Healthcare with a Heart

Would you want your healthcare professional to leave you immobile in a room without fluids or water for 24 hours? How would you feel if they did this to someone you love? In healthcare today there are two primary models of working: the medical, allopathic model and the holistic, naturopathic model. Professionals in both schools of thought often view the other methods with varying degrees of doubt about their effectiveness or value.

From Chronic Fatigue to a Stable Platform

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a medical term for extreme tiredness over a prolonged period, for which there is no clear, medically treatable, cause. Symptoms can include waking from sleep feeling tired, joints and muscles aching, recurring sore throats and tender lymph nodes, emotional depression or anxiety and headaches. Any combination of these symptoms can occur and the overall condition can often last for years, maybe for most of a person's life. Because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is difficult to resolve by medical means, many people seek help from holistic practitioners. The holistic approach is not a quick fix. Building a stable platform of energy requires quality time for yourself and an investment of available resources.

Energy Balancing That Lasts

Energy balancing is a foundational principle in kinesiology as a therapy. Like many forms of kinesiology, Pathway Balancing Kinesiology is based on the practise of Touch For Health by John Thie D.C.. Touch For Health developed out of chiropractic and many people today have visited a chiropractor, perhaps for help with back pain or a frozen shoulder. The chiropractor uses a series of muscle-tests to assess strength or weakness in the client's body. The practitioner positions the clients' arm, leg or posture, in a way that engages a particular muscle, and then applies gentle but firm pressure. This is to test the persons ability to hold the position and checks that the muscle locks or switches on in response to external pressure. If the client cannot hold the position, and the muscle unlocks or switches off, the practitioner knows this muscle needs attention. A chiropractor might make manual adjustments, perhaps by clicking the vertebrae into position, which is a highly skilled task requiring thorough training. Chiropractors may also use reflex points called Chapman points and Bennet points. Chapman points stimulate the flow of lymph from a muscle, enabling toxins to be cleared and reducing inflammation. Bennet points stimulate the flow of blood to a muscle, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues to heal and repair damage. These reflex points encourage physical energy to flow to and from the muscle again, restoring its natural healing abilities and proper strength. The practitioner tests the effectiveness of the treatment, after it's been applied, by re-testing the muscle position until it shows strength, locks or switches on again. In Touch For Health and kinesiology, once all the muscles test strong, the person is described as balanced. This process of restoring physical energy flow to muscles, in order to strengthen or switch them on, is often described as energy balancing. The client will usually feel better immediately, with less pain, improved movement and mobility and a lighter, more poised posture. After the client leaves the practice, the big question is how long will this feeling, this improvement, last?

Energy balancing that lasts is the ultimate goal of the treatment in kinesiology. When a person is in pain, can't move freely, is unable to work or enjoy their usual activities, it is natural to want a quick fix that puts a permanent end to the problem. Over-the-counter medication, for pain relief, can be a great blessing when symptoms strike. An additional supplement to help with sleep can also help and some people like using herbal products such as Nature's Sunshine Hops & Valerian capsules. This combination of symptom relief and energy balancing treatment begins the process of lasting relief, mobility and energy for living. However, energy balancing that lasts will usually need an investment of time, and a willingness to press on through the changes that lead to better health. The 'three session rule' is that clients who stop treatments before they reach a fourth appointment will almost always find their symptoms recur to some extent, and may even mistakenly conclude that the treatment didn't work. A health problem can become deeply engrained over time, and therefore need time and effort to be properly resolved. A symptom may also be more deep rooted in some people, and require persistence and determination to be fully cleared. Investing more time, and a willingness to resolve the root causes of symptoms, is much more likely to produce energy balancing that lasts. In Touch For Health there are further energy balancing methods, that go deeper than the surface physical energy flow to and from the muscles, such as nutrition for strengthening muscles. Deeper still are the simple methods for clearing stress, mental or emotional, by gentle contact on two points on the forehead. For some people an even deeper balance uses light contact over the meridians used in acupuncture. These meridians, or lines of energy, run through the surface cells of the skin and are comprised of electricity, magnetism, water, heat and radioactivity. Restoring flow at this deep level can really shift blocked energy that may have caused pain, inflammation, soreness or weakness. Energy balancing that lasts gives more than just relief from symptoms. Lasting treatments can strengthen the natural flow of energy in the body - lymph drainage, blood circulation, nutrients and electromagnetic currents. Blocked energy causes pain, discomfort, tiredness and weakness. Energy that flows in balance creates ease, comfort, vitality and strength. Energy balancing that lasts creates a life that is creative, enjoyable and really worth living to the full.

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Are You Ready to Be Your True Self?

Personal development underpins a successful pathway to the fulfilment of your dreams and heart's desires. It is believed that only 5% of people are living out their personal dream today. Many people would seem, therefore, to be struggling under pressure or quietly enduring a soul-destroying half-life. When we are blessed these days by so many opportunities to change our life for the better, why do so few people reach out for these better ways? What a tragic waste of opportunity and personal potential. Rather than live life to the full, some choose to present a 'cardboard cut-out' of themselves - playing a role, behaving in ways they think will make them acceptable or get others to do what they want. The effect is a deepening loss of self-worth and fulfilment, with a need to hide, feeling cut-off, isolated or depressed. There may come a fork in the road where this becomes intolerable and some may even cry out to God to ask why this is allowed to happen to them. This point can be a deciding factor in the future direction of a person's life. So what makes the difference between those who are crushed under the weight of their false, disempowered self and those who rise up with wings like eagles, strong, confident and succeeding?

Wanting life to be better isn't enough in itself. There has to be action and faith. It's time to step out and begin living to the full today. When a person turns up for their first appointment, retreat day or training course at Pathway Balancing, they are ready to be their true self. They have taken that first crucial step of faith and will discover more about the underlying causes that are affecting their energy-levels, financial situation or relationship issues. They will begin to change and start to feel different in some way, seeing things differently. Coming for the second appointment or training session, demonstrates that they are willing to change from the old way of life to a better one. At the third session of treatment or training, the person is getting strong enough to be able to change and grow. However, by this time, most people have hit an obstacle of some sort and are finding there is resistance to change - either internally or externally. The people who will find the way to a truely fulfilling life are the ones that make it through to the fourth session and beyond. These people are the ones with enough courage to stand firm and refuse to go back to the way they were, to the 'cardboard cut-out', the burn-out, the impoverishment, the isolation. They are the ones who will process the flood of emotions, revelations and physical changes in order to become the truely amazing person that was hiding underneath the veneer of pretence. To fulfil our true potential in life we must press on beyond our comfort zone at times. We will never break out into freedom and increased choices if we don't stretch out our wings and endure a bumpy, uncertain ride at times. Watching the flight of an eagle may be breathtaking and inspiring but those wings didn't become strong and accurate without a lot of flapping and hurtling over the edge of the cliff. Confidence and faith come from learning to overcome limitations. Flying confidently and strongly, by faith gained from the lessons God has given, is a much better way of life than clinging to the insecure, crumbled rocks of the past. Are you prepared for life to be great today? Are you ready to be your true self?

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Giving the Care that Doctors Can't Give

I recently made a rare phone call to book an appointment at my local NHS Practice. It's all different these days! I was put on a call back list & later a doctor (I think?) rang me back and seemed to go through a script while typing my answers into a computer. I passed & was given an appointment for later that day. In the same week, a client came to me with a painful shoulder, and restricted movement, that was also disturbing her sleep. It turns out she had also called the same GP Surgery but had failed the test and didn't get an appointment. She was advised to buy over-the-counter pain relief (no prescription) and if it hadn't worked after 6 weeks call them again, which she did. She was then given an over-the-phone diagnosis of frozen shoulder and the options of physiotherapy (largely ineffective) or an injection into the joint (painful) were discussed. My client really wanted someone to examine her shoulder and give her caring, effective treatment. In her opinion, this was no longer available at the local NHS level because of cost savings by medical centres. So she booked a session of craniosacral therapy at my practice, costing her £44 for an hour's consultation and treatment. In that hour, I listened to her description of the problem, checked the range of mobility of her shoulder and assessed her posture. She was then given 45 minutes of gentle, but effective, hands-on treatment for her shoulder, neck and head. At the end of her appointment she looked bright eyed but relaxed. She felt pleasantly sleepy and intended to go for a walk and then have an early night. The next morning she texted to say that, after a good night's sleep, her shoulder had more movement than for the past 6 weeks and felt much more comfortable. I was delighted for her & asked her to pass on the message to others, so they could get the care that doctor's can't give.

In the caring professions, medical practitioners in the NHS work within a system that is changing in response to the financial realities of offering a high-tech, highly paid professional service, free at point-of-use to its clients. My local surgery allows 10 minutes per patient, while I allow an hour plus 10 minutes to pay and book the next appointment. The difference between pay and benefits for NHS employees and incomes for holistic self-employed practitioners is vast. However, the level of satisfaction that comes from taking time to be with a person, caring for their needs and seeing the results is priceless. Clients, patients, people - we need care and attention when we feel ill or vulnerable. When our body is causing us pain or discomfort, we benefit enormously from skilled, hands-on treatments. Craniosacral therapy gives exactly that kind of care. Kinesiology is all about restoring health by hands-on testing to 'ask the body' what's needed for the person. The foundational training for kinesiology is called 'Touch for Health' and does exactly what it says. Both kinesiology and craniosacral therapy were developed by chiropractors and kinesiology has the added benefit of working with the acupuncture meridians. To become a professional craniosacral therapist or kinesiologist takes at least two-years, but Touch for Health can be learnt over a few days and is safe and gentle for use at home or at work, for yourself or others. As the realities of financial considerations affect the choices we make in healthcare, it is possible for everyone to learn to give the care that doctors can't give - time and hands-on contact.

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BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit - Wood Green 2013

A special welcome to all our visitors, the other exhibitors and the organisers of the 2013 BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit Weekend held at the Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester. It was the first time Pathway Balancing had taken a stand at this event and we really enjoyed being there. It was a spacious and light venue with an atmosphere of generosity and friendship among the exhibitors. On Saturday, our student Owen Wheatley offered test sessions of the 'Power vs Force' levels of consciousness, based on the work of Dr David R Hawkins, which generated interest from visitors to our stand. On both days we were giving mini-sessions of Food Intolerance/'Allergy' Testing which revealed much about the diets of those who opted for testing. Only one person had a food intolerance, whilst others needed to actually decrease the amount of raw food in their diet, time their food supplements for their evening meal or avoid combining beans with either white pasta or apples & pears. For one client, we established that diet was fine but the symptoms were rooted in stress. The most popular sessions were for Pathway Balancing Journeys and we were working at our maximum capacity on both afternoons. Our clients were all at impressively high levels on the Journey, most being at Levels 5 & 6; Dreamweaver and Trans-formation, with almost everyone having something for 'Healing the Soul'. We even added new material to the manuals, with one particularly memorable addition.

One lady was looking for guidance on using her spiritual gifts. During her session, we needed to extend the new, un-named section of the 'Healing the Soul' manual and she sensed the powerful presence of an angel with her. The messages that came through for her told us that each of us has the ability to hear from spiritual sources but it's important to discern the source, intention and heart of the voice we are hearing. This new part to the manual signals that a new season has begun for the person who reaches this point and to be ready for a new beginning.

On Sunday afternoon, Sue Preston-Eyles and I gave a talk and demonstration of the Pathway Balancing Journey to a group in the Event Meeting Room and we decided to give a group balance. Our Journey took us to Level 6, Trans-formation, Gateway 54 and the Direction 'Flowing Power' which has the Pathway of 'Rising to new levels with more enriching resources'. Our group journey completed at the Viewpoint 'Holding a position of leadership, in truthfulness and integrity, is empowering for all concerned.' The feedback was fantastic! People said the atmosphere was really special and they could feel the energy shifting and changing. Each person enthusiastically asked for the leaflets we had for Individual Therapy and the Personal Development Training Course.

There was also a little bit of time, over the weekend, to visit other stands and I had a wonderful session of 'Matrix Energetics' with Wai Cheung on his 'Trans.Form' stand. I highly recommend him and his work. He is impressively knowledgeable about the science behind energy work and has a passion for his work and a heart for people. Overall, Sue, Owen and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and are looking forward to the next one with BSSK in 2014. If you can't wait that long, come to our next stand, at the Peterborough Mind, Body, Soul Weekend on Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd September 2013 at the Excel Centre, East of England Showground. See you there!

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The Courage to Make it Through

The difference in the results from therapy sessions or training courses is made by the persons ability to press on through to a successful outcome. This ability will be mirrored in the person's approach to life. What happens when results don't come quickly enough, meet our high expectations or match our fantasies? How do we respond to pressures, obstacles or disappointments? Therapy and training give an opportunity to face life in microcosm. Craniosacral therapy and kinesiology explore embodied patterns that may be holding back our dreams and impoverishing our lives. The gentle power of the methods used in both therapies can then release blockages, undo reactive patterns and allow the body to rebuild connections and restore flexibilty and flow. So where does courage come into all this?

The ethos of Pathway Balancing is heart-based living. The word courage comes from the Latin word cuer which means heart. So heart-based living would include the heart quality of courage; the power to face difficulty, fear or pain with confidence and to act in accordance with your beliefs. The Pathway Balancing Journey has the capacity to take people into better health, greater financial freedom and more fulfilling relationships. By focusing on the desired outcomes, a client or student can persevere through the difficult times in life, in the belief that something better is possible on the other side. Growing up in a familly where there was a lot of drama, moodiness, anxiety or reactivity can create embodied patterns of emotional disconnect. It becomes a habit for the child to withdraw into confusion, imagination, studying, sulking or running away. Persevering through a course of therapy or training enables the person to repattern these tendencies to disconnect. Where relationships with people have been the cause of hurt or disappointment, the way to healing can be through a transcendent relationship with God or a grounded relationship with Creation. Developing a safe, trusting relationship with a practitioner can help restore the ability to connect in relationship again. Having the courage to keep coming for sessions when money is tight, aches and pains are flaring up or difficult issues are coming to the surface, will produce abundant rewards and give cause for celebration. The successfull outcome of therapy, training or life itself is greatly enhanced by the heart qualities of appreciation, gratitude, care, love and courage. It's all worth it once you realise you're going to make it through.

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Restructuring the Dream

An important aspect of the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Journey is identifying and building a person's dream into a reality. This week we held the first PBK Practitioner Update Day for those qualified and practising as Pathway Balancing Kinesiologists and the bulk of new material given out was for the Healing the Soul manual and The Dreamweaver Level of the Journey. As any dream builds into reality, it looks and feels different from the way we imagined it would be. It may take years of planning, preparation and activity to create a sound base for your dream. There can come a point of zero-state, where suddenly you realise you've carried out all your plans, ticked-off the major points on your 'To Do List' and now all you can do is maintain the dream you've created and see what happens next. This zero-state turning point is the place to review and restructure the reality of your dream life. The Pathway Balancing Journey provides the awareness and energy-building that's needed for this defining moment.

Gateway 41 in The Dreamweaver Level is called 'Embracing Heart's Desire' and we received a whole new 'download' of Divine revelation for the Overview of this Gateway on the Update Day. It was about clearing away the residues of past wounds to our heart and preparing the ground for our new life to manifest. Part of this work involves healing our nervous system and sometimes we need space, rest and quiet times to help this process. The new 'downloads' we received for the 'Healing the Soul' manual revealed that we need to 'Release Patterns of Toxicity for New Beginnings' and that 'Your Heart Knows Your Destiny through Peace and Joy'. A great piece of wisdom in this new material told us that 'your destiny is inextricably linked with so many others that it cannot possibly unfold at exactly the pace that is ideal for you'. So we must accept times that are quieter or busier than we would like as the multifaceted dream takes shape. To restructure the dream, we must let go of old pictures of how we wanted our life to be. We must drink in all the goodness that God has provided for us. Our hearts can open again to the greater truth of who we are now, as a result of the refining process of going for our dreams. We are stronger because of our journey on the mountain path and have found the courage to live the truth. We are free to be who God designed us to be because we have surrendered the illusion of control and exchanged it for the truth of loving life as it flows and sparkles around us.

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Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Training

The training at Pathway Balancing is probably among the best kinesiology training courses in the UK today and an excellent training for qualified complementary therapists or complete new starters. There's a wealth of kinesiology training and holistic therapy courses available these days so how do you choose? To become a truly successful healthcare practitioner you need a training that provides three key elements: Technical skills, personal development and professional development. All kinesiology training and complementary therapy courses will be based on technical skills, many will include personal development process work and a few include something about practice management or business skills. New entrants to kinesiology training, and other courses, often wonder where their future clients will come from, perhaps thinking it will all happen by word of mouth or an advert in a local newsletter or shop window once they qualify. If money and time is being invested in a training course, how long will it take to generate any income and how much can a newly qualified therapist expect to earn? Is it better to train in something unique, like Pathway Balancing Kinesiology, or do a better known Indian Head Massage course with dozens of other people? These important issues are part of the process of choosing the right path for your future needs, in kinesiology training and much more.

So how can the three key elements of successful kinesiology training be combined for the most successful outcome? The Pathway Balancing Kinesiology training course is an excellent example of a vibrant and relevant training course for new starters and fully qualified professionals alike. Technical Skills: Any kinesiology training must, by definition, teach the basic skill of accurate muscle-testing, followed by techniques to balance energy in the person's system. Pathway Balancing uses the Touch for Health 1 & 2 certificate course as its Foundation for these skills. The next level of technical skill is taught using the 'Healing the Body' manual, which draws from a common background of naturopathic techniques used among kinesiologists. The manual builds on these with refined forms of some of the established methods, plus unique additions developed through decades of clientwork and research at Pathway Balancing. Personal Development: The Pathway Balancing Journey is central to the growth and development of each person on the course - and the whole training can be undertaken purely as a personal development route. The series of Journey manuals takes each student through Gateways to higher awareness and to Levels and Stages of higher vibrational energies. As we go through these places as a group, we explore the richness of our life experience to date. We are able to support each other as we explore new heights of living well. The Journey enables each person to see and face up to the obstacles, distractions or traumas that have stopped them living the dream. As the Journey leads each member of the group to a higher place, they can leave each training day equipped to help others to come up higher too.

Professional Development: In order to reach the maximum number of people with all these enriching skills and techniques for changing people's lives, it is vital to have a good professional basis to work from. This is addressed from the outset of the course and is an element of every two-day training unit. It is too late to think about setting up in practice by adding a few hours of marketing or business skills to the end of a kinesiology training course. The skills of running a successful business are often far removed from the intense interpersonal atmosphere of a client therapy session. To be truly successful in helping others to get well and live transformed lives, a practitioner must attract those clients that will benefit from sessions of treatment and in sufficient numbers to be rewarded and sustained financially and materially themselves. At Pathway Balancing we go much deeper than just looking at how to promote a practice whilst also addressing such subjects as branding, promotion, managing accounts, administration, working hours and training updates. We work on resolving deeper rooted issues around attitudes to money, ideas about what success really means, emotional wounds that block creativity, productivity or engagement in fruitful relationships. To overcome obstacles and achieve true success a practitioner needs a kinesiology training course that covers all aspects of professional and personal success, as well as skills in healthcare.

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Training That Brings Out the New, Real You

Last week was a significant point in the training for one of the groups on the Kinesiology Diploma course. They have now completed the material that enables them to lead clients further into their unique, individual destiny. The Pathway Balancing Journey describes a metaphysical mountain which represents both the obstacles we have to face and the buried treasures hidden within us. Once we've made the journey to overcome the mountain, we reveal our personal jewels and reap the rewards of our efforts. The mountain is described as having seven levels, with the top of the mountain being 'Paradise On Earth' (Level 7), representing a place and stage in life that is like paradise on earth for us. The first level of the Journey up this mountain is 'The Individual' (Level 1) which focuses on revealing more of who we are as a unique individual, a soul, with our heart's desires, our values and our experience of life's journey so far. This level was completed by our group last week and, as always in this cutting-edge work, new insights were revealed and more entries made in the manuals. Our groupwork here always reveals patterns and trends that both inform and ripple out from the collective consciousness of Pathway Balancing and all its students and clients. These then point the way for future travelers on the path to their heart's desires. The overall theme was one of clearing away clutter of various sorts in the next few weeks, in preparation for a harvest and rebirth in the coming months. There was some teaching on the process of conception, where the soul comes into contact with the chromosomal material during embodiment. This is a refining process where some of the clutter of the ancestral lineage is ejected through the polar body. This process of refining into the pure gold of who we really are is one that can continue throughout life, especially for highly sensitive individuals who work to raise their vibrational energy and awareness of the unseen dimensions of power. Our group completed the two-day training with individual 'To Do Lists' of specific ways to declutter their own lives before our next training days in September. Each person was also given specific tasks to prepare them for their own rebirth professionally and relationally. We had our training on Thursday (a full moon) and Friday so that gave us the weekend to rest and refresh ourselves before getting on with the tasks assigned us. Today begins the exciting work of implementing the changes, bringing out the new, real person that shines with truth and joy as they cross the bridge into The Community (Level 2) where they belong.

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Coming Ashore to New Beginnings

Just had an amazing 3 days teaching Pathway Balancing Kinesiology here in Peterborough. As usual, the cutting-edge material in this system has been added to through our work together. The main trend throughout the 3 days was for Healing the Soul - the title of the Pathway Balancing manual that describes a place we reach once we've overcome a 'mountain' that was an obstacle to our destiny. We added to a new part of the manual called 'Coming Ashore' - a theme for many clients of Pathway Balancing at the moment. It signals an end to a stormy period of ebb and flow and the start of a safer time of richer, healthier, flowing possibilities in a person's life. The energies of our collective work calibrated at 826 (of 1000) in the Enlightenment range of the Power scale, as described by Dr David Hawkins in his book 'Power vs. Force'. We needed to clear a lot of ancestral patterns and embodied negative emotional energy over the first 2 days. One of the great things about kinesiology is the beautiful way it deals with energy that's no longer helpful - gently, with lovely remedies and comforting bodywork techniques. By the 3rd day we were clear to receive 'downloads' of positive information on the way forward - for ourselves as individuals and for Pathway Balancing as a system. So what new beginnings lie ahead in the coming months? The Clearing 'Planetary Transformation', which lies behind Gateway 2 'Manifesting the Spirit' had all it's last remaining Steps named. This Clearing is about 'Expressing the inner fire. Having access to our full power' and the journey along this Pathway gave us incredible revelations about the year ahead. The details of these revelations will be shared more fully with the Pathway Balancing Associates at our meeting next month, plus with the Diploma students attending their next training days later this week, but watch this space for exciting news about the coming winter solstice of 21/12/2012! For clients, there is now more information in the whole system for guiding each of us closer to our destiny and enabling us to tap into the power to make our dreams possible and make our potential a reality.

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Living Life on Full Power

Are you firing on all cylinders today? Is your work maximising your personal potential? Has your day been profoundly enjoyable? If can say yes to all these questions, you'll know how it feels to be truly rich, which will include having the resources you need to perpetuate a satisfying lifestyle. Over the last few days, I've been training a group to lead their clients through Gateways 5 & 6 of the Pathway Balancing Journey. The work has had such an awesome effect on each one of us that we agreed these six Gateways alone would be enough to change people's lives in powerful & wonderful ways - yet there are 56 more Gateways to open on the course ahead! So what is the secret to living life on full power? In working with the material for the course we used tools to track back to the point at which the person's soul was squashed and therefore lost it's power to fully manifest the person's potential. We were able to get to the root cause of lost power by finding the 'seed' of a lie that was planted in the person's heart, root it out & dissolve the unhealthy energies it left behind. We can pick up all sorts of false messages along life's path and bury them under layers of unresolved emotional energy. This produces an unhealthy aura that attracts more 'unclean' energies, until the true self becomes dull, heavy & increasingly invisible. Living life on full power happens when we finally clean up our systems and can see, hear and follow Divine guidance for the way ahead. Keep diligently seeking the truth and the truth will set you free. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

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Beauty for Ashes

The Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Diploma training this week continued to deepen the knowledge of soul journeying by adding new material to the 'Healing the Soul' manual. A theme emerged, in the three days of intensive work, that showed a tipping point for the energy of Pathway Balancing - a new phase of growth is beginning. Pathway Balancing is a 'root cause' therapy, meaning we will dig deep in the dirt & darkness if that's the way to find and remove the root cause of symptoms or recurring problems. This means that improvements to wellbeing can become permanent, rather than just short-term symptom relief. Once the root is uncovered & removed, not only has healing occurred but also space has been created for something better to flourish. The tangled roots of a problem or symptom can be thrown aside and reduced to ashes. Once we let go of the ashes, we are free to embrace the beauty of being fully alive. In Chinese Medicine, there is a body system called the 'Three Heater' - the stomach & liver area is the furnace, the lungs are the flue or chimney & the bowels or large intestine is the ash pan. This week's training included methods for working with the hyoid bone to free energy flow in the neck, or 'flue', plus work with the ileocecal valve to open the 'ash pan' and stop holding on to the past. Once such methods clear the last residues of past trauma or loss, the scene is set for new beauty to emerge in life. We used the energy and colours of crystals and flower formulas to set the process in motion. On a beautiful, sunny spring day we saw the healing of the soul move on into unknown territory, trusting in its beauty. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough

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Does the Course Have to Be at Weekends?

This weekend was our Touch for Health 2 foundation training and time for the group to look ahead to starting Pathway Balancing - The Journey in March. While everyone was keen to make this transition, there were obstacles that had to be overcome - just as there are on our life journey. My task was to meet the needs of the group and act as their leader on the journey by making it possible to follow me to the next level. What needed to change or how did we all need to be flexible in order to move forward? Touch for Health 2 is all about the flow of energy, identifying patterns of imbalance and resolving blockages to strengthen a healthy, natural balance again. The problem that we needed to resolve was music to my ears! One of the students asked "Does the course have to be at weekends?" Before I could say no, another student said "I'd rather do them in the week, or on Fridays & Saturdays to free up a day off on Sundays". "Woohoo!! Me too!!" I said, dancing round the room. Talking about it more, we realised we were all self-employed or had free time in the week. The old pattern that was blocking us was rooted in former students, and myself, having full or part-time employee positions from Monday to Friday. To allow the course to flow, we changed the dates to Friday 30th & Saturday 31st March 2012 and we'll see how that goes. There is also a pattern of tight cashflow for some in the group and we aim to work on this issue as we move into the Pathway Balancing Journey after the spring equinox. So is there an old thought pattern holding you back from investing in a better future? Do you need to let go of the employee mindset or a 'poor me' attitude? If you ask those important questions today, you will find the way forward to a better reality tomorrow. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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Increasing Your Capacity For Success

Lots of people set goals, write down plans for achieving them and set off with the right actions to get the ball rolling. It seems that only a few people continue this process to the point where they achieve the success and fulfilment they were envisioning. I see many people who are talented, gifted and experienced and yet they seem stuck or slow to make the most of life's opportunities. My quest to understand and resolve this stuckness in myself and others led to the development of the systems and methods I now use and teach to others. I wanted to get to the root causes of problems and once there, apply an effective method to resolve those issues in a way that was long lasting. My training in kinesiology gave me a way of hearing what the body was saying through the art of muscle testing. The natural healing methods enabled energy to flow again and the body could get on with being healthy, even while medical or pharmaceutical treatments continued to give support. However, one day I realised this was not enough for me. I had asked about a former colleague who'd been off work with depression and was told "Oh, she's back to her old self again". To my surprise I was shocked. I thought "Why hasn't she been changed by the experience? What's to stop it happening again? She's still stuck in the same unhappy relationship and insecure job." I felt a strong sense that an event as profound as incapacitating depression had the potential to transform a person into living a whole, new, vibrant life, worlds away from the old life and 'old self' that created the depression initially. The person's pathway through life could unfold in a different way, centred around their heart's desires and balanced to stay on track with good health treatments and self care advice. The unhappy experiences of the past could be gradually dissolved and ebb away into useful memories. The new energy could flow more fully, finding and creating space to unfold the person's true colours. By leaving behind your 'old self' and finding a new, truer heartbeat, you are on the pathway to increasing your capacity for success. The space between the setting of goals or plans and the time of their fulfilment, is a place of ebb and flow over time. One day, without having seen it coming, you tearfully realise you've made it.      Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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Balancing Energy to Focus on This Year's Goals

At the start of this new calendar year, new solar year & crescent moon phase, many of us are setting out with fresh determination to make positive changes by the end of 2012. To reach those goals we'll need to direct enough energy and attention into our plans if they are to become our reality. My teaching of Touch for Health 1 this weekend included a very clear demonstration of how we embody a different energy pattern in our muscles when we focus our mind on a set goal. The students then learnt how to set appropriate goals with their future clients, plus effective techniques for clearing and strengthening the persons energy for achieving those goals. And this is only the beginning of the skills and knowledge used by Pathway Balancing kinesiologists! The whole training weekend had an atmosphere of joy and the sense that there was nothing in the way of us making significant breakthroughs in  2012. It was a time of letting go of past limitations, sharing our dreams for a richer life and stepping into this new beginning. The energy work was relaxing and grounding, allowing space for change in a safe sanctuary with like-minded people. The foundation is being laid to give a stable base for growing success as the course, and the year, unfolds.        Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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Touch for Health 2 is on Saturday & Sunday 25th & 26th February 2012. You will need a Touch for Health 1 Certificate, or 1:1 fast-track training at Pathway Balancing, to take part. To join us, reserve your place now by e-mailing

Healing the Soul, Healing the Body

This weekend I was beginning the Level 2 'Community' training for this year's Kinesiology Diploma course & our work & research focused on the two healing manuals, with new material being added to 'Healing the Soul'. Saturday's energy & awareness theme was 'stability' and revealed how emotional overwhelm can cause the soul to partly disembody, resulting in life going off-course, sometimes for many years or even decades. If the soul energy is not fully embodied, we can get stuck in disempowering situations, ending up burnt-out with chronic fatigue or as exhausted victims in abusive personal relationships. Navigation to a healthier place in the community means looking up and focusing on divine guidance, through books, spiritual awareness and caring relationships. As we find greater stability we can move to the next part of the process of healing within 'The Community'. On Sunday the theme of the work was 'stewarding our resources'. As life is getting back on track through the healing work of the Pathway Balancing system we need to carefully nurture our energy by taking supplements, knowing when to rest, taking control of our finances, clarifying our goals and developing the healthier personal & professional relationships around us. One of the powerful tools we used to guide us on the subjects of relationships & professional development was 'The Enlightenment Pack' of teaching cards, created by Chuck Spezzano. The cards that we tested for on the day enabled toxic soul ties to be released and clear, truthful, inspired direction to be revealed. After a weekend  of healing the body and soul, we were empowered to pull together the threads for weaving the dream life by embodying more of our souls energy & enjoying times of healthy, stable relationships.      Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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The next Kinesiology Diploma Course opens to complete beginners with Touch for Health 1 Saturday & Sunday 28th/29th January 2012. E-mail now & pay on the day.

SJP4 - Power of the Heart - Dec 2011

This weekend was the first ever teaching of Soul Journey Practitioner 4 'Power of the Heart'. It was a profound experience to complete a course that didn't exist when we started out together. The first student made her initial enquiry in August 2007 and started training in March 2008 on the Touch for Health 1 course here. I first taught the original Pathway Balancing Kinesiology material in June 2005, so a course that was birthed on a summer solstice has come to completion around the time of the winter solstice. This Saturday was also a full moon, so many natural cycles co-incided with the fulfilment of a long-held vision. The Pathway Balancing Soul Journey structure is now complete and from here on will be consolidated and filled from the top down. Most of the weekend involved raising our awareness at the highest Transcendent Level - 'Completion of the Journey of the Soul'. With each of us gaining very specific insights as to the way ahead for the new year - everyone had a list of things to do as their next steps for realising their own personal vision, which was so empowering. While Saturday felt like a completion of our journey, Sunday became a time for new beginnings with new material being added to the newest manual in the Pathway Balancing collection - 'Healing the Soul'. There was a specific method of healing with colour that was added to the 'menu' in this new manual. Another subject added was 'Zeroing in on Divine Power', which really unlocked stuck energy to clear away many root causes of self-sabotaging patterns held in the mind, emotions and body. The weekend came to completion as we looked at an abstract painting by Corrina Kennedy called 'Turning Tide' and took in the power and beauty of the sparkling image. A description of the symbolism and meaning of this painting was another entry to the Healing the Soul manual. It brought our training weekend to a close with the positive message that the tide is turning and we need to get prepared for the new wave of power, wholeheartedness and loving awareness that's on it's way.

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To become one of the next wave of Soul Journey Practitioners, sign up for the Touch for Health 1 weekend on 28th/29th January 2012. Call Corrina on 01733 555 133 or e-mail Booking deposit £60 (non-refundable).

PBK 5 'Building a New Life'

Last weekend (19/20 Nov '11) I gave a 1:1 training for kinesiology in the diploma course, PBK 5 'Building a New Life'. This unit completes the practitioner's training for balancing clients at the Individual Level 1 of the Pathway Balancing Journey. We work through the material for Gateways 9 & 10 and techniques for health in the mental, emotional & environmental realms of natural healing. As we carry out practise sessions and demonstrations, new insights are usually revealed and new material is created for the Pathway Balancing system. This weekend was no exception, with wonderful spiritual 'downloads' coming through that brought definite physical healing. Building a new life requires a sound foundation and the energies this weekend focused on the body and the home. We needed to shift alot of things around in the training room & the house to get the vibrational atmosphere just right - crystals, pictures, meditation cards, music & lowering the blinds after sunset. Then more Layers of information were revealed in the highest stage of the PBK Journey - 'The Completion of the Journey of The Soul'. These related to the soul's embodiment at the time of conception and were absolutely mind-blowing! The healing centred around release of toxins and tensions held in the fascia of the body. Over the course of the weekend we used the techniques of 'Navel Balancing', 'Mind in Conflict' and 'Energy Regression' as the key ways to restore energy and clarity. These techniques, combined with the environmental vibrations & revelations of the conception embodiment process, gave clear & explicit directions for the way ahead into January 2012. The sense of awe that I have for this work never diminishes.

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If you have a kinesiology certificate at Touch for Health 2 or above, you can join the next course at PBK1 in Peterborough, Cambs. Closing date for deposits 2nd March 2012. Call Corrina on 01733 555 133 or e-mail

Weaving Relationships of Pure Gold

I'm coming back down into everyday life again after an amazing weekend working with a Pathway Balancing Kinesiology trainee from Birmingham. I was teaching the material for PBK 2 'Living in Truth & Wholeness' and our work extended the latest manual in the Pathway Balancing Journey series: 'The Journey of the Soul'. This stage in the journey elevates the client's energy and awareness to a level that gives an overview of the soul's embodiment journey. The place we developed further is called 'Weaving the Knowledge into the Fabric of our Dream Life'. Here is a taster of what can be found for those people who reach this level of awareness............ 'We know specifically what to do next to make our dream a reality. The soul now has the power to come home. The pain and hurt of enduring this world's trials and tribulations will refine out the contamination, to be ready, willing and able to rebuild a home that is safe, warm, welcoming and peaceful.' By using the energy balancing techniques taught on this weekend, we were able to clear the ashes of past negative experiences and make specific plans and decisions for building solid gold relationships and future working lives. To experience this journey for yourself, and develop the skills to help others find their dream pathway in life, join the new group starting in Peterborough in October.

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