Now, How Do You Build Your New Identity?

Last week's blog spoke about breaking free from the 'Drama Triangle' - that emotional rollercoaster of  reacting as a 'victim, 'rescuer' or 'oppressor'. Once you've learnt to relax into a new way of being, it can feel odd not to be consumed by the old fears, anxiety, anger or cutting off from people. At this weekend's Mind Body Soul event in Peterborough, Sue, Jolene & I worked with a theme of issues in relationships that clients presented during the mini-treatments we were offering. These relationships included our connection with our God, with divine power, as well as closer ones with family or partners. How can we resolve pain in these areas? We found it was essential to have a safe place & supportive people, where we can open our wounds to clear & heal them. We need to forgive ourselves & others for hurting each other. It's then time to choose & set a new boundary. What do you want in this relationship? It may be necessary to step back and observe the behaviour of another for a while, keeping our hearts safe but still available for connection. We know who we are through our relationships. We build our new identity by seeking and expressing the truth of our beliefs. We know who we are when we've overcome pain that we don't forget but do forgive. We build our new identity in a place of freedom and choice.

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