Rediscovering Your Confidence

With confidence, we have so much power to deal with situations - without it we become overwhelmed and ineffective much more easily. Life rarely goes according to our plans and confidence helps us re-evaluate and redirect our energy and efforts. If we have been seriously overwhelmed in the past, we can lose our flexibility and creativity. The overwhelm of our resources can occur through a significant loss, such as bereavement, divorce, redundancy, or a business downturn. Overwhelm can also be rooted in childhood experiences that leave our self-confidence fragile. Bullying is a common cause of lost confidence. It is often the more subtle forms of childhood bullying that leave the biggest mark on our soul. These embodied patterns can be resolved to release energy for making a better life today and beyond.

Bullying may take the form of 'mind games' or emotional torment. An older sibling may put pressure on their younger brother or sister in a way that manipulates the whole family. For example, the older child may insist they are desperate for a drink, food or the toilet when the younger one is taking time to enjoy watching the animals at the zoo or choosing a new toy in the local department store. The harassed parents may give in to this pressure and go. Once everyone is firmly on the road home, the eldest reveals they are actually fine to 'hold on' now, throwing the little one into protests of unfairness that create an upset for the whole family. Mind games like these can also be played out by a parent, with deeper consequences for the children. Either way, the victim must find a way to cope or adapt. Coping strategies may include withdrawal, passivity, stubbornness, rigidity, outbursts of rage, a need to control things in the environment, perfectionism or trying to fix everyone's problems. Over time an unhealthy pattern can become ingrained, such as the need to be needed. In this adaptation, we need people to depend heavily on us and to look exclusively to us for their advice, practical help or emotional support. We unconsciously believe that if they don't need our help then they won't want to be with us or pay any attention to us. This can create a terrifying insecurity and stop us making progress towards real maturity and fulfilment.

Our healthy needs in relationship are for respect, appreciation, caring, being valued and being loved. We need to focus our mind on these qualities, consciously appreciating the beautiful and satisfying things in any moment. We need to build up these qualities in our way of relating to others. We need to find the support of helpful, caring, joyful people as often as possible. As our healthy needs are met, we will find the strength to let go - by crying, sleeping, shouting, singing, dancing, de-cluttering or having a therapy or training session. The old pattern will dissolve and renewed softness return to our shoulders, neck and face. As we focus on the things we appreciate right now, we will discover what really matters to us. We can shed the old defenses that are no longer needed and reveal more of the flowing, sparkling, bubbling, confident new person that was really there all the time.

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Leaving Home, but this Time with Your Soul

Leaving the home of our family of origin is a major rite of passage, probably happening around age 21years. However, leaving home fully, and stepping into the freedom of full maturity, may take years longer, even decades more or maybe never happens at all! Part of the Pathway Balancing Soul Journey may involve rooting out flawed patterns that we embody from our childhood family. When we are too small to understand the behaviour of our parents, we find ways to temporarily deal with our unmet needs until our parents are able to pay us adequate attention again. If our parents lack maturity, they may never understand, or be able to meet, our needs adequately. This can leave us with a gaping hole in our heart and soul that we try to fill as we grow bigger. Unfortunately, if we don't know how to fill these needs in a healthy way, we may choose temporary fixes that don't last and can actually harm us. We can grow up with self-sabotaging patterns that manifest more & more loudly in our lives until we are either forced to deal with the issue or be destroyed it.

If we leave our family home with a pattern of unmet needs, we will replicate the pattern of this hole in our soul. We will see it in our relationships - with other people, with God, with money and with ourselves. If there is a damaging or unsatisfying pattern in your life today, think back to your childhood and see when this began. Do you let people take advantage of you financially? Do you keep ending relationships or have people walked out on you? Have you burnt out trying to prove you are good enough? Once you hit the spot, you'll feel it as a strong emotional charge. Give yourself space to cry, shout, sleep or talk about it. Process this material as often as you have strength. The aim is not to forget that old pattern but to discharge the embodied emotion left behind by it. The day will come when you can think or talk about your worst moment with only a trace of the feeling associated with it. It is no longer a source of trauma but has become a valuable pearl of wisdom.

When you can go back to your childhood roots and face the truth of your hurts and wants, you can see the part of your soul that was left behind when the rest of you left home. That part of your soul has been trying to get your needs met all these years, wanting to be heard, to be understood, to be cared about. Now that you have rediscovered it, you can take it home with you. You can be kind to yourself, invest in your own development, choose to be around people who are gentle, fun, interesting and be able to avoid the nutters! Take time to forgive your parents, yourself and even God if you need to. Reclaim that part of your soul that was left behind in the childhood home and begin to enjoy the freedom and power of full adulthood from this day forward.

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Restructuring the Dream

An important aspect of the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Journey is identifying and building a person's dream into a reality. This week we held the first PBK Practitioner Update Day for those qualified and practising as Pathway Balancing Kinesiologists and the bulk of new material given out was for the Healing the Soul manual and The Dreamweaver Level of the Journey. As any dream builds into reality, it looks and feels different from the way we imagined it would be. It may take years of planning, preparation and activity to create a sound base for your dream. There can come a point of zero-state, where suddenly you realise you've carried out all your plans, ticked-off the major points on your 'To Do List' and now all you can do is maintain the dream you've created and see what happens next. This zero-state turning point is the place to review and restructure the reality of your dream life. The Pathway Balancing Journey provides the awareness and energy-building that's needed for this defining moment.

Gateway 41 in The Dreamweaver Level is called 'Embracing Heart's Desire' and we received a whole new 'download' of Divine revelation for the Overview of this Gateway on the Update Day. It was about clearing away the residues of past wounds to our heart and preparing the ground for our new life to manifest. Part of this work involves healing our nervous system and sometimes we need space, rest and quiet times to help this process. The new 'downloads' we received for the 'Healing the Soul' manual revealed that we need to 'Release Patterns of Toxicity for New Beginnings' and that 'Your Heart Knows Your Destiny through Peace and Joy'. A great piece of wisdom in this new material told us that 'your destiny is inextricably linked with so many others that it cannot possibly unfold at exactly the pace that is ideal for you'. So we must accept times that are quieter or busier than we would like as the multifaceted dream takes shape. To restructure the dream, we must let go of old pictures of how we wanted our life to be. We must drink in all the goodness that God has provided for us. Our hearts can open again to the greater truth of who we are now, as a result of the refining process of going for our dreams. We are stronger because of our journey on the mountain path and have found the courage to live the truth. We are free to be who God designed us to be because we have surrendered the illusion of control and exchanged it for the truth of loving life as it flows and sparkles around us.

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Is There a Financial Hole in Your Soul?

The nation of the UK is weighed down by a government debt of unimaginable size and this pattern is cascaded down into organisations, businesses and the lives of most individuals. On a pathway of spiritual and personal growth, it is possible to overlook finances as not being a spiritual matter, but money can be an indicator of the condition of our soul. In Biblical teaching we are advised to be neither a borrower nor a lender and that God's will is that our soul should prosper and our lives be fruitful & generous. It is popular to say that we are where we are because of our choices. While that is true, we can only make choices from what's made available to us. We also choose from a place of limited knowledge about the future outcome of any choice we make. Our choices will also reflect our inner sense of security, self-worth and any woundings in these areas. So rather than judge or condemn the choices we've made in the past it is a more healing process to make healthier choices about our finances from today. So do you have a financial hole in your soul?

Some people can be given every help and opportunity to overcome a problem in life yet remain hard hearted and self-destructive in their choices. Those with a compassionate heart can become drawn into a downward spiral when attempting to help a self-sabotaging individual. Eventually there comes a point of no return, where there is nothing more that can be done to help a person and the safest choice is to step back and let the destructive individual go their own way. This process may take time and there may be a few 'old roots' to pull out if the person was close to you, such as a child, parent or spouse. You may need time to really ensure your 'ground' is thoroughly clear and then need space to recover your full strength again. Look at your finances and see if there is any area of lack, such as less income than you generated in the past. Is there any interest bearing debt that is leaking out the money that does come in? If letting go of a relationship involves financial damage, this can leave a hole in your soul that needs to be healed before you can contain the new life pouring in. Take stock, declutter, reorganise and rest. Realise the limits of your ability to control the flow of life. Call on the Holy Spirit to help you make wise choices today and you can look forward to greater freedom and peace tomorrow.

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Entering the Unity Triangle

Unhealthy relationships are often rooted in the Drama Triangle of an Oppressor, Victim and Rescuer. As we become more aware and mature in our relationships we see signs of the Triangle dissolving. The Victim realises they have a choice and acts on it, stepping out of the trap and into freedom. The Oppressor discovers they have no more power over the Victim and has an opportunity to see their own vulnerability and act more safely. The Rescuer finds that they are the one in need of care and attention and can behave with more tenderness. As the old patterns dissolve there is space for the new pattern to be woven and built up. The new pattern is the Unity Triangle, which comprises Self, Other and God. At the base of this Triangle are two people in relationship with one another. The relationship can be a close personal relationship, a friendship, a professional connection or any other form of one to one relationship. In the Drama Triangle there is a Parent-Child dynamic between people, with one behaving with a 'one-up' or 'one-down' attitude towards the other. The base of the Unity Triangle is characterised by an Adult-Adult dynamic, with each person accepting and respecting the value and uniqueness of the other. Communication is about seeking to understand the other person's point of view and then expressing your own truth as clearly as possible. There is a greater tolerance for the discomfort that comes with misunderstandings or differences of viewpoint or in values.

The real power and freedom of the Unity Triangle comes from placing God at the top of the Triangle. By opening our heart to God and surrendering to the flow of life in the Divine good plan for each person, we give freedom to ourselves and the other person. The burdens of perfectionism (Rescuer), false guilt (Victim) and a controlling spirit (Oppressor) can be lifted off our shoulders. We can trust God to guide us and provide for our needs, so taking the pressure off both sides of the equation. It becomes easier to be patient when waiting in a place of freedom. Compassion and kindness can manifest more readily when our heart is being filled by the abundance of God's creation and people. Relationships can flow in unity when the grace of God is at the centre of the three-corded strand that connects us with God and with each other.

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Finding Freedom From Over-Responsibility

In last week's Touch for Health kinesiology training we worked with an energy balancing technique called Emotional Stress Release or ESR. This method uses very light contact on specific points on the head. The points have been scientifically measured to show an increase in blood circulation to the frontal lobes of the brain when the ESR points are lightly held for a few seconds or minutes. The process of Emotional Stress Release uses kinesiology muscle-testing to find out which stressful situation is causing an energy weakness or 'switch-off' in a person. When we are overwhelmed by our thoughts and feelings during a stressful time, this further weakens our ability to respond in a helpful or clear way. Having a kinesiologist work with the ESR points has an amazing effect on our thinking, feelings and energy levels.

Taking responsibility in a crisis can be admirable and effective. However, there are many of us who tend towards over-responsibility and this is unhealthy for everyone involved. Over-responsible people are always looking for ways to sort things out, to show other people a better way of doing things, thinking about how a situation might go or what should have been done to prevent something going wrong. Over-responsible people constantly analyse the causes of a problem and construct solutions or make rules to keep things in order. Perfectionism, unrealistically high expectations, naivety and fantasies are common in an over-responsible person. This way of being results in poor sleep, poor eating habits and digestion, exhaustion, burn-out, depression and difficulty in relationships. The Emotional Stress Release process can help with finding freedom from such patterns of over-responsibility and its principles can be extended into daily life to deepen the change. In our relationships and activities we need to apply the principle of light contact. In other words, we need to live with more tenderness towards ourselves and others. Drop rigid rules and any attempts to sort other people out. Allow others to make their own choices and choose how to respond in the light of your own needs as well as theirs. Maintain contact and relationship but wait and take some space too, until the situation resolves with more certainty. Tenderness is the pathway to finding freedom from over-responsibility.

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A Hardened Heart Causes Barrenness and Lack

This Sunday I heard Jesus' parable of the sower from the Gospel of Luke. It's the one about the seed falling on different kinds of ground, with differing results. Some seed gets trampled on the hardened path, some falls on rocky ground and sprouts up but quickly withers away, some grows up but gets choked by weeds and thorns and some of the seed goes into good soil and produces up to a hundred times more grain than was sown originally. The soil represents our heart and its condition. The seed represents the life and goodness that comes to us from God. How we receive God's messages, words and provision depends on the state of our heart. The state of our heart in turn determines how fruitful, abundant or fulfilling our life becomes. So we can tell the condition of our heart by checking for any areas of lack, unfulfilled needs or inability to give. So how do we cultivate a heart to be the good soil that is productive and enriching for us and those around us?

A hard heart won't even allow Divine guidance to come in, so our heart must be soft and tender. We harden our hearts to prevent further hurts. We find various ways to be defensive, such as cutting off from people or being critical and perfectionist. To soften our heart we need to have compassion for the woundedness of others and to be kind to one another in our words and behaviour. A shallow heart comes from our insecurities. We adopt superficial masks and try to hide our shortcomings in a form of false pride. To deepen our heart connections we must be open and honest about our human weaknesses. We don't always have to put this into words. Simply acknowledging sensations, such as anxiety, in our heart while being with another person allows us to hold the truth of who we are at greater depth. If our heart is choked with regrets or bitterness from the past, we need to clear these out as soon as possible. We have to forgive ourselves and others for mistakes or poor choices that leave us disadvantaged today. Let them go. Release your cares and burdens into the capable hands of God. Cry your tears, shout out the anger or wrap yourself in a blanket until you are warm, peaceful and ready to sing, dance and run again. A barren heart produces poor relationships characterised by loneliness, neediness or attempts to control. Life becomes a struggle, with low energy, low income or lack of companionship. To transform this situation we must be present, engaged and active, making the most of everything God provides.

It takes rain as well as sunshine to produce a good crop. Weeds grow without effort where there is neglect. Good soil requires attention to make it friutful. So even the difficult days are part of God's plan to test and refine us in preparation for an abundant harvest. Our tears and the heat of anger can soften and break up hardened areas and begin to transform the wilderness. Start from a place of tender-hearted vulnerability and a willingness to remain in relationship.  Our active engagement in the processes of life will turn God's creation into a garden paradise to be shared in enjoyable, fruitful relationships with our God and with each other.

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Moving Towards Heart-Based Living

There are many kinds of pressure and stress experienced as we go through any week in our life. The strange thing is it's not so much what's happening as how we're handling it that makes the difference. For one person their pet might be ill, for another their business is in crisis & putting pressure on finances and close relationships, yet both people may be feeling the same amount of emotional stress or pressure to make the best choices. Our mind is capable of very fast thinking and is able to construct a pattern of branching options stretching out in front of us, almost instantly. Over-thinking can cause emotional overwhelm as the deeper parts of our brain send signals to our system to produce chemicals or muscle-tensions in preparation for the multi-optioned task our mind has set in front of us. This flood of feelings and physical changes may be impossible for the human body to process, especially as time ticks by while we continue to think, wonder, analyse and construct possible options and outcomes. Doing things in our head can create a false sense of safety by hiding our plans from the criticism of others. Looking at every possible outcome before making a move can give us a false illusion of control. This form of worrying can be exhausting, depleting body fluids, over-charging the nervous system and binding up energy in the muscle-fibres. If this way of operating becomes a habit, maybe setting in to a pattern for years, we could develop nervous exhaustion or even chronic fatigue. So how do we apply a solution to this problem?

The solution can be applied instantly and repeatedly. The method needs to be established and then returned to again & again, until it becomes a new way of life. There is no time limit required. It will work immediately and simply be more effective the more often we use it, so there's no pressure. The solution is to move towards a heart-based way of life and be there as often as possible, until it becomes the operating norm. We simply take a deep breath in through the nostrils and as we breath out, mentally take our attention to the area of our heart. That may be all we can do at first but later we can take the process a bit further by consciously relaxing our body and slowing down at the next breath out. In time we may reach the point where we can now feel what's happening in our heart area.

Developing the method further we may be able to extend our awareness to how our whole body feels from this heart perspective. Does the heart area feel tight or closed here, and is this matched by corresponding tension elsewhere in the body, such as a clenched jaw? Is the heart racing on adrenaline and how is this affecting the eyes, breathing, throat or back of neck? At a more advanced and deeper level, this heart-based awareness can be extended to our environment. Can we now feel a shift into spaciousness, beauty or peace? If we take our attention even wider and picture the people who are part of our life, what can we perceive at this heart level? Is there any anxiety? Perhaps there's relief at being part of a whole network of relationships? Maybe there's even a higher awareness of the presence of God in all things and situations? By taking our awareness back into this heart centre, whether for a brief instant or a longer, deeper experience, we begin shifting from head-based analysis and start moving towards heart-based living. The concept of heart-based living is central to the Pathway Balancing Journey. Heart-based awareness helps us navigate towards an experience of paradise on earth, enabling us to overcome the mountain that used to obstruct our path. By processing the emotions and tensions that were held in our heart we can activate healing for our soul. By living with heart consciousness we can resolve, dissolve and transcend the discomfort or pain left over from the past. By finding the gap where our heart needs to flow again we can sit with the discomfort of knowing what's needed now - maybe to simply wait to receive or perhaps give others the space to be their true selves. Trust is developed in the heart. Let your heart come back into rhythm with life as it fills and refills, again and again.

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What Are Your 'Flu Symptoms Really About?

At this time of year, many of us say or hear things like "I've had these 'flu symptoms for ages now...". I think I've picked up a bug....", "This throat infection is really uncomfortable...." but are these statements really true? Medically there is no cure for the 'common cold' and no infection or virus ever affects every single person - some people even survived the 'Black Death' plague of London! By dismissing 'flu-like symptoms as 'a bug/infection' we miss the message our body is giving us as a vital opportunity to really build up our strength and make sure our lives are on track for living the dream. Our body is designed to resist and defeat airborne germs, so if you 'catch a cold' how can you tell what's really going on and deal with the situation effectively? We need to look at the present, the past and then the future, to examine our resources, and demands on them, in each case.

In the present, if your symptoms are bad enough to disrupt sleep, interfere with your ability to work, exercise or carry out household tasks, take 3000mg of vitamin C daily until symptoms are less disruptive and than you can reduce to 2000mg of vitamin C until your symptoms have gone. Take 1000mg as a daily maintenance dose of vitamin C until after the spring equinox (around 21st March). You will need as much sleep & complete rest as possible. Check your other resources such as good food, warmth in the home & workplace, cosy clothes, enjoyable relaxation with a book, T.V., music or in pleasant company. Reflect on your current lifestyle. It's unlikely to be perfect but on balance is your life good, happy, relatively satisfying and going mainly in the direction you would like?  How do you feel when you think about the future months or years ahead? Is there an uncertainty that makes you feel anxious, or a deadening feeling of hopelessness or maybe a situation coming up that will require a lot of your time or energy? How can you prepare your resources now? Do you need to prioritise what matters most to your heart? Can you pace yourself with more compassion? Is there something you can change that will reduce your financial outgoings, give you more time to relax or help you to be more connected with the people you care about and that care about you? To be realistic in your expectations about your capacity for achievement, what has happened in the past one to five years that may have depleted your resources? Did you start a new business, job or relationship? Have you been through a divorce, bereavement or redundancy? If you started a new job or business how were you on day one? Did you 'hit the ground running' or 'hit the floor bleeding' with little support, scarce finances or limited knowledge? If you began a new relationship, were you 'on the run' emotionally from a previous relationship that was difficult or even abusive?

Taking an overview of your present, future and past resources, and weighing these against your 'flu symptoms, will give you a more accurate picture of your health and well-being. Being tired, irritable, forgetful, sore, pale, restless or demotivated could all be signs of nervous exhaustion and a warning that your life is going off-track. A session of craniosacral therapy is relaxing, helps your muscles to release tension and opens up space for the nerves to flush through with fluids for 'an oil change'.  Slow down, keep warm, get some rest and take time to ponder in your heart what really makes you feel alive. Then tomorrow you will be ready for a new day and a new life.

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Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Training

The training at Pathway Balancing is probably among the best kinesiology training courses in the UK today and an excellent training for qualified complementary therapists or complete new starters. There's a wealth of kinesiology training and holistic therapy courses available these days so how do you choose? To become a truly successful healthcare practitioner you need a training that provides three key elements: Technical skills, personal development and professional development. All kinesiology training and complementary therapy courses will be based on technical skills, many will include personal development process work and a few include something about practice management or business skills. New entrants to kinesiology training, and other courses, often wonder where their future clients will come from, perhaps thinking it will all happen by word of mouth or an advert in a local newsletter or shop window once they qualify. If money and time is being invested in a training course, how long will it take to generate any income and how much can a newly qualified therapist expect to earn? Is it better to train in something unique, like Pathway Balancing Kinesiology, or do a better known Indian Head Massage course with dozens of other people? These important issues are part of the process of choosing the right path for your future needs, in kinesiology training and much more.

So how can the three key elements of successful kinesiology training be combined for the most successful outcome? The Pathway Balancing Kinesiology training course is an excellent example of a vibrant and relevant training course for new starters and fully qualified professionals alike. Technical Skills: Any kinesiology training must, by definition, teach the basic skill of accurate muscle-testing, followed by techniques to balance energy in the person's system. Pathway Balancing uses the Touch for Health 1 & 2 certificate course as its Foundation for these skills. The next level of technical skill is taught using the 'Healing the Body' manual, which draws from a common background of naturopathic techniques used among kinesiologists. The manual builds on these with refined forms of some of the established methods, plus unique additions developed through decades of clientwork and research at Pathway Balancing. Personal Development: The Pathway Balancing Journey is central to the growth and development of each person on the course - and the whole training can be undertaken purely as a personal development route. The series of Journey manuals takes each student through Gateways to higher awareness and to Levels and Stages of higher vibrational energies. As we go through these places as a group, we explore the richness of our life experience to date. We are able to support each other as we explore new heights of living well. The Journey enables each person to see and face up to the obstacles, distractions or traumas that have stopped them living the dream. As the Journey leads each member of the group to a higher place, they can leave each training day equipped to help others to come up higher too.

Professional Development: In order to reach the maximum number of people with all these enriching skills and techniques for changing people's lives, it is vital to have a good professional basis to work from. This is addressed from the outset of the course and is an element of every two-day training unit. It is too late to think about setting up in practice by adding a few hours of marketing or business skills to the end of a kinesiology training course. The skills of running a successful business are often far removed from the intense interpersonal atmosphere of a client therapy session. To be truly successful in helping others to get well and live transformed lives, a practitioner must attract those clients that will benefit from sessions of treatment and in sufficient numbers to be rewarded and sustained financially and materially themselves. At Pathway Balancing we go much deeper than just looking at how to promote a practice whilst also addressing such subjects as branding, promotion, managing accounts, administration, working hours and training updates. We work on resolving deeper rooted issues around attitudes to money, ideas about what success really means, emotional wounds that block creativity, productivity or engagement in fruitful relationships. To overcome obstacles and achieve true success a practitioner needs a kinesiology training course that covers all aspects of professional and personal success, as well as skills in healthcare.

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The Egg Journey into Relationship

The Egg Journey referred to here is that of the female gamete that came from your mother to form part of your own body during the process of your Conception Journey. It is the earliest opportunity for a soul to experience embodiment and start exploring earthly human relationships. As such, this Journey creates a pattern, or template, that is repeated into our birth process and out into the cycles and seasons of the whole of our earthly life. In an unaware person, the pattern will be repeated unconsciously, whether harmful or beneficial. The work of Karlton Terry gives deep insights into these patterns. In Pathway Balancing we identify this pattern to give a person conscious awareness of their embodied patterns and an opportunity to change that energy by repatterning through many forms of healing and personal development. The Egg Journey into relationship involves preparation, availability and discernment. This could apply to the professional arena when applying for employment or building up a client-base or business. The dynamic is most intense in potential or existing intimate relationships, where the dance of attraction, interest, communication, contact and sharing will repeat or repattern the embodied Egg Journey. The egg will die if she doesn't meet and open up to a sperm, but she will never be the same again if she does - rather like the line in the U2 song 'As I wait for you, I can't live - with or without you.' This dilemma can affect the level of closeness in relationships, whether it's the attraction between singles or the intimacy of a married couple. The egg signals her availability but can't force the sperm to approach, so this brings up issues of vulnerability and control. If the sperm makes contact and the Conception Journey starts, the layers of the egg will be gradually opened and the sperm allowed in, which brings up questions about boundaries, self-worth and the pace of the relationship. If the sperm reaches the deeper place of the vitelline in the heart of the egg, there may be no going back, so this raises issues about the deeper character of each person, the ability to sustain relationship beyond romantic attraction, the sharing of past experiences, current resources and future way of life. Problems occur where there has been past wounding and this needs to be healed and transformed to create a new healthier pattern of relating. It is also possible for the relationship to stall because there is insufficient experience of real intimacy and true relationship to refer to from the past. Potential partners or married couples could mistakenly think the relationship is over at this point when in fact the real richness of the Egg Journey into relationship is about to produce the jewels of a new life together. How? Slow down and notice how much you've changed. Stay available and in contact to allow the truth to unfold between you. Share a little of yourself with each other, safe in the knowledge that you can stop the process at any time. Wait. When the season of separate identity as an egg is completed, the place will be changed for ever. When the Egg Journey is finished and the Sperm Journey has settled into stillness, don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened.

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The Surrendered Heart

Central to the work of 'Healing the Soul' in Pathway Balancing Kinesiology is the need to heal the heart and be restored to wholeness as a result. The deepest wounds to our soul are those that happen to the heart. Our heart is most wounded by loss of relationship of any kind. It is therefore within relationship that our heart needs to be healed, even if a period of withdrawal is required before we can undertake this relational healing journey. At the early stage of raw pain from lost relationship it may be too much to engage with people or even with any concept of God. The safest place to open such a wounded heart is in relation to the creation around us. Healing is experienced when we can cry at a beautiful sunset, be wowed by a rainbow, thrilled by a thunderstorm, smile at seeing a little frog or family of foxes. At this point we might connect with the Creator of all this beauty and begin to connect with the Divine Heart. Safe contact with people might start indirectly, through books, T.V. or the Internet. Then connections may be in person but with firm boundaries, such as professional contacts, a group leader or a therapist. Once the heart can open here it may be time to form more personal relationships with acquaintances, a small group of friends, closer friends and finally a potential intimate partner. But what's to stop the heart being wounded again and the past hurt and damage to the soul being repeated?

If a person closes or covers their heart again, they may be safe from hurt but will also be trapped in some degree of isolation. There are two clues that this is happening - Fantasy and Rules. Fantasy permits relationship on our own terms, for our self-satisfaction, under our control. Rules keep relationships under our control, according to our terms and in line with our expectations. But Fantasy doesn't satisfy for long and Rules deaden a relationship. The belief that we are in control in a relationship is an illusion. If we try to control the other person we lose the truth of who they are and lose part of our own soul in the process. The way to a real relationship is through the heart and for the relationship to grow and be fulfilling the heart must be open, filled and overflowing with love and all it's qualities. False love is a self-satisfying feeling, an emotional high, the pleasure of things going our way. It has nothing to do with the other person and makes us sick with fear, longing, anger and manipulation. True love is much bigger than we are. True love is generous, compassionate, flowing, and constant. To find this bigger source of love we must look higher than ourselves or any other finite, limited human being. In the words of the character Don Draper in the SKY Atlantic TV series 'Mad Men', "I hate to break it to you, but the Universe is indifferent." To find the heart of the Divine we must look for a Divine Person who has transcended human and earthly limitations. Once we find and build a relationship of trust with the Divine heart, we can then let go of the illusion that we are, or even need to be, in control in our relationships. Once we can fill and refill our heart with Divine true love,we are free to live surrendered lives, to let go of rigid expectations and be merciful to ourselves and others. The Rules dissolve into firm principles and the Fantasy drops into appreciation of a persons good qualities. The illusion dies within us and we face the truth with the courage to seek love with an open, overflowing heart. We can look openly into the eyes of another soul and feel our boundaries melt in the presence of the surrendered heart.

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Two Keys to Living the Dream

Only 5% of people are living the dream, according to motivational speakers. In Pathway Balancing Kinesiology the 5th, of the seven Levels up the mountain pathway, is 'The Dreamweaver' and clients who reach this Level are people who are preparing to live the dream. Since October 2012 this Level has been filling up more and new material has been added again in this month of November 2012. So what two keys are emerging as this Level develops further? The final Direction taken in 'The Dreamweaver' Level is called 'Living the Dream' and the Pathway along it is: 'Surrendering to the unfolding providence that uncovers the key to releasing the flow that blesses us to be a blessing'. In preparing to live the dream, it is essential to understand that life flows. This gives us the first key: surrender. You cannot control the ebb and flow of the waves but you can learn to surf, to row, to sail, to fly, to land safely and to contain. Take time and space to envision your dream life, maybe creating a vision board or writing out a 5-year strategy with 1-year goals. If you don't know where you want to go, the waves of life will push you around until you've used up your reserves and you may end up going nowhere in life. Surrender is not an aimless giving up, it's about connecting and moving with the source of life. At the top of the Pathway Balancing mountain is a stage called 'The Rapture' and the manual used by practitioners shows a beautiful image of looking up into Heaven. The Book of Revelations in the Bible describes a throne in heaven surrounded by a rainbow, with a sea of glass and seven torches of fire in front of it and the sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning coming from it. This is a place of beauty and power. In surrendering to the Divine Power that flows from Heaven we open ourselves to the second key to living the dream: power. If all we do is create a vision of our dream life we will simply paralyse ourselves in a fantasy. If we don't direct our resources wisely and invest in making our dream a reality, the time, money, talents and experience we have may end up frittered away, wasted, blown or stagnated. So the two keys to living the dream are surrender and power. What has Divine Power provided for you today and what are you doing in preparation for living your dream?

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Being in the Presence Moment

One of the books on the Recommended Reading List for the Pathway Balancing Soul Journey Practitioner course is 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle - a life transforming book that teaches us to be present in the moment, in the now. Chapter 5 'The State of Presence' tells us about the art of waiting and uses some of the parables given by Jesus as examples. The chapter describes a state of waiting that is a state of awareness and continual preparation for fulfilment and enlightenment. During last week's Soul Journey training, we experienced states of being in the 'presence moment'. These were times of intense awareness of the presence of Divine power pouring into our work, our minds, our bodies, the room and filling us with deep peace and intense revelations. The first two days took us into the place of 'Healing of the Soul' and raised our work to between 612 and 1000 on the scale of consciousness defined by Dr David R. Hawkins. On the third day we began to come down the Pathway Balancing mountain and ground these experiences and revelations into Level 3 'The Nation' and Level 5 'Dreamweaver'. We named a Gateway, opened new Directions and filled in whole Pathways in other Directions. Overall the teachings were a time of being immersed in the presence moment and a period of intense refinement, bring up old tensions, toxins, memories and dreams that were ready to surface and be transformed. Today's waning moon phase is a time of review and assessment in the light of these three days of refinement that were preceded by two days of teachings at 'The Community' Level 2 of the Pathway Balancing mountain.

After the refinement of such pure gold, so much wisdom and healing, comes a time of defining, shaping, preparing for the fulfilment of purpose. People can see us more clearly when we shine our light, define ourselves by our values and actions and hold our ground in the face of opposition. To do these things takes courage and strength. We must be well rooted in a source of power that we have learnt to trust. If our sense of security and worth is centred in our self, our possessions, or created structures and organisations, we may limit our capacity for realising the dream and for fulfilling more of our potential. By connecting to the source of creation we can open up to more power and can position ourselves to receive all that we need to flourish. Being in the presence moment means being filled with power and being intelligently alert, as one of the students put it. We might access this state in silence and stillness, perhaps by listening to beautiful music or taking in the beauty of our surroundings. However the presence moment is also an active state, a time to get on with our work, engage with people or get ourselves better organised. The presence moment means we are intensely aware of the present and intelligently aware that this is a wave of change. Being aware of and connected to Divine power as our source for life, means being in the bliss of knowing your God has you in the palm of His hand, in whatever way you understand that to be. When we can trust that our God is holding us securely, we can enjoy the bliss of being fully alive and can engage in the task of preparing to flourish right where our God has placed us.

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Freedom to Use Your Power

You are free to use the power given to you from the Divine source of all things when you are no longer caught in the traps of Victim, Rescuer or Oppressor. You are no longer a victim once you realise you have choices and begin to make them: who to step away from, connect with, help or encourage; how to spend your money, your time; how to balance physical energy with the options for activities. As you make healthier choices, because of your spiritual and personal development, your power and freedom increase. You are no longer caught up in being a Rescuer when you stop jumping in to immediately sort out every problem that comes your way or think you must help or advise every person who has a problem. When you let go of taking responsibility for everything that happens around you, power is released as you wait and allow life to flow freely for a while. You can engage in relationships more openly and truthfully, enjoying the rewards and riding with the currents of joys and disappointments, knowing you can heal and resource yourself from a source of Divine power. You can stop being a Oppressor when you know your needs can be met and you are secure in your ability to handle changes and adapt when things don't go your way every time. Real power means knowing when to confront a person or situation and being able to wait, watch or step away if the confrontation will not serve the higher purpose of your calling. Confrontation is powerful when it builds up character and integrity in all those concerned. Once you are free from these three traps, you can begin to shine again as you were designed to do. Know your source of Divine power by spending daily time seeking the truth of real love, awesome creation and spiritual revelation. Get connected into the power source by spending time with people who are also seeking to know more of the truth about God, creation, spirit and wisdom. Let your light shine by being the real you, confident in your ability to handle times when you're misunderstood or put on a pedestal or actually accepted.  Sharing your story, being creative and engaging fully in all that life has to offer each day is a vibrant way to live. Being real means knowing we have limitations, that other people will fall short of our expectations and that life is too complex and awesome for our mind to comprehend, let alone control. Surrender to the Divine beauty all around you and learn to ride the waves of life as it takes you to new places of freedom to use your God-given power, purpose and abilities. Dare to live the dream again.

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Balanced, Dynamic Waiting

On the journey of conscious embodiment we can recall the journey that our soul made in connection with the egg that would form our body. This egg journey involves a great deal of waiting and will be reflected back to us during times of waiting in our present life situation. The power of conscious embodiment is the use of energy to transform old patterns, leave them behind us, and deepen into awareness of our new, healthier way of being. We are remembering our egg journey when in a life situation that needs to be resolved or changed, but yet there is no more we can do. We don't have the sperm's power to move, leave or get hold of something to make our dream happen right now. Acceptance is the way to expand our options here, letting any traces of frustration or disappointment dissolve. This is a time for settling securely into the folds of the fallopian tube, making the most of a time of peace and allowing our unmet needs to rise to the surface. But what if this is an uncomfortable process?  Motivational speakers estimate that only 5% of the global population ever reaches the life of their dreams. If you have a Pathway Balancing session that takes you to Level 5 'The Dreamweaver' you are on track to become one of that 5%. If you train to become a Soul Journey Practitioner you are equiped to lead others to fulfil their dreams. Yet there is another Level required on the Journey if the dream is to become a living reality and that Level is 'Trans-formation'. This is where we overcome the final obstacles to realising the next stage of the dream, usually by stretching into territory that is new and probably umcomfortable. Waiting, powerless to move or change anything, can feel frustrating or cause anxiety - ask anyone who's been stuck on a motorway with no idea why the traffic has stopped completely. But balanced, dynamic waiting is empowering and vital to future success.

Once you've checked all your options and know there is no more you can do, the next question is "What's the cost of waiting?" When there is no loss involved in remaining exactly where you are you can settle into a time of balance. Take time to look back on how far you've come on this journey. Take time to recover from all that you've had to overcome. Look around you and see what's supporting you. Have the courage to state your dream clearly. Take some deep breaths, relax and feel your unmet needs rising into your awareness. Feel those needs in your body - your solar plexus, legs, heart, head, lungs. Allow space for the feelings to settle and inform you of the truth. Your needs matter. Fulfilment, satisfaction and comfort are vital if we are to thrive. Be willing to engage with life, with people, in a two-way process of exchange. An egg needs to have boundaries that are sensitive and flexible, in order to know what to block out and what to allow closer. In life we made need to wait and watch to see what comes our way. By being clear about the dream life held in the seed that we hold, we will know exactly what to do when the moment of decision arrives.

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A New Wave of Power Coming In

In the past week a powerful wave of Divine Power has swept through Pathway Balancing like never before, primarily affecting The Dreamweaver Level and the area of Healing the Soul. It started during teaching on The Individual Level about the energy fulcrums that can hold a person back from achieving their dreams. The focus was on those pivotal points in our maternal line that we centre around unconsciously because the issues are not yet uncovered and resolved. Patterns can exist today, that stem from our previous close relationships or marriages, that follow a trend in our mother's marriage and her parent's relationship. These patterns may not be helpful for our dream to be realised. For example, up to the mid 1970's, many women dreamed of not having to work and had openings of employment that were mainly drudgery or monotony, so financial dependency on a husband was preferable. After the mid '70's more women began to want to work, with choices now that were enjoyable and creative, offering increased financial security from their own personal incomes. If we release these old patterns from our energy field we are freer to choose the pathway that fulfils our own dreams and not our mother's. This week's training progressed onto establishing new energy fulcrums for a person. An open heart allows for honest relationships to develop. The use of the Navel Balancing technique clears a person to identify and form non-toxic relationships with others. As this week progressed into training on The Dreamweaver Level, power surged through the work and is still being integrated at today's Dark Moon phase. The level of consciousness, logged against Dr David R. Hawkins scale, reached an unprecedented high - 1000 at the level of Enlightenment. As this wave of high-level consciousness washed through our work during the teaching, it brought up waves of physical toxins, tensions and emotional vulnerablilty, followed by intense revelations, visions, night-time dreams and clear messages on the way forward. This power was evident in the first Soul Journey Day held by Sue Preston-Eyles and Jolene Ironside that Saturday, at the same time as the Pathway Balancing stand, plus a talk and demonstration, were were being presented at The Feelgood Show in Spalding. As people engaged with the information at the Show, there was a sense of readiness for this power to manifest more fully.

By Sunday the wave reached The Feelgood Show with a massive increase in busyness at the stand and treatment sessions running virtually non-stop, back to back, with in-depth enquiries into the Diploma training course that starts in January 2013. The journey sessions at the stand began with someone who was at The Dreamweaver Level 5 and progressed on to the next person being at Level 6 Trans-formation. They were followed by people who had overcome the 'mountain' that had stood in their path and were now having Healing for the Soul and moving into the Transcendent Levels of Heart Consciousness, Pearls of Wisdom and Completion of the Journey. The energy theme was of Paradise Regained. Where dreams had been lost or forgotten it was now time to live life to the full again. Where relationships had resulted in heartbreak, it was now time for new relationships to form between people who had reached wholeness within the grace of God. Where progress had been stalled because of financial lack, it was now time to rebuild prosperity with new ways of thinking, adapting and changing. After the Show, there was a renewed sense of joy, confidence and fresh vision that continued into Sunday night. Today's Dark Moon is a quiet day to let things settle and complete, in order to fully hold the power of this dream unfolding. Tomorrow is a new day and a New Moon, an opportunity to live the dream at a whole new level.

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Step Out of the Ashes Cinderella

The group leader only briefly mentioned the 'Cinderella Complex' as being stuck in a fantasy that one day 'Prince Charming' or 'Snow White' would come along and make all your dreams come true. What a revelation of how we can be stuck in imagining that perfect wife in the kitchen or handsome millionaire husband. I used to think there was no harm in such fantasies but now I can see they're incredibly damaging. When we have a teenage fantasy image of a future partner, we will be programmed to only recognise people who match that template - tall/neat, blond/dark/red hair, blue/brown/green eyes, fast car, good job/trust fund, excellent cook, great social circle, intellectual etc. We can't see, or we completely disregard, the REAL people we meet along the way. This can lead to months, years or even a lifetime of being without a partner and to having unfulfilled needs and desires. But what if we DO meet that 'knight in shining armour' or 'princess doll'? If the fairytale comes true, we will ignore the few things that don't match our fantasy template at first, thereby missing warning signs of the challenges ahead. As more issues come up that threaten our fairytale romance, we might get quite annoyed with the other person and try to get them to sort themselves out. We could start to blame ourselves for not being good enough for this wonderful person. Meanwhile our partner is finding it increasingly impossible to fit into and live up to the unrealisticly high expectations of the relationship. So the 'Cinderella Complex' leads to disaster, one way or another. Let it go. Stop comparing your current situation with your imaginary, fairytale life. Tear up those old images and throw them onto the refiners fire of truth. Accept life as it flows and ebbs around you. Cry, grieve, rage, sleep, shout, sing or do whatever you need to clear these illusions from the past out of your system. When the dust settles and the ashes cool you can step out into the freedom of really living the dream of who you are.

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Embodying Your Sperm & Egg Journeys

Before your new identity could be established at conception, your body began as a sperm and an egg. These two gametes were the earliest opportunities for your soul to embody its earthly destiny. The patterns laid down in the sperm and egg journeys continue to unfold throughout life. When you know about your soul journey through these two routes, you experience the power of conscious embodiment. Seeing these patterns unfolding around you helps you to find your way forward and come closer to your true destiny. The sperm journey is unfolding when you are with crowds or large groups of people and you get a sense of your identity from those around you. For example, there was a National Day of Prayer at Wembley stadium last Saturday (29th September 2012) where tens of thousands of Christians prayed for the British people, seeking God's will for the way ahead for our nation. As you move, walk, stand, talk, or sit with others who are like you, you can see patterns emerging, such as protection, attractiveness or discernment. You might be searching for something but be unable to find quite what you're looking for on this journey to the egg. The egg journey unfolds as you slow down or become still, maybe sitting alongside your 'sisters', or perhaps being alone in your own space. You realise there is no more you can do in your own strength and you can only wait until the next wave rolls you along a little further, as you listen for the sound of those vital sperm. Before your new identity as an embodied soul can really take shape, there is sometimes nothing else needed except time and patience.

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Now, How Do You Build Your New Identity?

Last week's blog spoke about breaking free from the 'Drama Triangle' - that emotional rollercoaster of  reacting as a 'victim, 'rescuer' or 'oppressor'. Once you've learnt to relax into a new way of being, it can feel odd not to be consumed by the old fears, anxiety, anger or cutting off from people. At this weekend's Mind Body Soul event in Peterborough, Sue, Jolene & I worked with a theme of issues in relationships that clients presented during the mini-treatments we were offering. These relationships included our connection with our God, with divine power, as well as closer ones with family or partners. How can we resolve pain in these areas? We found it was essential to have a safe place & supportive people, where we can open our wounds to clear & heal them. We need to forgive ourselves & others for hurting each other. It's then time to choose & set a new boundary. What do you want in this relationship? It may be necessary to step back and observe the behaviour of another for a while, keeping our hearts safe but still available for connection. We know who we are through our relationships. We build our new identity by seeking and expressing the truth of our beliefs. We know who we are when we've overcome pain that we don't forget but do forgive. We build our new identity in a place of freedom and choice.

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