Moving Towards Heart-Based Living

There are many kinds of pressure and stress experienced as we go through any week in our life. The strange thing is it's not so much what's happening as how we're handling it that makes the difference. For one person their pet might be ill, for another their business is in crisis & putting pressure on finances and close relationships, yet both people may be feeling the same amount of emotional stress or pressure to make the best choices. Our mind is capable of very fast thinking and is able to construct a pattern of branching options stretching out in front of us, almost instantly. Over-thinking can cause emotional overwhelm as the deeper parts of our brain send signals to our system to produce chemicals or muscle-tensions in preparation for the multi-optioned task our mind has set in front of us. This flood of feelings and physical changes may be impossible for the human body to process, especially as time ticks by while we continue to think, wonder, analyse and construct possible options and outcomes. Doing things in our head can create a false sense of safety by hiding our plans from the criticism of others. Looking at every possible outcome before making a move can give us a false illusion of control. This form of worrying can be exhausting, depleting body fluids, over-charging the nervous system and binding up energy in the muscle-fibres. If this way of operating becomes a habit, maybe setting in to a pattern for years, we could develop nervous exhaustion or even chronic fatigue. So how do we apply a solution to this problem?

The solution can be applied instantly and repeatedly. The method needs to be established and then returned to again & again, until it becomes a new way of life. There is no time limit required. It will work immediately and simply be more effective the more often we use it, so there's no pressure. The solution is to move towards a heart-based way of life and be there as often as possible, until it becomes the operating norm. We simply take a deep breath in through the nostrils and as we breath out, mentally take our attention to the area of our heart. That may be all we can do at first but later we can take the process a bit further by consciously relaxing our body and slowing down at the next breath out. In time we may reach the point where we can now feel what's happening in our heart area.

Developing the method further we may be able to extend our awareness to how our whole body feels from this heart perspective. Does the heart area feel tight or closed here, and is this matched by corresponding tension elsewhere in the body, such as a clenched jaw? Is the heart racing on adrenaline and how is this affecting the eyes, breathing, throat or back of neck? At a more advanced and deeper level, this heart-based awareness can be extended to our environment. Can we now feel a shift into spaciousness, beauty or peace? If we take our attention even wider and picture the people who are part of our life, what can we perceive at this heart level? Is there any anxiety? Perhaps there's relief at being part of a whole network of relationships? Maybe there's even a higher awareness of the presence of God in all things and situations? By taking our awareness back into this heart centre, whether for a brief instant or a longer, deeper experience, we begin shifting from head-based analysis and start moving towards heart-based living. The concept of heart-based living is central to the Pathway Balancing Journey. Heart-based awareness helps us navigate towards an experience of paradise on earth, enabling us to overcome the mountain that used to obstruct our path. By processing the emotions and tensions that were held in our heart we can activate healing for our soul. By living with heart consciousness we can resolve, dissolve and transcend the discomfort or pain left over from the past. By finding the gap where our heart needs to flow again we can sit with the discomfort of knowing what's needed now - maybe to simply wait to receive or perhaps give others the space to be their true selves. Trust is developed in the heart. Let your heart come back into rhythm with life as it fills and refills, again and again.

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