Preparing To Go Over The Edge

Have you ever felt you were on the edge? Perhaps on the edge of a nervous breakdown, or financial disaster, or just giving up & getting out? Maybe you've come to this edge many times before but it didn't happen. You pulled back or you hung in longer. Time and time again, you made the same exhausting choice to keep going, feeling you had no control, no other option, feeling that others were simply taking from you with no regard for how you felt or not even listening if you expressed your needs or feelings.  Given a safe, healing space, clients may sometimes identify that they are in this position, feeling overwhelmed, even defeated. However, the results of regular therapy & personal or spiritual development, make this edge a very different place to be. Time to talk, when someone is really listening, can help you see the way through as it emerges. It is not defeat when you are making the best choice you can in a lose/lose situation, having to choose the lesser of two evils. You are not out of control when you can think, feel and express your needs when placed under intolerable pressure. You can make your way safely through by taking support and guidance from sources of divine wisdom. You can prepare and get ready to go over the edge next time it comes around. People go over the edge all the time, providing the news media with plenty of negative material for each day. Those of us with supportive, heart-based relationships, whether professional, personal or spiritual, go over the edge too, but the results are worlds apart from those who go it alone. The lost, isolated and frightened soul may find itself suddenly on the edge of the cliff and panic, seeing the long drop to destruction looming below. This, at last, may be the point where they cry out for help - help that was always there, had they only reached out for it. The soul that has been to this edge many times before and learnt to build solid, safe loving relationships as a result, doesn't panic. This person may notice the grass is green at the top of this cliff, the sun is shining & this is a good place to rest. They know there are good people around here, even if they're out of sight just now. This person trusts that a solution can be found. Sure enough, they find just the right person to take their hand and be willing to walk to the edge of that cliff with them - a person who has also come to their edge many times before. As the soul that was lost is now found, the two look over the edge and see that it is a very different view from here. Together they see that the edge has some steps and a sloping pathway. At the bottom there is a wide sandy beach and lots of brightly coloured beach huts. There are boats nearby and an ice cream stand. There is even an airfield in the distance and they realise that there are actually lots of lovely safe options for going over this edge with each other. There are still choices to make and answers to find but this time going over the edge means leaving the empty past behind and finding a new way of living. Finding a way that, this time, makes it a life worth living.

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