Expansion Dissolves Old Emotional Pain

One of the Directions in the Pathway Balancing Journey is 'Expansion of Relationships with Others' and it's within the energy Gateway 21 called 'Being Open to Divine and Human Love'. Travelling in this Direction is about 'Expanding our boundaries to encompass a wider range of people that support us in different ways.' A time can come we want more within any relationship - personal or professional. Perhaps we want more closeness in a personal relationship or more fruitful output within a professional context, so something has to change to make space for this growth. Our old patterns will be holding us back. An article in the Body & Soul section of The Times on 26th May 2012 says that 'We've got an epidemic of people who are anxious and depressed and medicated - according to NHS figures released last year prescriptions for antidepressants rose by 43 per cent in four years to nearly 23 million a year'. So how do we move beyond the emotional pain and stuckness, into the expanded relationships that we desire? First we have to let go of an old way of doing things, such as being controlling in our relationships. Then we have to allow a new pattern to emerge, such as accepting another persons different way of seeing & doing things. Now the hard part - feeling the old emotional pain that needs to dissolve, like the hurt, disappointment and anxiety when someone fails to do what we expected and hoped for. Next comes the empowerment phase but only if you can go through the emotional pain barrier consciously. Now the control can shift from your relationship to yourself. This time you don't lash out verbally or withdraw into a sulk. After the wave of old emotion subsides, you can wait in a clear space. From this clear space you can seek to understand the heart of the other person, their intentions, their perspective. From here you can discern wisely how much of your own heart you are able to share safely in this relationship. When you each understand one another from the heart, you can rest at the new Viewpoint at the end of this Pathway 'Expansion of boundaries to include another relationship that fulfils an unmet need.'

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