Freedom to Use Your Power

You are free to use the power given to you from the Divine source of all things when you are no longer caught in the traps of Victim, Rescuer or Oppressor. You are no longer a victim once you realise you have choices and begin to make them: who to step away from, connect with, help or encourage; how to spend your money, your time; how to balance physical energy with the options for activities. As you make healthier choices, because of your spiritual and personal development, your power and freedom increase. You are no longer caught up in being a Rescuer when you stop jumping in to immediately sort out every problem that comes your way or think you must help or advise every person who has a problem. When you let go of taking responsibility for everything that happens around you, power is released as you wait and allow life to flow freely for a while. You can engage in relationships more openly and truthfully, enjoying the rewards and riding with the currents of joys and disappointments, knowing you can heal and resource yourself from a source of Divine power. You can stop being a Oppressor when you know your needs can be met and you are secure in your ability to handle changes and adapt when things don't go your way every time. Real power means knowing when to confront a person or situation and being able to wait, watch or step away if the confrontation will not serve the higher purpose of your calling. Confrontation is powerful when it builds up character and integrity in all those concerned. Once you are free from these three traps, you can begin to shine again as you were designed to do. Know your source of Divine power by spending daily time seeking the truth of real love, awesome creation and spiritual revelation. Get connected into the power source by spending time with people who are also seeking to know more of the truth about God, creation, spirit and wisdom. Let your light shine by being the real you, confident in your ability to handle times when you're misunderstood or put on a pedestal or actually accepted.  Sharing your story, being creative and engaging fully in all that life has to offer each day is a vibrant way to live. Being real means knowing we have limitations, that other people will fall short of our expectations and that life is too complex and awesome for our mind to comprehend, let alone control. Surrender to the Divine beauty all around you and learn to ride the waves of life as it takes you to new places of freedom to use your God-given power, purpose and abilities. Dare to live the dream again.

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