What Are Your 'Flu Symptoms Really About?

At this time of year, many of us say or hear things like "I've had these 'flu symptoms for ages now...". I think I've picked up a bug....", "This throat infection is really uncomfortable...." but are these statements really true? Medically there is no cure for the 'common cold' and no infection or virus ever affects every single person - some people even survived the 'Black Death' plague of London! By dismissing 'flu-like symptoms as 'a bug/infection' we miss the message our body is giving us as a vital opportunity to really build up our strength and make sure our lives are on track for living the dream. Our body is designed to resist and defeat airborne germs, so if you 'catch a cold' how can you tell what's really going on and deal with the situation effectively? We need to look at the present, the past and then the future, to examine our resources, and demands on them, in each case.

In the present, if your symptoms are bad enough to disrupt sleep, interfere with your ability to work, exercise or carry out household tasks, take 3000mg of vitamin C daily until symptoms are less disruptive and than you can reduce to 2000mg of vitamin C until your symptoms have gone. Take 1000mg as a daily maintenance dose of vitamin C until after the spring equinox (around 21st March). You will need as much sleep & complete rest as possible. Check your other resources such as good food, warmth in the home & workplace, cosy clothes, enjoyable relaxation with a book, T.V., music or in pleasant company. Reflect on your current lifestyle. It's unlikely to be perfect but on balance is your life good, happy, relatively satisfying and going mainly in the direction you would like?  How do you feel when you think about the future months or years ahead? Is there an uncertainty that makes you feel anxious, or a deadening feeling of hopelessness or maybe a situation coming up that will require a lot of your time or energy? How can you prepare your resources now? Do you need to prioritise what matters most to your heart? Can you pace yourself with more compassion? Is there something you can change that will reduce your financial outgoings, give you more time to relax or help you to be more connected with the people you care about and that care about you? To be realistic in your expectations about your capacity for achievement, what has happened in the past one to five years that may have depleted your resources? Did you start a new business, job or relationship? Have you been through a divorce, bereavement or redundancy? If you started a new job or business how were you on day one? Did you 'hit the ground running' or 'hit the floor bleeding' with little support, scarce finances or limited knowledge? If you began a new relationship, were you 'on the run' emotionally from a previous relationship that was difficult or even abusive?

Taking an overview of your present, future and past resources, and weighing these against your 'flu symptoms, will give you a more accurate picture of your health and well-being. Being tired, irritable, forgetful, sore, pale, restless or demotivated could all be signs of nervous exhaustion and a warning that your life is going off-track. A session of craniosacral therapy is relaxing, helps your muscles to release tension and opens up space for the nerves to flush through with fluids for 'an oil change'.  Slow down, keep warm, get some rest and take time to ponder in your heart what really makes you feel alive. Then tomorrow you will be ready for a new day and a new life.

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