Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Training

The training at Pathway Balancing is probably among the best kinesiology training courses in the UK today and an excellent training for qualified complementary therapists or complete new starters. There's a wealth of kinesiology training and holistic therapy courses available these days so how do you choose? To become a truly successful healthcare practitioner you need a training that provides three key elements: Technical skills, personal development and professional development. All kinesiology training and complementary therapy courses will be based on technical skills, many will include personal development process work and a few include something about practice management or business skills. New entrants to kinesiology training, and other courses, often wonder where their future clients will come from, perhaps thinking it will all happen by word of mouth or an advert in a local newsletter or shop window once they qualify. If money and time is being invested in a training course, how long will it take to generate any income and how much can a newly qualified therapist expect to earn? Is it better to train in something unique, like Pathway Balancing Kinesiology, or do a better known Indian Head Massage course with dozens of other people? These important issues are part of the process of choosing the right path for your future needs, in kinesiology training and much more.

So how can the three key elements of successful kinesiology training be combined for the most successful outcome? The Pathway Balancing Kinesiology training course is an excellent example of a vibrant and relevant training course for new starters and fully qualified professionals alike. Technical Skills: Any kinesiology training must, by definition, teach the basic skill of accurate muscle-testing, followed by techniques to balance energy in the person's system. Pathway Balancing uses the Touch for Health 1 & 2 certificate course as its Foundation for these skills. The next level of technical skill is taught using the 'Healing the Body' manual, which draws from a common background of naturopathic techniques used among kinesiologists. The manual builds on these with refined forms of some of the established methods, plus unique additions developed through decades of clientwork and research at Pathway Balancing. Personal Development: The Pathway Balancing Journey is central to the growth and development of each person on the course - and the whole training can be undertaken purely as a personal development route. The series of Journey manuals takes each student through Gateways to higher awareness and to Levels and Stages of higher vibrational energies. As we go through these places as a group, we explore the richness of our life experience to date. We are able to support each other as we explore new heights of living well. The Journey enables each person to see and face up to the obstacles, distractions or traumas that have stopped them living the dream. As the Journey leads each member of the group to a higher place, they can leave each training day equipped to help others to come up higher too.

Professional Development: In order to reach the maximum number of people with all these enriching skills and techniques for changing people's lives, it is vital to have a good professional basis to work from. This is addressed from the outset of the course and is an element of every two-day training unit. It is too late to think about setting up in practice by adding a few hours of marketing or business skills to the end of a kinesiology training course. The skills of running a successful business are often far removed from the intense interpersonal atmosphere of a client therapy session. To be truly successful in helping others to get well and live transformed lives, a practitioner must attract those clients that will benefit from sessions of treatment and in sufficient numbers to be rewarded and sustained financially and materially themselves. At Pathway Balancing we go much deeper than just looking at how to promote a practice whilst also addressing such subjects as branding, promotion, managing accounts, administration, working hours and training updates. We work on resolving deeper rooted issues around attitudes to money, ideas about what success really means, emotional wounds that block creativity, productivity or engagement in fruitful relationships. To overcome obstacles and achieve true success a practitioner needs a kinesiology training course that covers all aspects of professional and personal success, as well as skills in healthcare.

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