Soul Embodiment Journey

The Egg Journey into Relationship

The Egg Journey referred to here is that of the female gamete that came from your mother to form part of your own body during the process of your Conception Journey. It is the earliest opportunity for a soul to experience embodiment and start exploring earthly human relationships. As such, this Journey creates a pattern, or template, that is repeated into our birth process and out into the cycles and seasons of the whole of our earthly life. In an unaware person, the pattern will be repeated unconsciously, whether harmful or beneficial. The work of Karlton Terry gives deep insights into these patterns. In Pathway Balancing we identify this pattern to give a person conscious awareness of their embodied patterns and an opportunity to change that energy by repatterning through many forms of healing and personal development. The Egg Journey into relationship involves preparation, availability and discernment. This could apply to the professional arena when applying for employment or building up a client-base or business. The dynamic is most intense in potential or existing intimate relationships, where the dance of attraction, interest, communication, contact and sharing will repeat or repattern the embodied Egg Journey. The egg will die if she doesn't meet and open up to a sperm, but she will never be the same again if she does - rather like the line in the U2 song 'As I wait for you, I can't live - with or without you.' This dilemma can affect the level of closeness in relationships, whether it's the attraction between singles or the intimacy of a married couple. The egg signals her availability but can't force the sperm to approach, so this brings up issues of vulnerability and control. If the sperm makes contact and the Conception Journey starts, the layers of the egg will be gradually opened and the sperm allowed in, which brings up questions about boundaries, self-worth and the pace of the relationship. If the sperm reaches the deeper place of the vitelline in the heart of the egg, there may be no going back, so this raises issues about the deeper character of each person, the ability to sustain relationship beyond romantic attraction, the sharing of past experiences, current resources and future way of life. Problems occur where there has been past wounding and this needs to be healed and transformed to create a new healthier pattern of relating. It is also possible for the relationship to stall because there is insufficient experience of real intimacy and true relationship to refer to from the past. Potential partners or married couples could mistakenly think the relationship is over at this point when in fact the real richness of the Egg Journey into relationship is about to produce the jewels of a new life together. How? Slow down and notice how much you've changed. Stay available and in contact to allow the truth to unfold between you. Share a little of yourself with each other, safe in the knowledge that you can stop the process at any time. Wait. When the season of separate identity as an egg is completed, the place will be changed for ever. When the Egg Journey is finished and the Sperm Journey has settled into stillness, don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened.

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