Do You Have Enough Space to Fulfil Your Dream?

Our culture tells us we are busy and there is always alot to do. The God-ordained Sabbath Day of rest has been cancelled and the television, radio and retail trade are available 24/7. Women have equal opportunities in the workplace and childcare is available from the very first weeks of a child's life. How do you feel when you stop? Do you fall ill as soon as you take a holiday? Are you too exhausted to do anything at the weekend? Have you ever asked yourself what's driving you at such a pace? Does the time pressure and the need to get it right, come from outside or from inside of you? What's the purpose of all this busyness and, if your life is sometimes a nightmare, how do you turn it into a dream? The answer is to see every day as a fractal - make a fractional change in the angle of your life's direction and the picture will continually change to reflect more of the beauty of your dream life. I used to work in the corporate world & loved so much of that lifestyle, yet I would frequently hit 'burn out' in some form or another. I dreamed of being a therapist, working from home, free from the pressures of the 'rat race' or the 'battery hen' office jobs. But if your internal pattern is one of drivenness, this will manifest in overwhelm, pressure & exhaustion, no matter what your circumstances are. For your personal dream to be fulfiiled - whether career, business, home or relationship based - there has to be enough space. There has to be time for daily & weekly rest. You will need times of silence. You may have to declutter your house or detoxify your body. You will need time apart from the person you love so that each of you can continue to heal, grow & develop. Therapists, and other carers, will struggle and fail without at least one hour of therapy for themselves every month - idealy more. Look around your house & workplace and make room for the dream to come in. Look at your diary and calendar and see the spaces that are nurturing and fulfilling your dream right now.

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