the treatment couch and lay down on your back. The practitioner will ensure you are safe and comfortable, checking your need for head pillows, a knee pillow, blanket, the room temperature, light from the windows etc. Once you are settled, the muscle tests are checked, simply by pressing down gently on your forearms while you resist the light pressure. Once the body responds with strong responses to positive stimulae and weak responses to negative ones, the session can begin to find answers for you. The Pathway Balancing system has been designed with a safe structure that allows a client to work as deeply as they wish, or for treatments to remain more basic if preferred. The more surface level sessions may use reflex points from the Touch for Health system, nutritional advice, food supplements, clearing trapped energy from the acupuncture meridians or gentle, hands-on, muscle-relaxing work. Clients who want to work at a deeper, more lasting level may want to explore new territory and enjoy the cutting edge revelations from the 'Healing the Soul' material. Whatever a client needs in terms of treatment methods, it is incredibly moving to see real changes happening as the person overcomes those old patterns that led to such exhaustion and limitation. It is wonderful when the person realises they are now healthy, healed, and whole. With a lifestyle that supports a stable platform of energy, they can comfortably deal with normal tiredness and a realistic pacing of activities. The internal emotional and nervous charge has gone, freeing them from the former exhausting emotional turmoil and drama. The pathway from chronic fatigue to a stable platform of energy may take time. Time will pass anyway - it's how you spend it, how you invest your time, that will determine the quality of the months and years ahead of you.

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Energy Balancing That Lasts

Energy balancing is a foundational principle in kinesiology as a therapy. Like many forms of kinesiology, Pathway Balancing Kinesiology is based on the practise of Touch For Health by John Thie D.C.. Touch For Health developed out of chiropractic and many people today have visited a chiropractor, perhaps for help with back pain or a frozen shoulder. The chiropractor uses a series of muscle-tests to assess strength or weakness in the client's body. The practitioner positions the clients' arm, leg or posture, in a way that engages a particular muscle, and then applies gentle but firm pressure. This is to test the persons ability to hold the position and checks that the muscle locks or switches on in response to external pressure. If the client cannot hold the position, and the muscle unlocks or switches off, the practitioner knows this muscle needs attention. A chiropractor might make manual adjustments, perhaps by clicking the vertebrae into position, which is a highly skilled task requiring thorough training. Chiropractors may also use reflex points called Chapman points and Bennet points. Chapman points stimulate the flow of lymph from a muscle, enabling toxins to be cleared and reducing inflammation. Bennet points stimulate the flow of blood to a muscle, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues to heal and repair damage. These reflex points encourage physical energy to flow to and from the muscle again, restoring its natural healing abilities and proper strength. The practitioner tests the effectiveness of the treatment, after it's been applied, by re-testing the muscle position until it shows strength, locks or switches on again. In Touch For Health and kinesiology, once all the muscles test strong, the person is described as balanced. This process of restoring physical energy flow to muscles, in order to strengthen or switch them on, is often described as energy balancing. The client will usually feel better immediately, with less pain, improved movement and mobility and a lighter, more poised posture. After the client leaves the practice, the big question is how long will this feeling, this improvement, last?

Energy balancing that lasts is the ultimate goal of the treatment in kinesiology. When a person is in pain, can't move freely, is unable to work or enjoy their usual activities, it is natural to want a quick fix that puts a permanent end to the problem. Over-the-counter medication, for pain relief, can be a great blessing when symptoms strike. An additional supplement to help with sleep can also help and some people like using herbal products such as Nature's Sunshine Hops & Valerian capsules. This combination of symptom relief and energy balancing treatment begins the process of lasting relief, mobility and energy for living. However, energy balancing that lasts will usually need an investment of time, and a willingness to press on through the changes that lead to better health. The 'three session rule' is that clients who stop treatments before they reach a fourth appointment will almost always find their symptoms recur to some extent, and may even mistakenly conclude that the treatment didn't work. A health problem can become deeply engrained over time, and therefore need time and effort to be properly resolved. A symptom may also be more deep rooted in some people, and require persistence and determination to be fully cleared. Investing more time, and a willingness to resolve the root causes of symptoms, is much more likely to produce energy balancing that lasts. In Touch For Health there are further energy balancing methods, that go deeper than the surface physical energy flow to and from the muscles, such as nutrition for strengthening muscles. Deeper still are the simple methods for clearing stress, mental or emotional, by gentle contact on two points on the forehead. For some people an even deeper balance uses light contact over the meridians used in acupuncture. These meridians, or lines of energy, run through the surface cells of the skin and are comprised of electricity, magnetism, water, heat and radioactivity. Restoring flow at this deep level can really shift blocked energy that may have caused pain, inflammation, soreness or weakness. Energy balancing that lasts gives more than just relief from symptoms. Lasting treatments can strengthen the natural flow of energy in the body - lymph drainage, blood circulation, nutrients and electromagnetic currents. Blocked energy causes pain, discomfort, tiredness and weakness. Energy that flows in balance creates ease, comfort, vitality and strength. Energy balancing that lasts creates a life that is creative, enjoyable and really worth living to the full.

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Are You Ready to Be Your True Self?

Personal development underpins a successful pathway to the fulfilment of your dreams and heart's desires. It is believed that only 5% of people are living out their personal dream today. Many people would seem, therefore, to be struggling under pressure or quietly enduring a soul-destroying half-life. When we are blessed these days by so many opportunities to change our life for the better, why do so few people reach out for these better ways? What a tragic waste of opportunity and personal potential. Rather than live life to the full, some choose to present a 'cardboard cut-out' of themselves - playing a role, behaving in ways they think will make them acceptable or get others to do what they want. The effect is a deepening loss of self-worth and fulfilment, with a need to hide, feeling cut-off, isolated or depressed. There may come a fork in the road where this becomes intolerable and some may even cry out to God to ask why this is allowed to happen to them. This point can be a deciding factor in the future direction of a person's life. So what makes the difference between those who are crushed under the weight of their false, disempowered self and those who rise up with wings like eagles, strong, confident and succeeding?

Wanting life to be better isn't enough in itself. There has to be action and faith. It's time to step out and begin living to the full today. When a person turns up for their first appointment, retreat day or training course at Pathway Balancing, they are ready to be their true self. They have taken that first crucial step of faith and will discover more about the underlying causes that are affecting their energy-levels, financial situation or relationship issues. They will begin to change and start to feel different in some way, seeing things differently. Coming for the second appointment or training session, demonstrates that they are willing to change from the old way of life to a better one. At the third session of treatment or training, the person is getting strong enough to be able to change and grow. However, by this time, most people have hit an obstacle of some sort and are finding there is resistance to change - either internally or externally. The people who will find the way to a truely fulfilling life are the ones that make it through to the fourth session and beyond. These people are the ones with enough courage to stand firm and refuse to go back to the way they were, to the 'cardboard cut-out', the burn-out, the impoverishment, the isolation. They are the ones who will process the flood of emotions, revelations and physical changes in order to become the truely amazing person that was hiding underneath the veneer of pretence. To fulfil our true potential in life we must press on beyond our comfort zone at times. We will never break out into freedom and increased choices if we don't stretch out our wings and endure a bumpy, uncertain ride at times. Watching the flight of an eagle may be breathtaking and inspiring but those wings didn't become strong and accurate without a lot of flapping and hurtling over the edge of the cliff. Confidence and faith come from learning to overcome limitations. Flying confidently and strongly, by faith gained from the lessons God has given, is a much better way of life than clinging to the insecure, crumbled rocks of the past. Are you prepared for life to be great today? Are you ready to be your true self?

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Less Pain, More Energy

The basic outcomes of holistic treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, kinesiology and craniosacral therapy are ultimately less pain and more energy. While there are excellent forms of fast & effective pain relief available, the holistic process is about resolving the underlying causes over a period of time. A holistic practitioner works through the layers of the client's problem, at whatever speed or depth the person is able and willing to go to. For example, the client may have come with a physically painful or restricted condition, such as a tight shoulder joint, immobilising back pain or recurring headaches or migraines. At their surface, these conditions could be managed with pain-relieving drugs, rest, physical manipulation or in some cases a surgical operation. A holistic practitioner will go to the next underlying layer of the body's fluids, such as blood circulation, cerebrospinal fluids (CSF), lymph, digestive fluids, hormones or the very fine, subtle water-vapour content of the acupuncture meridian flow. If any of these are stagnant, blocked or off-course, the physical structures of the body will be affected, and in turn will further impede theses fluids through tension, torsion or misalignment. This can result in low energy levels, or even pain, if left unresolved. So how can these conditions be resolved by a holistic therapist?

With hands-on body-work treatments, like kinesiology and craniosacral therapy, the practitioner can muscle-test or feel by palpation, giving the body physical support and attention. Hands-on contact, in very specific and sensitive ways, acts like the hands on the potters wheel, reshaping the underlying substance with the help of plenty of fluids. As a result of good holistic treatment, a client may experience symptoms of these fluids flushing and draining stagnant, ingrained or blocked tissues and toxins. Feeling heavy, looking pale or experiencing night sweats are followed by greater clarity, reduced pain and improved energy levels. Blocked and built-up over-energy causes pain in one area and reduced energy flow 'downstream'. So releasing these energy blocks, and increasing fluidity, promotes real, lasting health. Some clients want to know the causes of these fluid imbalances and to resolve these underlying layers too. Doing so creates not only less pain & more energy but also an increased capacity to live life to the fullest, with more creativity, better relationships and a sense of real aliveness. The choice is there for each person to make, on an ongoing journey of health. Pain and decreased energy rob people of joy and the ability to fulfil their destiny. The heart of a good holistic practitioner wants to see their client restored to their true selves. The best way to be is living life to its fullest expression, as co-creators of our daily life experiences, on course for living our dream.

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