When Past and Future Meet Edge to Edge

The 'Pathway Balancing Journey' is a spiralling Pathway that encircles the mountain you must overcome in order to reach 'Paradise on Earth', where you can receive 'Healing for the Soul' and develop a 'Transcendent' lifestyle. As patterns come full circle on this journey, we may find ourselves standing between two Gateways on the path. We can see and feel the old patterns of the life we are moving on from and, at the same time, see the new life forming tantalisingly on the horizon. The journey out of our wounded past may have looked like an impossible chasm before but now there is a moment of peace and waiting, as we stand on the edge, knowing we have reached the line. We are at the end of our old way of living but until we cross that line we still can't know how our new life will play out or shape up. The choices we make now will send us in a new direction and we must prepare well for navigating our way into this new place.

When our past and our future are edge to edge, we will have days where we feel old anxieties, frustration or tiredness well up in reaction to events and situations. Then almost immediately we will be able to pull upwards again and appreciate what we have, have compassion for the situations of others and know when to stand firm against external pressures that are not heart-based. Living edge to edge means seeing our past and our future reflected equally in the people around us. We will recognise our old patterns in our circle of relationships, seeing others pressing through issues we faced in the past, such as uncertainty in work, health problems surfacing, immature or self-absorbed ways of relating, needing their worlds to be small, reacting from inner insecurity or simply needing time to rest and heal for a while. Equally, we can turn around and meet people who are thriving in a work environment they enjoy, sensitive people capable of expressing their vulnerability, confident people who can respond flexibly to change, people willing to make adjustments in order to sustain and build a loving relationship. As we stand at the edge we will still feel the cold and hunger of the barren way of life we struggled with at the beginning of the journey. At this new edge, we will also see the blossom and new leaves that promise to fulfil us with good fruit and flavours in the months to come. At that line of edge to edge we have learnt to walk in the goodness of all the healthy, right choices we've made through years of listening to God's guidance for our lives. We can trust in Him to see us through now.

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