Beauty for Ashes

The Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Diploma training this week continued to deepen the knowledge of soul journeying by adding new material to the 'Healing the Soul' manual. A theme emerged, in the three days of intensive work, that showed a tipping point for the energy of Pathway Balancing - a new phase of growth is beginning. Pathway Balancing is a 'root cause' therapy, meaning we will dig deep in the dirt & darkness if that's the way to find and remove the root cause of symptoms or recurring problems. This means that improvements to wellbeing can become permanent, rather than just short-term symptom relief. Once the root is uncovered & removed, not only has healing occurred but also space has been created for something better to flourish. The tangled roots of a problem or symptom can be thrown aside and reduced to ashes. Once we let go of the ashes, we are free to embrace the beauty of being fully alive. In Chinese Medicine, there is a body system called the 'Three Heater' - the stomach & liver area is the furnace, the lungs are the flue or chimney & the bowels or large intestine is the ash pan. This week's training included methods for working with the hyoid bone to free energy flow in the neck, or 'flue', plus work with the ileocecal valve to open the 'ash pan' and stop holding on to the past. Once such methods clear the last residues of past trauma or loss, the scene is set for new beauty to emerge in life. We used the energy and colours of crystals and flower formulas to set the process in motion. On a beautiful, sunny spring day we saw the healing of the soul move on into unknown territory, trusting in its beauty. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough

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