Does the Course Have to Be at Weekends?

This weekend was our Touch for Health 2 foundation training and time for the group to look ahead to starting Pathway Balancing - The Journey in March. While everyone was keen to make this transition, there were obstacles that had to be overcome - just as there are on our life journey. My task was to meet the needs of the group and act as their leader on the journey by making it possible to follow me to the next level. What needed to change or how did we all need to be flexible in order to move forward? Touch for Health 2 is all about the flow of energy, identifying patterns of imbalance and resolving blockages to strengthen a healthy, natural balance again. The problem that we needed to resolve was music to my ears! One of the students asked "Does the course have to be at weekends?" Before I could say no, another student said "I'd rather do them in the week, or on Fridays & Saturdays to free up a day off on Sundays". "Woohoo!! Me too!!" I said, dancing round the room. Talking about it more, we realised we were all self-employed or had free time in the week. The old pattern that was blocking us was rooted in former students, and myself, having full or part-time employee positions from Monday to Friday. To allow the course to flow, we changed the dates to Friday 30th & Saturday 31st March 2012 and we'll see how that goes. There is also a pattern of tight cashflow for some in the group and we aim to work on this issue as we move into the Pathway Balancing Journey after the spring equinox. So is there an old thought pattern holding you back from investing in a better future? Do you need to let go of the employee mindset or a 'poor me' attitude? If you ask those important questions today, you will find the way forward to a better reality tomorrow. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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