Healing the Soul, Healing the Body

This weekend I was beginning the Level 2 'Community' training for this year's Kinesiology Diploma course & our work & research focused on the two healing manuals, with new material being added to 'Healing the Soul'. Saturday's energy & awareness theme was 'stability' and revealed how emotional overwhelm can cause the soul to partly disembody, resulting in life going off-course, sometimes for many years or even decades. If the soul energy is not fully embodied, we can get stuck in disempowering situations, ending up burnt-out with chronic fatigue or as exhausted victims in abusive personal relationships. Navigation to a healthier place in the community means looking up and focusing on divine guidance, through books, spiritual awareness and caring relationships. As we find greater stability we can move to the next part of the process of healing within 'The Community'. On Sunday the theme of the work was 'stewarding our resources'. As life is getting back on track through the healing work of the Pathway Balancing system we need to carefully nurture our energy by taking supplements, knowing when to rest, taking control of our finances, clarifying our goals and developing the healthier personal & professional relationships around us. One of the powerful tools we used to guide us on the subjects of relationships & professional development was 'The Enlightenment Pack' of teaching cards, created by Chuck Spezzano. The cards that we tested for on the day enabled toxic soul ties to be released and clear, truthful, inspired direction to be revealed. After a weekend  of healing the body and soul, we were empowered to pull together the threads for weaving the dream life by embodying more of our souls energy & enjoying times of healthy, stable relationships.      Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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