From Chronic Fatigue to a Stable Platform

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a medical term for extreme tiredness over a prolonged period, for which there is no clear, medically treatable, cause. Symptoms can include waking from sleep feeling tired, joints and muscles aching, recurring sore throats and tender lymph nodes, emotional depression or anxiety and headaches. Any combination of these symptoms can occur and the overall condition can often last for years, maybe for most of a person's life. Because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is difficult to resolve by medical means, many people seek help from holistic practitioners. The holistic approach is not a quick fix. Building a stable platform of energy requires quality time for yourself and an investment of available resources. The system of Pathway Balancing provides a wealth of natural treatments and lifestyle guidance. Pathway Balancing could be used to not only overcome feelings of chronic fatigue but also to build and maintain a stable platform of resources for the whole of a person's life. Pathway Balancing uses kinesiology muscle-testing to ask the person's body for answers. Being tired all the time can be bewildering and frustrating, especially when no amount of rest or healthy food seems to help. Life can become impoverished if you run out of energy after an hour of activity or can't get out of bed before midday. It can be difficult for the people around you to understand your extreme lack of energy, which may cause you feelings of guilt or low self-worth. So exactly how could a Pathway Balancing Kinesiology (PBK) practitioner help their client to overcome feelings of chronic fatigue?

The first thing a PBK practitioner does is listen to your story. People can become chronically fatigued for all sorts of reasons, such as over-working or over-care for others. Sometimes there is no obvious reason and this is where kinesiology muscle-testing is invaluable. Once the PBK practitioner has taken a case history, you can move, fully clothed, to the treatment couch and lay down on your back. The practitioner will ensure you are safe and comfortable, checking your need for head pillows, a knee pillow, blanket, the room temperature, light from the windows etc. Once you are settled, the muscle tests are checked, simply by pressing down gently on your forearms while you resist the light pressure. Once the body responds with strong responses to positive stimulae and weak responses to negative ones, the session can begin to find answers for you. The Pathway Balancing system has been designed with a safe structure that allows a client to work as deeply as they wish, or for treatments to remain more basic if preferred. The more surface level sessions may use reflex points from the Touch for Health system, nutritional advice, food supplements, clearing trapped energy from the acupuncture meridians or gentle, hands-on, muscle-relaxing work. Clients who want to work at a deeper, more lasting level may want to explore new territory and enjoy the cutting edge revelations from the 'Healing the Soul' material. Whatever a client needs in terms of treatment methods, it is incredibly moving to see real changes happening as the person overcomes those old patterns that led to such exhaustion and limitation. It is wonderful when the person realises they are now healthy, healed, and whole. With a lifestyle that supports a stable platform of energy, they can comfortably deal with normal tiredness and a realistic pacing of activities. The internal emotional and nervous charge has gone, freeing them from the former exhausting emotional turmoil and drama. The pathway from chronic fatigue to a stable platform of energy may take time. Time will pass anyway - it's how you spend it, how you invest your time, that will determine the quality of the months and years ahead of you.

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