Looking for Love & Finding Peace

If someone says they're thirsty & would like a glass of water, everyone thinks that's a perfectly healthy response. If a married couple say they'd like to have a baby, most people think that's a totally acceptable wish. But how many times does a single person say they'd like a partner only to be met with comments like "You're not ready yet....", "You need to be happy with & love yourself first....", "The right person will come along when you stop looking...." and other such negating remarks - often from someone already in a relationship or marriage! I believe each person has an encoded pattern in their soul that will signal fulfilment when that pattern is complete - whether that's as simple as a craving for a drink of water or a desire for an intimate, life-long marriage. A tiny minority of people are patterned for the freedom of singleness for life, but around 97% of adults marry. Of this 97%, most want children but many prefer a child-free lifestyle. Our hearts tell us of our deepest desires when we listen and follow the unfolding path that's guided by our heart. Clients and students of Pathway Balancing often want specific answers about the way to move forward on their life path, and relationship issues are a common area that needs healing and guidance. This past week has seen a lot of new material coming through from the Divine source of wisdom that speaks through the Pathway Balancing system, and this information has included guidance for loving relationships. A new soul energy Gateway has now opened in Level 5 - The Dreamweaver: Gateway 41 'Embracing Heart's Desire'.  Working within this Gateway allows us to identify blocks to embracing our heart's desire and to apply energy balancing to resolve the root causes. Where energy has built up into physical pain or pent-up emotions, we can use healing tools to release the flow of energy again - maybe with Aura Soma remedies, crystals, meditation cards or bodywork reflex points. When you are seeking your heart's desire, perhaps looking for love, only you know the thirst or hunger you feel inside. When the energy for love is flowing again, you will begin to discover love all around you. As that love among the people in your world grows, there will come a peace within you that tells you your heart is healed and whole again. As you find that peace & joy again, the moment comes when you look around and see that one special person coming towards you........ the person your heart knows as real love by finding peace & completion in their eyes.  Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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Single or married, relationships are a deep source of fulfilment. For guidance on the way forward in your own desire for intimacy, explore the best path for you today by booking an appointment. Call 01733 555 133 or e-mail info@pathwaybalancing.co.uk