Energy Balancing That Lasts

Energy balancing is a foundational principle in kinesiology as a therapy. Like many forms of kinesiology, Pathway Balancing Kinesiology is based on the practise of Touch For Health by John Thie D.C.. Touch For Health developed out of chiropractic and many people today have visited a chiropractor, perhaps for help with back pain or a frozen shoulder. The chiropractor uses a series of muscle-tests to assess strength or weakness in the client's body. The practitioner positions the clients' arm, leg or posture, in a way that engages a particular muscle, and then applies gentle but firm pressure. This is to test the persons ability to hold the position and checks that the muscle locks or switches on in response to external pressure. If the client cannot hold the position, and the muscle unlocks or switches off, the practitioner knows this muscle needs attention. A chiropractor might make manual adjustments, perhaps by clicking the vertebrae into position, which is a highly skilled task requiring thorough training. Chiropractors may also use reflex points called Chapman points and Bennet points. Chapman points stimulate the flow of lymph from a muscle, enabling toxins to be cleared and reducing inflammation. Bennet points stimulate the flow of blood to a muscle, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues to heal and repair damage. These reflex points encourage physical energy to flow to and from the muscle again, restoring its natural healing abilities and proper strength. The practitioner tests the effectiveness of the treatment, after it's been applied, by re-testing the muscle position until it shows strength, locks or switches on again. In Touch For Health and kinesiology, once all the muscles test strong, the person is described as balanced. This process of restoring physical energy flow to muscles, in order to strengthen or switch them on, is often described as energy balancing. The client will usually feel better immediately, with less pain, improved movement and mobility and a lighter, more poised posture. After the client leaves the practice, the big question is how long will this feeling, this improvement, last?

Energy balancing that lasts is the ultimate goal of the treatment in kinesiology. When a person is in pain, can't move freely, is unable to work or enjoy their usual activities, it is natural to want a quick fix that puts a permanent end to the problem. Over-the-counter medication, for pain relief, can be a great blessing when symptoms strike. An additional supplement to help with sleep can also help and some people like using herbal products such as Nature's Sunshine Hops & Valerian capsules. This combination of symptom relief and energy balancing treatment begins the process of lasting relief, mobility and energy for living. However, energy balancing that lasts will usually need an investment of time, and a willingness to press on through the changes that lead to better health. The 'three session rule' is that clients who stop treatments before they reach a fourth appointment will almost always find their symptoms recur to some extent, and may even mistakenly conclude that the treatment didn't work. A health problem can become deeply engrained over time, and therefore need time and effort to be properly resolved. A symptom may also be more deep rooted in some people, and require persistence and determination to be fully cleared. Investing more time, and a willingness to resolve the root causes of symptoms, is much more likely to produce energy balancing that lasts. In Touch For Health there are further energy balancing methods, that go deeper than the surface physical energy flow to and from the muscles, such as nutrition for strengthening muscles. Deeper still are the simple methods for clearing stress, mental or emotional, by gentle contact on two points on the forehead. For some people an even deeper balance uses light contact over the meridians used in acupuncture. These meridians, or lines of energy, run through the surface cells of the skin and are comprised of electricity, magnetism, water, heat and radioactivity. Restoring flow at this deep level can really shift blocked energy that may have caused pain, inflammation, soreness or weakness. Energy balancing that lasts gives more than just relief from symptoms. Lasting treatments can strengthen the natural flow of energy in the body - lymph drainage, blood circulation, nutrients and electromagnetic currents. Blocked energy causes pain, discomfort, tiredness and weakness. Energy that flows in balance creates ease, comfort, vitality and strength. Energy balancing that lasts creates a life that is creative, enjoyable and really worth living to the full.

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