How Far Have You Come?

At times on life's journey, it's good to reflect & share your story of how far you've come. It's good to see what you've now left behind before you move on closer to your dream and destiny. What prompted your own spiritual or personal development journey? What was going on in your life or in your heart at that time? What guidance has lead you to the place you're resting in now? The theme with clients this week has been the overwhelming effects of growing up with a lot of family drama. When we're children or teenagers, we have very little power to get way from our parents' drama. Most households have a degree of drama, such as arguing, sulking, making dramatic exits, shouting, threats or tears, but when the level is more than a young person can cope with where do they go to escape? As these escape patterns are formed, thay can stay with us for life and be very damaging to our personal and professional relationships. Without realising it, we can go on acting like a distraught teenager for decades - staying in bed late, arriving everywhere late or extremely early, cutting off or leaving people we disagree with, holding a posture of 'poor me', wearing tatty clothes or leaving our space untidy and messy. The escape routes we discover as teenagers can become exaggerated and engrained in unhealthy ways - alcohol, sexual attractions, excessive sports, driving off fast in a car, taking off on holiday again, working in low grade jobs just for the money. As these unhealthy patterns entangle our adult lives, many people begin to think "There must be a better way to live than this". It's this search for a new way to live that can propel us into a journey of spiritual seeking or personal development. How do we grow beyond the drama without resorting to old patterns that are proving unfruitful?

If we have only known drama and escape, we need new information and new connections to form a better way of life. We need people to show us how they made it through. We need systems and resources to lift us out of depression, anxiety, pain or confusion. In the Pathway Balancing system, we learn to replace the Drama Triangle with the Unity Triangle. This part of the healing journey teaches us how to find solutions that involve staying in a relationship, how to grow without cutting off from the other person and how to stay centred in what we need while also looking to the interests of others. The Pathway Balancing Journey is one that leads us to greater spiritual and emotional maturity. Along the way we may need to share our story of how far we've come, so others can find a better way too. Leave behind the myths of this world that drain and exhaust us. Your looks have nothing to do with your ability to enjoy a loving relationship. Striving to prove you're good enough at work cannot fulfill you. Trying to please an insecure partner never completes the desire for intimacy. Today you can be different. There is a better way.

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