Are You Giving Too Much?

I've often heard phrases like 'It is better to give than to receive' but I also believe you cannot give something you haven't yet received for yourself. There are seasons for all things and it is necessary to have seasons of receiving and replenishing before you can give from a place of abundance and overflow. An unhealthy pattern of giving is when our giving comes from a place of need or a focus on lack. We may have grown up in a family where there was a lot of insecurity amongst the adults we grew up with. Our elders may have been incessantly pulling for our attention, yet given little real interest to our wants, likes or dislikes. Such roots produce unstable fruits in our later life, such as self-criticism, low self-esteem, working ourselves to exhaustion, making less money than we could or trying too hard in a close relationship. It is time to refill and to then give appropriately. The autumn and winter seasons are natural times to draw in and rebuild our base energy levels. It's a time to enrich the soil and cut back overgrowth to allow in more light. Maybe your feel you can't give anymore than you have already? Perhaps there's more you need to receive at the moment? At such times, the best things to give are time and space. Let other people be for a while. Draw in and keep warm, giving yourself nice things to eat or drink. Get organised and plan ahead, making sure you will be well resourced for the coming year. For me, this week it's my monthly craniosacral therapy appointment - bliss! As I look out of my office window, the tree outside may have dropped all its leaves, but when I look closer I can see the new buds that are already formed in preparation for next spring.

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