Two Keys to Living the Dream

Only 5% of people are living the dream, according to motivational speakers. In Pathway Balancing Kinesiology the 5th, of the seven Levels up the mountain pathway, is 'The Dreamweaver' and clients who reach this Level are people who are preparing to live the dream. Since October 2012 this Level has been filling up more and new material has been added again in this month of November 2012. So what two keys are emerging as this Level develops further? The final Direction taken in 'The Dreamweaver' Level is called 'Living the Dream' and the Pathway along it is: 'Surrendering to the unfolding providence that uncovers the key to releasing the flow that blesses us to be a blessing'. In preparing to live the dream, it is essential to understand that life flows. This gives us the first key: surrender. You cannot control the ebb and flow of the waves but you can learn to surf, to row, to sail, to fly, to land safely and to contain. Take time and space to envision your dream life, maybe creating a vision board or writing out a 5-year strategy with 1-year goals. If you don't know where you want to go, the waves of life will push you around until you've used up your reserves and you may end up going nowhere in life. Surrender is not an aimless giving up, it's about connecting and moving with the source of life. At the top of the Pathway Balancing mountain is a stage called 'The Rapture' and the manual used by practitioners shows a beautiful image of looking up into Heaven. The Book of Revelations in the Bible describes a throne in heaven surrounded by a rainbow, with a sea of glass and seven torches of fire in front of it and the sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning coming from it. This is a place of beauty and power. In surrendering to the Divine Power that flows from Heaven we open ourselves to the second key to living the dream: power. If all we do is create a vision of our dream life we will simply paralyse ourselves in a fantasy. If we don't direct our resources wisely and invest in making our dream a reality, the time, money, talents and experience we have may end up frittered away, wasted, blown or stagnated. So the two keys to living the dream are surrender and power. What has Divine Power provided for you today and what are you doing in preparation for living your dream?

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