Chronic Fatigue or Exhaustion - Regaining Health

When clients present with any form of repeated exhaustion or recurring, exaggerated fatigue, they have often endured prolonged exposure to situations that were knowingly draining, distressing or impoverished but which they were unable to leave or change for the better. In many cases the client is still in that situation when starting therapy and looking for relief from their chronic exhaustion. These conditions feel like a bottomless need for rest, interrupted by monumental efforts to carry out essential activities. Any bursts of clear energy are quickly used up & followed by burn out again. Clients often see their condition as almost hopeless and medically untreatable, while looking for that one thing that will suddenly and permanently restore them. The path to regaining health is found somewhere in between these two myths. I believe there are two essential keys to unlocking this condition and returning to freedom and vitality on an ongoing basis, both of which are part of the Pathway Balancing philosophy of healing and personal development. The keys are awareness and pacing. The lack or loss of these keys will lead to the onset of fatigue states in the first place, but gaining hold of them can release the upward, spiralling flow of energy and health again. The first key to grasp is a moment by moment awareness of embodied energy: posture, tension, temperature, thirst, hunger, sleepiness, irritability etc. This empowers you to make the best choices in how to nurture and utilise your resources. So if you feel like curling up on the sofa, you can choose to head off there now, or do what you need to in preparation for taking that rest as soon as possible. This is where pacing comes in. Without awareness that energies are flagging, there won't be time to prepare before some form of collapse happens. Exhaustion can come from inner voices that tell us we're not good enough, from feelings of fear or a mental focus on lack. All of these are lies and need to be displaced by contact with the Divine source, often through people who are living in contact with this Divine source and who can support us in finding the truth and the Way to paradise in the land of the living. External support is vital to restoring health when coming out of chronic fatigue or a period of nervous exhaustion. Pathway Balancing craniosacral therapy is relaxing and revitalising & provides a space to talk or to just let go for a while. Our nutritional supplements are imported from the USA and can be taken for strengthening between appointments. If you've been running on adrenaline, 2 x capsules of 'Master Gland' mornings & early evenings, can feed and rebuild adrenal functioning. To keep nerves soothed and stoked with nutrients during the day, take 2 x tablets of 'NutriCalm' at breakfast, lunch & evening meals. To wind down towards better sleep, take 2 capsules of 'Hops & Valerian' between 9pm -10pm.  Plan at least one whole day a month of complete bedrest and/or curling up on sofa. Have an oasis of rest and/or treats scheduled into every day. Most important of all, give yourself that most precious and irreplaceable of commodities - time.       Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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