Weaving Relationships of Pure Gold

I'm coming back down into everyday life again after an amazing weekend working with a Pathway Balancing Kinesiology trainee from Birmingham. I was teaching the material for PBK 2 'Living in Truth & Wholeness' and our work extended the latest manual in the Pathway Balancing Journey series: 'The Journey of the Soul'. This stage in the journey elevates the client's energy and awareness to a level that gives an overview of the soul's embodiment journey. The place we developed further is called 'Weaving the Knowledge into the Fabric of our Dream Life'. Here is a taster of what can be found for those people who reach this level of awareness............ 'We know specifically what to do next to make our dream a reality. The soul now has the power to come home. The pain and hurt of enduring this world's trials and tribulations will refine out the contamination, to be ready, willing and able to rebuild a home that is safe, warm, welcoming and peaceful.' By using the energy balancing techniques taught on this weekend, we were able to clear the ashes of past negative experiences and make specific plans and decisions for building solid gold relationships and future working lives. To experience this journey for yourself, and develop the skills to help others find their dream pathway in life, join the new group starting in Peterborough in October.

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