Balancing Energy to Focus on This Year's Goals

At the start of this new calendar year, new solar year & crescent moon phase, many of us are setting out with fresh determination to make positive changes by the end of 2012. To reach those goals we'll need to direct enough energy and attention into our plans if they are to become our reality. My teaching of Touch for Health 1 this weekend included a very clear demonstration of how we embody a different energy pattern in our muscles when we focus our mind on a set goal. The students then learnt how to set appropriate goals with their future clients, plus effective techniques for clearing and strengthening the persons energy for achieving those goals. And this is only the beginning of the skills and knowledge used by Pathway Balancing kinesiologists! The whole training weekend had an atmosphere of joy and the sense that there was nothing in the way of us making significant breakthroughs in  2012. It was a time of letting go of past limitations, sharing our dreams for a richer life and stepping into this new beginning. The energy work was relaxing and grounding, allowing space for change in a safe sanctuary with like-minded people. The foundation is being laid to give a stable base for growing success as the course, and the year, unfolds.        Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough.

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Touch for Health 2 is on Saturday & Sunday 25th & 26th February 2012. You will need a Touch for Health 1 Certificate, or 1:1 fast-track training at Pathway Balancing, to take part. To join us, reserve your place now by e-mailing