How Has This Year Defined you?

My philosophy in working with clients, & in my own personal development, is that healing and growth come from the top down & the inside out. When we lack energy or awareness, life begins to compress us, causing us to contract or draw inwards, creating hardness, rigidity & pain. We may experience a lack of the things we need or desire. We can start to feel defined, or even limited, by our circumstances, events or other people. This is a place of disempowerment and often characterised by blame or complaining. Whenever we notice this happening it is a sign to redirect attention to our available resources and reconnect with power again. We need to call on the higher power of Divine love & provision and be refilled and redefined. As this year draws to a close, we can see how the experiences of the past year have defined us and shaped our life today. The 2011 winter solstice occurs at 5.30am Thurs 22nd December. This is the turning point for the sun's journey on our horizon and the defining moment of the natural year's end. What is coming to an end for you at this time? Can you look back & close the door on any unhealthy relationships, distressing events or self-sabotaging habits? When you've reached your limits in any situation, there may be a moment of fear, frustration or doubt. Stop and recognise that this is an edge that has defined you up to now. It's at the edge of our limits that we can surrender our trust to God. When we do this, the edges soften and as we listen, wait & act on Divine guidance, we can be re-defined and become more of the person we are meant to be. When we fill up with God's Holy Spirit, we are changed from the inside out. When this happens, life around us starts to transform. Whatever way this year has defined us, it is reaching completion as the nation heads into the Christmas holidays. The new beginning is on it's way. Are you ready?

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