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A Hardened Heart Causes Barrenness and Lack

This Sunday I heard Jesus' parable of the sower from the Gospel of Luke. It's the one about the seed falling on different kinds of ground, with differing results. Some seed gets trampled on the hardened path, some falls on rocky ground and sprouts up but quickly withers away, some grows up but gets choked by weeds and thorns and some of the seed goes into good soil and produces up to a hundred times more grain than was sown originally. The soil represents our heart and its condition. The seed represents the life and goodness that comes to us from God. How we receive God's messages, words and provision depends on the state of our heart. The state of our heart in turn determines how fruitful, abundant or fulfilling our life becomes. So we can tell the condition of our heart by checking for any areas of lack, unfulfilled needs or inability to give. So how do we cultivate a heart to be the good soil that is productive and enriching for us and those around us?

A hard heart won't even allow Divine guidance to come in, so our heart must be soft and tender. We harden our hearts to prevent further hurts. We find various ways to be defensive, such as cutting off from people or being critical and perfectionist. To soften our heart we need to have compassion for the woundedness of others and to be kind to one another in our words and behaviour. A shallow heart comes from our insecurities. We adopt superficial masks and try to hide our shortcomings in a form of false pride. To deepen our heart connections we must be open and honest about our human weaknesses. We don't always have to put this into words. Simply acknowledging sensations, such as anxiety, in our heart while being with another person allows us to hold the truth of who we are at greater depth. If our heart is choked with regrets or bitterness from the past, we need to clear these out as soon as possible. We have to forgive ourselves and others for mistakes or poor choices that leave us disadvantaged today. Let them go. Release your cares and burdens into the capable hands of God. Cry your tears, shout out the anger or wrap yourself in a blanket until you are warm, peaceful and ready to sing, dance and run again. A barren heart produces poor relationships characterised by loneliness, neediness or attempts to control. Life becomes a struggle, with low energy, low income or lack of companionship. To transform this situation we must be present, engaged and active, making the most of everything God provides.

It takes rain as well as sunshine to produce a good crop. Weeds grow without effort where there is neglect. Good soil requires attention to make it friutful. So even the difficult days are part of God's plan to test and refine us in preparation for an abundant harvest. Our tears and the heat of anger can soften and break up hardened areas and begin to transform the wilderness. Start from a place of tender-hearted vulnerability and a willingness to remain in relationship.  Our active engagement in the processes of life will turn God's creation into a garden paradise to be shared in enjoyable, fruitful relationships with our God and with each other.

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Moving Towards Heart-Based Living

There are many kinds of pressure and stress experienced as we go through any week in our life. The strange thing is it's not so much what's happening as how we're handling it that makes the difference. For one person their pet might be ill, for another their business is in crisis & putting pressure on finances and close relationships, yet both people may be feeling the same amount of emotional stress or pressure to make the best choices. Our mind is capable of very fast thinking and is able to construct a pattern of branching options stretching out in front of us, almost instantly. Over-thinking can cause emotional overwhelm as the deeper parts of our brain send signals to our system to produce chemicals or muscle-tensions in preparation for the multi-optioned task our mind has set in front of us. This flood of feelings and physical changes may be impossible for the human body to process, especially as time ticks by while we continue to think, wonder, analyse and construct possible options and outcomes. Doing things in our head can create a false sense of safety by hiding our plans from the criticism of others. Looking at every possible outcome before making a move can give us a false illusion of control. This form of worrying can be exhausting, depleting body fluids, over-charging the nervous system and binding up energy in the muscle-fibres. If this way of operating becomes a habit, maybe setting in to a pattern for years, we could develop nervous exhaustion or even chronic fatigue. So how do we apply a solution to this problem?

The solution can be applied instantly and repeatedly. The method needs to be established and then returned to again & again, until it becomes a new way of life. There is no time limit required. It will work immediately and simply be more effective the more often we use it, so there's no pressure. The solution is to move towards a heart-based way of life and be there as often as possible, until it becomes the operating norm. We simply take a deep breath in through the nostrils and as we breath out, mentally take our attention to the area of our heart. That may be all we can do at first but later we can take the process a bit further by consciously relaxing our body and slowing down at the next breath out. In time we may reach the point where we can now feel what's happening in our heart area.

Developing the method further we may be able to extend our awareness to how our whole body feels from this heart perspective. Does the heart area feel tight or closed here, and is this matched by corresponding tension elsewhere in the body, such as a clenched jaw? Is the heart racing on adrenaline and how is this affecting the eyes, breathing, throat or back of neck? At a more advanced and deeper level, this heart-based awareness can be extended to our environment. Can we now feel a shift into spaciousness, beauty or peace? If we take our attention even wider and picture the people who are part of our life, what can we perceive at this heart level? Is there any anxiety? Perhaps there's relief at being part of a whole network of relationships? Maybe there's even a higher awareness of the presence of God in all things and situations? By taking our awareness back into this heart centre, whether for a brief instant or a longer, deeper experience, we begin shifting from head-based analysis and start moving towards heart-based living. The concept of heart-based living is central to the Pathway Balancing Journey. Heart-based awareness helps us navigate towards an experience of paradise on earth, enabling us to overcome the mountain that used to obstruct our path. By processing the emotions and tensions that were held in our heart we can activate healing for our soul. By living with heart consciousness we can resolve, dissolve and transcend the discomfort or pain left over from the past. By finding the gap where our heart needs to flow again we can sit with the discomfort of knowing what's needed now - maybe to simply wait to receive or perhaps give others the space to be their true selves. Trust is developed in the heart. Let your heart come back into rhythm with life as it fills and refills, again and again.

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The Surrendered Heart

Central to the work of 'Healing the Soul' in Pathway Balancing Kinesiology is the need to heal the heart and be restored to wholeness as a result. The deepest wounds to our soul are those that happen to the heart. Our heart is most wounded by loss of relationship of any kind. It is therefore within relationship that our heart needs to be healed, even if a period of withdrawal is required before we can undertake this relational healing journey. At the early stage of raw pain from lost relationship it may be too much to engage with people or even with any concept of God. The safest place to open such a wounded heart is in relation to the creation around us. Healing is experienced when we can cry at a beautiful sunset, be wowed by a rainbow, thrilled by a thunderstorm, smile at seeing a little frog or family of foxes. At this point we might connect with the Creator of all this beauty and begin to connect with the Divine Heart. Safe contact with people might start indirectly, through books, T.V. or the Internet. Then connections may be in person but with firm boundaries, such as professional contacts, a group leader or a therapist. Once the heart can open here it may be time to form more personal relationships with acquaintances, a small group of friends, closer friends and finally a potential intimate partner. But what's to stop the heart being wounded again and the past hurt and damage to the soul being repeated?

If a person closes or covers their heart again, they may be safe from hurt but will also be trapped in some degree of isolation. There are two clues that this is happening - Fantasy and Rules. Fantasy permits relationship on our own terms, for our self-satisfaction, under our control. Rules keep relationships under our control, according to our terms and in line with our expectations. But Fantasy doesn't satisfy for long and Rules deaden a relationship. The belief that we are in control in a relationship is an illusion. If we try to control the other person we lose the truth of who they are and lose part of our own soul in the process. The way to a real relationship is through the heart and for the relationship to grow and be fulfilling the heart must be open, filled and overflowing with love and all it's qualities. False love is a self-satisfying feeling, an emotional high, the pleasure of things going our way. It has nothing to do with the other person and makes us sick with fear, longing, anger and manipulation. True love is much bigger than we are. True love is generous, compassionate, flowing, and constant. To find this bigger source of love we must look higher than ourselves or any other finite, limited human being. In the words of the character Don Draper in the SKY Atlantic TV series 'Mad Men', "I hate to break it to you, but the Universe is indifferent." To find the heart of the Divine we must look for a Divine Person who has transcended human and earthly limitations. Once we find and build a relationship of trust with the Divine heart, we can then let go of the illusion that we are, or even need to be, in control in our relationships. Once we can fill and refill our heart with Divine true love,we are free to live surrendered lives, to let go of rigid expectations and be merciful to ourselves and others. The Rules dissolve into firm principles and the Fantasy drops into appreciation of a persons good qualities. The illusion dies within us and we face the truth with the courage to seek love with an open, overflowing heart. We can look openly into the eyes of another soul and feel our boundaries melt in the presence of the surrendered heart.

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Freedom to Use Your Power

You are free to use the power given to you from the Divine source of all things when you are no longer caught in the traps of Victim, Rescuer or Oppressor. You are no longer a victim once you realise you have choices and begin to make them: who to step away from, connect with, help or encourage; how to spend your money, your time; how to balance physical energy with the options for activities. As you make healthier choices, because of your spiritual and personal development, your power and freedom increase. You are no longer caught up in being a Rescuer when you stop jumping in to immediately sort out every problem that comes your way or think you must help or advise every person who has a problem. When you let go of taking responsibility for everything that happens around you, power is released as you wait and allow life to flow freely for a while. You can engage in relationships more openly and truthfully, enjoying the rewards and riding with the currents of joys and disappointments, knowing you can heal and resource yourself from a source of Divine power. You can stop being a Oppressor when you know your needs can be met and you are secure in your ability to handle changes and adapt when things don't go your way every time. Real power means knowing when to confront a person or situation and being able to wait, watch or step away if the confrontation will not serve the higher purpose of your calling. Confrontation is powerful when it builds up character and integrity in all those concerned. Once you are free from these three traps, you can begin to shine again as you were designed to do. Know your source of Divine power by spending daily time seeking the truth of real love, awesome creation and spiritual revelation. Get connected into the power source by spending time with people who are also seeking to know more of the truth about God, creation, spirit and wisdom. Let your light shine by being the real you, confident in your ability to handle times when you're misunderstood or put on a pedestal or actually accepted.  Sharing your story, being creative and engaging fully in all that life has to offer each day is a vibrant way to live. Being real means knowing we have limitations, that other people will fall short of our expectations and that life is too complex and awesome for our mind to comprehend, let alone control. Surrender to the Divine beauty all around you and learn to ride the waves of life as it takes you to new places of freedom to use your God-given power, purpose and abilities. Dare to live the dream again.

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Step Out of the Ashes Cinderella

The group leader only briefly mentioned the 'Cinderella Complex' as being stuck in a fantasy that one day 'Prince Charming' or 'Snow White' would come along and make all your dreams come true. What a revelation of how we can be stuck in imagining that perfect wife in the kitchen or handsome millionaire husband. I used to think there was no harm in such fantasies but now I can see they're incredibly damaging. When we have a teenage fantasy image of a future partner, we will be programmed to only recognise people who match that template - tall/neat, blond/dark/red hair, blue/brown/green eyes, fast car, good job/trust fund, excellent cook, great social circle, intellectual etc. We can't see, or we completely disregard, the REAL people we meet along the way. This can lead to months, years or even a lifetime of being without a partner and to having unfulfilled needs and desires. But what if we DO meet that 'knight in shining armour' or 'princess doll'? If the fairytale comes true, we will ignore the few things that don't match our fantasy template at first, thereby missing warning signs of the challenges ahead. As more issues come up that threaten our fairytale romance, we might get quite annoyed with the other person and try to get them to sort themselves out. We could start to blame ourselves for not being good enough for this wonderful person. Meanwhile our partner is finding it increasingly impossible to fit into and live up to the unrealisticly high expectations of the relationship. So the 'Cinderella Complex' leads to disaster, one way or another. Let it go. Stop comparing your current situation with your imaginary, fairytale life. Tear up those old images and throw them onto the refiners fire of truth. Accept life as it flows and ebbs around you. Cry, grieve, rage, sleep, shout, sing or do whatever you need to clear these illusions from the past out of your system. When the dust settles and the ashes cool you can step out into the freedom of really living the dream of who you are.

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Now, How Do You Build Your New Identity?

Last week's blog spoke about breaking free from the 'Drama Triangle' - that emotional rollercoaster of  reacting as a 'victim, 'rescuer' or 'oppressor'. Once you've learnt to relax into a new way of being, it can feel odd not to be consumed by the old fears, anxiety, anger or cutting off from people. At this weekend's Mind Body Soul event in Peterborough, Sue, Jolene & I worked with a theme of issues in relationships that clients presented during the mini-treatments we were offering. These relationships included our connection with our God, with divine power, as well as closer ones with family or partners. How can we resolve pain in these areas? We found it was essential to have a safe place & supportive people, where we can open our wounds to clear & heal them. We need to forgive ourselves & others for hurting each other. It's then time to choose & set a new boundary. What do you want in this relationship? It may be necessary to step back and observe the behaviour of another for a while, keeping our hearts safe but still available for connection. We know who we are through our relationships. We build our new identity by seeking and expressing the truth of our beliefs. We know who we are when we've overcome pain that we don't forget but do forgive. We build our new identity in a place of freedom and choice.

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Be Transformed By the Renewing of Your Mind

This statement comes from the Book of Romans in the New Testament of the Bible. The Roman Empire was an oppressive and controlling force over the people of the middle east in Biblical times. The Book of Romans remains today as a lesson in how to overcome, and break free from, worldly oppression by using spiritual means. In Chapter 12, the Book of Romans tells the people 'Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good, acceptable and perfect.' Last week's blog spoke about the false messages, lies and illusions we can pick up as we journey through life in this world. If we believe negative things about ourselves and others, this will affect our physical posture, our behaviour and our choices. If we believe we are a victim or will be rejected, we interpret other people's behaviour in this light, which can have disastrous consequences for our life path. How can we renew our mind and get back on track towards the truth and freedom? Part of the adventure of living in this world is the opportunity to explore, having the free will to choose where to go and what to do. However, this also means we risk making mistakes, getting lost or getting hurt. There may come a day when we hit rock bottom, don't know where to go or what to do, wonder where we went wrong or how we're ever going to get back the life we had hoped to live. In the Book of Romans and in the Pathway Balancing Journey the message is the same - look for God's will for your life. Test out situations and use your discernment with people. Trust that God has a good plan for your life and step out in faith. Stop thinking like a victim and start asking what choices are available. Stop thinking you have to fit in with small-minded people and start seeking those who want to understand and encourage you. Stop thinking you have to take control when someone is in difficulty and start giving other people space to sort themselves out. As you think in a new way, you will behave in a new way. As you make new choices you will transform your outer circumstances and lifestyle. Get back on track with God for freedom, peace and joy to unfold in front of you again.

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Does Your Vulnerability Sabotage Relationships?

Sometimes we find the people around us exhausting or frustrating. Sometimes we look back and see where we ruined a relationship in some way. Other times we long for a closer relationship with someone in our life. People - can't live with them - can't live without them! It can be confusing when we have a friend, partner or leader we really like, yet things don't seem to go as we'd like. Difficult times in a relationship can lead us to question whether we need to let go and move on, or persist and hope things get better. To change a relationship, we need to examine the 'root' to get better 'fruit'. The 'fruit' is the current outcome or condition of any relationship - personal or professional, intimate or an associate. We might perceive things as producing 'bad fruit' at the moment. For example, the other person may seem self-absorbed or self-centred, lacking in commitment to our well-being. Other times we see a pattern of behaviour with many people over the years, such as withdrawal from the relationship. To change this to 'good fruit' we need to weed out the 'bad root' in us. We need to find out what sabotages our relationships, so we can heal and move on to more satisfying ways of being with others. A hidden root of relationship sabotage can sometimes be our unacknowledged vulnerability. We are born vulnerable. From the time of our conception, we depend on relationship for our very lives. This vulnerability may be terrifying for our soul and compounded by the all-too-human, fallible behaviour of others or ourselves. So how can this frail, vulnerable part of us sabotage relationships? It could be through naive expectations of others to protect us in every circumstance, provide for us at all costs, know our needs when we stay silent - basically projecting the needs of our wounded inner child onto another person. How do we change this? By understanding the human frailty & limitations of ourselves and others, by having the courage to speak up when we need something or feel vulnerable, by helping others but knowing when we have to say "no". The art of meeting the boundary of another, with compassion for both sides, is well worth cultivating and developing.

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Stop Being Self-Sacrificing in Your Relationships

We all find many ways to cope and adapt when our needs are not being considered by those around us. If our parents were unable to meet our needs as we grew, we often embody unhealthy patterns in our adult life, that can lead to loneliness, lack of fulfilment, disappointment or losses. If our parents lacked the maturity necessary to engage in a fulfilling relationship with us, we commonly learn to dissociate, cut off, disengage and become excessively independent. This dissociation can manifest as living and/or working alone most of the time, engaging in mental chatter and imaginary scenarios, constructing intellectual ideals that attempt to make everything right in the world or escaping into super-spiritual isolation. This dissociation is limited in its capacity to satisfy our hearts longing for real relationship, intimacy, creativity and fruitful exchange with others. In a short space of time, the natural laws of earthly life pull us back towards our emotions, our bodies and our environments. As we feel discomfort, pain or lack, we have a choice - we can cling desperately to our dissociated state or take this opportunity to stop living in our self-absorbed illusions. it's time for something better. The insecure people around us can, sadly, use our genuine needs as a means to control us. We can also get caught in a pattern of trying fix others in the unconscious hope that they will then be capable of meeting our needs too. This can lead us into a destructive, downward spiral of self-sacrificing in our relationships. We give up a valuable part of our self, of our soul, in the hope of gaining something better or warding off something ominous. When we need money, we might stay in a demeaning job far too long, sacrificing our talents, skills and personal development in the hope of surviving after a loss of some kind. When we've been starved of love we can cling desperately to an abusive or cold partner, walking on egg shells, hoping our behaviour will kindle a more caring atitude from them. In personal or professional relationships, we can go on giving too much time, too much attention, too much space or too much of our property until we're exhausted or feel shut down. It's time to stop self-sacrificing and time to begin genuinely receiving and giving. Notice when someone gives you a compliment, a bit of extra time, or a treat that is no loss to them and no cost to you. Notice when it's a pleasure to be with someone & you never really want to go at the end of your time together. Notice when you're delighted that something you have can be passed on or used to help another. Cutting off from your desire for an interesting conversation, physical affection, beautiful surroundings or meaningful activities, cuts you off from your soul and from Divine provision. Your needs matter. Healthy relationships are vital. Your feelings, emotional and physical, can inform you about how well your real, genuine needs are being met. The presence of people around you who are kind, patient, generous, attentive, open, relaxed and considerate is a sign that self-sacrifice is no longer necessary. You are safe to relax, to give and receive as your true self, as you build up one another and enjoy being alive and being together.

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Finding the Way Back into Relationship

Relationships are essential to our life - friendships, an intimate partner, professional connections, membership of an organisation, how we relate to God - the list is endless. Yet relationships can also be so painful that we draw back into isolation to prevent further hurt. Then, after a time, the loneliness, silence, impoverishment can put pressure on us from within, so that we are compelled to reach out again - perhaps tentatively, maybe crashing blindly back in the deep end, or maybe with a veneer or a mask to hide behind. These ebb and flow patterns can take years to go around, or ripple through in minutes, but the key question is: are they producing growth and development or are they compounding an ingrained destructive downward cycle? In the process of conscious embodiment, we will hit the wall that we built up to safeguard us from pain in relationships. The key to finding the way back into relationship is in having the courage to open your heart to the truth. This time it must be in a safe atmosphere, with safe connections. Here are some steps to help you find the way back........ First, remove yourself as far as possible from people who are unsafe to be around - people with repeated or extreme patterns of not keeping appointments or agreements with you, not respecting your personal space or belongings, making remarks that put you down. Secondly, rest in this space and release the backlog of tears, anger, toxicity, exhaustion and mental chatter. Thirdly, begin the process of reconnection apart from people, through the natural world - landscapes, parks and gardens, sunsets, the sea, rivers, woodlands, birds, insects, pets, wild animals. Fourthly, appreciate the creative power that brought all this into being and is sustaining it. Open your heart to this truth and seek a deeper understanding of your part in this whole creation. Finally, when you feel sufficiently restored and connected, begin reconnecting with people again but this time with the wisdom to know that none of them are perfect. Just like you, they have insecurities, past wounds, limited understanding in any situation and limited abilities in some way or another. This time, finding your way back into relationship will involve letting go of your charged emotions before you face the other person, seeking to understand their heart before you reveal your own, being safe because you will only connect with others in mutual respect, being fulfilled because you seek to build up, not tear down, the precious relationships around you.

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Expansion Dissolves Old Emotional Pain

One of the Directions in the Pathway Balancing Journey is 'Expansion of Relationships with Others' and it's within the energy Gateway 21 called 'Being Open to Divine and Human Love'. Travelling in this Direction is about 'Expanding our boundaries to encompass a wider range of people that support us in different ways.' A time can come we want more within any relationship - personal or professional. Perhaps we want more closeness in a personal relationship or more fruitful output within a professional context, so something has to change to make space for this growth. Our old patterns will be holding us back. An article in the Body & Soul section of The Times on 26th May 2012 says that 'We've got an epidemic of people who are anxious and depressed and medicated - according to NHS figures released last year prescriptions for antidepressants rose by 43 per cent in four years to nearly 23 million a year'. So how do we move beyond the emotional pain and stuckness, into the expanded relationships that we desire? First we have to let go of an old way of doing things, such as being controlling in our relationships. Then we have to allow a new pattern to emerge, such as accepting another persons different way of seeing & doing things. Now the hard part - feeling the old emotional pain that needs to dissolve, like the hurt, disappointment and anxiety when someone fails to do what we expected and hoped for. Next comes the empowerment phase but only if you can go through the emotional pain barrier consciously. Now the control can shift from your relationship to yourself. This time you don't lash out verbally or withdraw into a sulk. After the wave of old emotion subsides, you can wait in a clear space. From this clear space you can seek to understand the heart of the other person, their intentions, their perspective. From here you can discern wisely how much of your own heart you are able to share safely in this relationship. When you each understand one another from the heart, you can rest at the new Viewpoint at the end of this Pathway 'Expansion of boundaries to include another relationship that fulfils an unmet need.'

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Looking for Love & Finding Peace

If someone says they're thirsty & would like a glass of water, everyone thinks that's a perfectly healthy response. If a married couple say they'd like to have a baby, most people think that's a totally acceptable wish. But how many times does a single person say they'd like a partner only to be met with comments like "You're not ready yet....", "You need to be happy with & love yourself first....", "The right person will come along when you stop looking...." and other such negating remarks - often from someone already in a relationship or marriage! I believe each person has an encoded pattern in their soul that will signal fulfilment when that pattern is complete - whether that's as simple as a craving for a drink of water or a desire for an intimate, life-long marriage. A tiny minority of people are patterned for the freedom of singleness for life, but around 97% of adults marry. Of this 97%, most want children but many prefer a child-free lifestyle. Our hearts tell us of our deepest desires when we listen and follow the unfolding path that's guided by our heart. Clients and students of Pathway Balancing often want specific answers about the way to move forward on their life path, and relationship issues are a common area that needs healing and guidance. This past week has seen a lot of new material coming through from the Divine source of wisdom that speaks through the Pathway Balancing system, and this information has included guidance for loving relationships. A new soul energy Gateway has now opened in Level 5 - The Dreamweaver: Gateway 41 'Embracing Heart's Desire'.  Working within this Gateway allows us to identify blocks to embracing our heart's desire and to apply energy balancing to resolve the root causes. Where energy has built up into physical pain or pent-up emotions, we can use healing tools to release the flow of energy again - maybe with Aura Soma remedies, crystals, meditation cards or bodywork reflex points. When you are seeking your heart's desire, perhaps looking for love, only you know the thirst or hunger you feel inside. When the energy for love is flowing again, you will begin to discover love all around you. As that love among the people in your world grows, there will come a peace within you that tells you your heart is healed and whole again. As you find that peace & joy again, the moment comes when you look around and see that one special person coming towards you........ the person your heart knows as real love by finding peace & completion in their eyes.  Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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Don't Waste Your Energy Giving to Selfish People

It can be a harsh reality to face but sometimes the people you love can be too selfish to waste your time with them. If you have a compassionate heart you can fall into the trap of giving to selfish people in the mistaken belief that you will receive what you need in return. Is there an area in your life where you are giving your best but receiving little or nothing in return? Stop. Look more carefully and you will see the empty pit that your energy is being poured into. It saddens me deeply to see people who are empty, closed off, self-absorbed, self-sabotaging and destructive because they have been deeply wounded in their heart and soul. It is even more heartbreaking to witness someone close to them desperately trying to fill, encourage, engage with or build up such an empty, draining person. Step back. You can't help them. You can't make a difference in their life. You can't do anything more and it's time to say enough is enough. It's time to discover the truth of who you are. In teaching Pathway Balancing this weekend, we opened and explored Gateway 13 'Having a Sense of Yourself as Being Sacred'. Many people go through life without being affirmed as uniquely precious. Perhaps their parents were always too busy, or self-absorbed or wrapped up in relational dramas. Without enough eye-contact, physical touch or a sense of being heard, it's hard for us to know if we really exist, let alone learn to know who we are. But love is always available if we decide it's time to find it. In the Britain of the 1950's and 1960's, the 21st Birthday was traditionally called 'the key of the door' when a son or daughter was considered old enough to be presented with their own front-door key and the freedom to come and go from the familly home. Now they were free to find the love they craved in the wider community. If their parents were selfish, the son or daughter could get away and find a life of their own. Hopefully there would be enough space to heal their invisible, emotional scars. If you see a pattern of selfish relationships in your own life, look for a safe community with enough loving people to go around and stick with it until you are healed. Give to people who give to you. It's time to enjoy the rewards of true love.  Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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Chronic Fatigue or Exhaustion - Regaining Health

When clients present with any form of repeated exhaustion or recurring, exaggerated fatigue, they have often endured prolonged exposure to situations that were knowingly draining, distressing or impoverished but which they were unable to leave or change for the better. In many cases the client is still in that situation when starting therapy and looking for relief from their chronic exhaustion. These conditions feel like a bottomless need for rest, interrupted by monumental efforts to carry out essential activities. Any bursts of clear energy are quickly used up & followed by burn out again. Clients often see their condition as almost hopeless and medically untreatable, while looking for that one thing that will suddenly and permanently restore them. The path to regaining health is found somewhere in between these two myths. I believe there are two essential keys to unlocking this condition and returning to freedom and vitality on an ongoing basis, both of which are part of the Pathway Balancing philosophy of healing and personal development. The keys are awareness and pacing. The lack or loss of these keys will lead to the onset of fatigue states in the first place, but gaining hold of them can release the upward, spiralling flow of energy and health again. The first key to grasp is a moment by moment awareness of embodied energy: posture, tension, temperature, thirst, hunger, sleepiness, irritability etc. This empowers you to make the best choices in how to nurture and utilise your resources. So if you feel like curling up on the sofa, you can choose to head off there now, or do what you need to in preparation for taking that rest as soon as possible. This is where pacing comes in. Without awareness that energies are flagging, there won't be time to prepare before some form of collapse happens. Exhaustion can come from inner voices that tell us we're not good enough, from feelings of fear or a mental focus on lack. All of these are lies and need to be displaced by contact with the Divine source, often through people who are living in contact with this Divine source and who can support us in finding the truth and the Way to paradise in the land of the living. External support is vital to restoring health when coming out of chronic fatigue or a period of nervous exhaustion. Pathway Balancing craniosacral therapy is relaxing and revitalising & provides a space to talk or to just let go for a while. Our nutritional supplements are imported from the USA and can be taken for strengthening between appointments. If you've been running on adrenaline, 2 x capsules of 'Master Gland' mornings & early evenings, can feed and rebuild adrenal functioning. To keep nerves soothed and stoked with nutrients during the day, take 2 x tablets of 'NutriCalm' at breakfast, lunch & evening meals. To wind down towards better sleep, take 2 capsules of 'Hops & Valerian' between 9pm -10pm.  Plan at least one whole day a month of complete bedrest and/or curling up on sofa. Have an oasis of rest and/or treats scheduled into every day. Most important of all, give yourself that most precious and irreplaceable of commodities - time.       Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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How Has This Year Defined you?

My philosophy in working with clients, & in my own personal development, is that healing and growth come from the top down & the inside out. When we lack energy or awareness, life begins to compress us, causing us to contract or draw inwards, creating hardness, rigidity & pain. We may experience a lack of the things we need or desire. We can start to feel defined, or even limited, by our circumstances, events or other people. This is a place of disempowerment and often characterised by blame or complaining. Whenever we notice this happening it is a sign to redirect attention to our available resources and reconnect with power again. We need to call on the higher power of Divine love & provision and be refilled and redefined. As this year draws to a close, we can see how the experiences of the past year have defined us and shaped our life today. The 2011 winter solstice occurs at 5.30am Thurs 22nd December. This is the turning point for the sun's journey on our horizon and the defining moment of the natural year's end. What is coming to an end for you at this time? Can you look back & close the door on any unhealthy relationships, distressing events or self-sabotaging habits? When you've reached your limits in any situation, there may be a moment of fear, frustration or doubt. Stop and recognise that this is an edge that has defined you up to now. It's at the edge of our limits that we can surrender our trust to God. When we do this, the edges soften and as we listen, wait & act on Divine guidance, we can be re-defined and become more of the person we are meant to be. When we fill up with God's Holy Spirit, we are changed from the inside out. When this happens, life around us starts to transform. Whatever way this year has defined us, it is reaching completion as the nation heads into the Christmas holidays. The new beginning is on it's way. Are you ready?

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Are You Giving Too Much?

I've often heard phrases like 'It is better to give than to receive' but I also believe you cannot give something you haven't yet received for yourself. There are seasons for all things and it is necessary to have seasons of receiving and replenishing before you can give from a place of abundance and overflow. An unhealthy pattern of giving is when our giving comes from a place of need or a focus on lack. We may have grown up in a family where there was a lot of insecurity amongst the adults we grew up with. Our elders may have been incessantly pulling for our attention, yet given little real interest to our wants, likes or dislikes. Such roots produce unstable fruits in our later life, such as self-criticism, low self-esteem, working ourselves to exhaustion, making less money than we could or trying too hard in a close relationship. It is time to refill and to then give appropriately. The autumn and winter seasons are natural times to draw in and rebuild our base energy levels. It's a time to enrich the soil and cut back overgrowth to allow in more light. Maybe your feel you can't give anymore than you have already? Perhaps there's more you need to receive at the moment? At such times, the best things to give are time and space. Let other people be for a while. Draw in and keep warm, giving yourself nice things to eat or drink. Get organised and plan ahead, making sure you will be well resourced for the coming year. For me, this week it's my monthly craniosacral therapy appointment - bliss! As I look out of my office window, the tree outside may have dropped all its leaves, but when I look closer I can see the new buds that are already formed in preparation for next spring.

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Control or Surrender

Last week was a breakthrough period in the practice and my own personal development. It was the busiest week I've had in a couple of years, with the highest number of appointments in a week. I was also up before 5.30am on three mornings, to attend 6.30am Prayer Meetings at KingsGate, followed by breakfast with friends at cafes around the city. I still had the energy to go to Bannatyne's gym too. This has broken my fear of nervous exhaustion or burnout - old patterns that have held me back in the past. This fresh energy and new confidence is the fruit of many years of spiritual development, monthly sessions of kinesiology and craniosacral therapy, quarterly mentoring and annual training updates. It confirms that my passion for helping people to overcome their own fears and achieve a breakthrough is based on proven pathways to freedom. A key issue for releasing more energy into fruitful and enjoyable daily living has emerged from the work at the practice this week. This key issue is control versus surrender. One of the ways we might deal with our feelings of insecurity is by trying to control our circumstances - either by our actions or by thinking ahead all the time. Because controlling thoughts, imaginings, fantasies or criticisms happen silently in our heads we think they are harmless. However, they can be absolutely exhausting. The brain burns up huge amounts of water and proteins with constant mental chatter. The various scenarios and analysis produce physical, interconnected neural pathways that clutter up the brain.

The need for control can be most damaging when it comes to our relationships. Many of us carry an unconscious script that says 'control or be controlled'. We may unintentionally try to control others by insisting they do things the way we would do them, or stick to routines or habits that seem correct to us. The opposite trap is to give away our power to another adult, hoping we will have peace if we don't 'upset' them. The tension of 'walking on egg shells' or constantly ignoring our own needs slowly drains the life force out of us or causes emotional eruptions when we can contain ourselves no longer. A healthy way to break the control cycle is by surrendering into the truth. This is a skill that takes practice and may need alot of support initially. Surrender is about softening into the flow of life. This ability transforms a life from helpless victimhood into power and security. Surrendering into divine providence is a huge relief from having to be in control all the time.

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Do You Have Enough Space to Fulfil Your Dream?

Our culture tells us we are busy and there is always alot to do. The God-ordained Sabbath Day of rest has been cancelled and the television, radio and retail trade are available 24/7. Women have equal opportunities in the workplace and childcare is available from the very first weeks of a child's life. How do you feel when you stop? Do you fall ill as soon as you take a holiday? Are you too exhausted to do anything at the weekend? Have you ever asked yourself what's driving you at such a pace? Does the time pressure and the need to get it right, come from outside or from inside of you? What's the purpose of all this busyness and, if your life is sometimes a nightmare, how do you turn it into a dream? The answer is to see every day as a fractal - make a fractional change in the angle of your life's direction and the picture will continually change to reflect more of the beauty of your dream life. I used to work in the corporate world & loved so much of that lifestyle, yet I would frequently hit 'burn out' in some form or another. I dreamed of being a therapist, working from home, free from the pressures of the 'rat race' or the 'battery hen' office jobs. But if your internal pattern is one of drivenness, this will manifest in overwhelm, pressure & exhaustion, no matter what your circumstances are. For your personal dream to be fulfiiled - whether career, business, home or relationship based - there has to be enough space. There has to be time for daily & weekly rest. You will need times of silence. You may have to declutter your house or detoxify your body. You will need time apart from the person you love so that each of you can continue to heal, grow & develop. Therapists, and other carers, will struggle and fail without at least one hour of therapy for themselves every month - idealy more. Look around your house & workplace and make room for the dream to come in. Look at your diary and calendar and see the spaces that are nurturing and fulfilling your dream right now.

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Preparing To Go Over The Edge

Have you ever felt you were on the edge? Perhaps on the edge of a nervous breakdown, or financial disaster, or just giving up & getting out? Maybe you've come to this edge many times before but it didn't happen. You pulled back or you hung in longer. Time and time again, you made the same exhausting choice to keep going, feeling you had no control, no other option, feeling that others were simply taking from you with no regard for how you felt or not even listening if you expressed your needs or feelings.  Given a safe, healing space, clients may sometimes identify that they are in this position, feeling overwhelmed, even defeated. However, the results of regular therapy & personal or spiritual development, make this edge a very different place to be. Time to talk, when someone is really listening, can help you see the way through as it emerges. It is not defeat when you are making the best choice you can in a lose/lose situation, having to choose the lesser of two evils. You are not out of control when you can think, feel and express your needs when placed under intolerable pressure. You can make your way safely through by taking support and guidance from sources of divine wisdom. You can prepare and get ready to go over the edge next time it comes around. People go over the edge all the time, providing the news media with plenty of negative material for each day. Those of us with supportive, heart-based relationships, whether professional, personal or spiritual, go over the edge too, but the results are worlds apart from those who go it alone. The lost, isolated and frightened soul may find itself suddenly on the edge of the cliff and panic, seeing the long drop to destruction looming below. This, at last, may be the point where they cry out for help - help that was always there, had they only reached out for it. The soul that has been to this edge many times before and learnt to build solid, safe loving relationships as a result, doesn't panic. This person may notice the grass is green at the top of this cliff, the sun is shining & this is a good place to rest. They know there are good people around here, even if they're out of sight just now. This person trusts that a solution can be found. Sure enough, they find just the right person to take their hand and be willing to walk to the edge of that cliff with them - a person who has also come to their edge many times before. As the soul that was lost is now found, the two look over the edge and see that it is a very different view from here. Together they see that the edge has some steps and a sloping pathway. At the bottom there is a wide sandy beach and lots of brightly coloured beach huts. There are boats nearby and an ice cream stand. There is even an airfield in the distance and they realise that there are actually lots of lovely safe options for going over this edge with each other. There are still choices to make and answers to find but this time going over the edge means leaving the empty past behind and finding a new way of living. Finding a way that, this time, makes it a life worth living.

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Planning, Preparation & Pacing

Many people want to 'live the dream' but not all people have a dream or vision for their lives, business or nation. Of those that have, many remain as 'dreamers', wishing the right chance would come their way, or thinking 'if only...' or 'when I.... then I....' The long sunny days of April and the celebrations of the Royal Wedding may have given you time and inspiration for your dreams and visions. Perhaps part of your dream is to leave the office behind and be free to work as a holistic therapist. If so, then it is time to create, or update, your written plan to make your dream a reality. For my personal vision for the year ahead, I set ten goals that I want to achieve and a set of guidelines on how to reach those goals. I review this document at the start of every week to keep myself on track. As a complementary therapy teacher and practitioner, I also create a written vision and plan for my work. However, I'm not in control of the outcome! Many therapists believe 'the universe' will simply attract the right people to them at the right time and I believe there is some truth to this. I believe we attract, and see, reflections of our soul around us all the time. So if our soul has wounds or areas of weakness, these will be manifested around us in our daily life. To realise our dream, we need to take action that will produce fruit for us and others. We need to write down a specific plan and then carry out the necesary preparations for those plans to manifest. Finally we have to pace ourselves in line with our internal energies and the seasons, opportunities and synchronicity of life as it unfolds. Look around you today and respond to the divine provision for your life and dreams.

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