Increasing Your Capacity For Success

Lots of people set goals, write down plans for achieving them and set off with the right actions to get the ball rolling. It seems that only a few people continue this process to the point where they achieve the success and fulfilment they were envisioning. I see many people who are talented, gifted and experienced and yet they seem stuck or slow to make the most of life's opportunities. My quest to understand and resolve this stuckness in myself and others led to the development of the systems and methods I now use and teach to others. I wanted to get to the root causes of problems and once there, apply an effective method to resolve those issues in a way that was long lasting. My training in kinesiology gave me a way of hearing what the body was saying through the art of muscle testing. The natural healing methods enabled energy to flow again and the body could get on with being healthy, even while medical or pharmaceutical treatments continued to give support. However, one day I realised this was not enough for me. I had asked about a former colleague who'd been off work with depression and was told "Oh, she's back to her old self again". To my surprise I was shocked. I thought "Why hasn't she been changed by the experience? What's to stop it happening again? She's still stuck in the same unhappy relationship and insecure job." I felt a strong sense that an event as profound as incapacitating depression had the potential to transform a person into living a whole, new, vibrant life, worlds away from the old life and 'old self' that created the depression initially. The person's pathway through life could unfold in a different way, centred around their heart's desires and balanced to stay on track with good health treatments and self care advice. The unhappy experiences of the past could be gradually dissolved and ebb away into useful memories. The new energy could flow more fully, finding and creating space to unfold the person's true colours. By leaving behind your 'old self' and finding a new, truer heartbeat, you are on the pathway to increasing your capacity for success. The space between the setting of goals or plans and the time of their fulfilment, is a place of ebb and flow over time. One day, without having seen it coming, you tearfully realise you've made it.      Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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