Embodying Your Sperm & Egg Journeys

Before your new identity could be established at conception, your body began as a sperm and an egg. These two gametes were the earliest opportunities for your soul to embody its earthly destiny. The patterns laid down in the sperm and egg journeys continue to unfold throughout life. When you know about your soul journey through these two routes, you experience the power of conscious embodiment. Seeing these patterns unfolding around you helps you to find your way forward and come closer to your true destiny. The sperm journey is unfolding when you are with crowds or large groups of people and you get a sense of your identity from those around you. For example, there was a National Day of Prayer at Wembley stadium last Saturday (29th September 2012) where tens of thousands of Christians prayed for the British people, seeking God's will for the way ahead for our nation. As you move, walk, stand, talk, or sit with others who are like you, you can see patterns emerging, such as protection, attractiveness or discernment. You might be searching for something but be unable to find quite what you're looking for on this journey to the egg. The egg journey unfolds as you slow down or become still, maybe sitting alongside your 'sisters', or perhaps being alone in your own space. You realise there is no more you can do in your own strength and you can only wait until the next wave rolls you along a little further, as you listen for the sound of those vital sperm. Before your new identity as an embodied soul can really take shape, there is sometimes nothing else needed except time and patience.

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To discover your own specific embodied patterns, join one of our soul journey days in October or December 2012. E-mail info@pathwaybalancing.co.uk Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK.