Is There a Financial Hole in Your Soul?

The nation of the UK is weighed down by a government debt of unimaginable size and this pattern is cascaded down into organisations, businesses and the lives of most individuals. On a pathway of spiritual and personal growth, it is possible to overlook finances as not being a spiritual matter, but money can be an indicator of the condition of our soul. In Biblical teaching we are advised to be neither a borrower nor a lender and that God's will is that our soul should prosper and our lives be fruitful & generous. It is popular to say that we are where we are because of our choices. While that is true, we can only make choices from what's made available to us. We also choose from a place of limited knowledge about the future outcome of any choice we make. Our choices will also reflect our inner sense of security, self-worth and any woundings in these areas. So rather than judge or condemn the choices we've made in the past it is a more healing process to make healthier choices about our finances from today. So do you have a financial hole in your soul?

Some people can be given every help and opportunity to overcome a problem in life yet remain hard hearted and self-destructive in their choices. Those with a compassionate heart can become drawn into a downward spiral when attempting to help a self-sabotaging individual. Eventually there comes a point of no return, where there is nothing more that can be done to help a person and the safest choice is to step back and let the destructive individual go their own way. This process may take time and there may be a few 'old roots' to pull out if the person was close to you, such as a child, parent or spouse. You may need time to really ensure your 'ground' is thoroughly clear and then need space to recover your full strength again. Look at your finances and see if there is any area of lack, such as less income than you generated in the past. Is there any interest bearing debt that is leaking out the money that does come in? If letting go of a relationship involves financial damage, this can leave a hole in your soul that needs to be healed before you can contain the new life pouring in. Take stock, declutter, reorganise and rest. Realise the limits of your ability to control the flow of life. Call on the Holy Spirit to help you make wise choices today and you can look forward to greater freedom and peace tomorrow.

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