PBK 5 'Building a New Life'

Last weekend (19/20 Nov '11) I gave a 1:1 training for kinesiology in the diploma course, PBK 5 'Building a New Life'. This unit completes the practitioner's training for balancing clients at the Individual Level 1 of the Pathway Balancing Journey. We work through the material for Gateways 9 & 10 and techniques for health in the mental, emotional & environmental realms of natural healing. As we carry out practise sessions and demonstrations, new insights are usually revealed and new material is created for the Pathway Balancing system. This weekend was no exception, with wonderful spiritual 'downloads' coming through that brought definite physical healing. Building a new life requires a sound foundation and the energies this weekend focused on the body and the home. We needed to shift alot of things around in the training room & the house to get the vibrational atmosphere just right - crystals, pictures, meditation cards, music & lowering the blinds after sunset. Then more Layers of information were revealed in the highest stage of the PBK Journey - 'The Completion of the Journey of The Soul'. These related to the soul's embodiment at the time of conception and were absolutely mind-blowing! The healing centred around release of toxins and tensions held in the fascia of the body. Over the course of the weekend we used the techniques of 'Navel Balancing', 'Mind in Conflict' and 'Energy Regression' as the key ways to restore energy and clarity. These techniques, combined with the environmental vibrations & revelations of the conception embodiment process, gave clear & explicit directions for the way ahead into January 2012. The sense of awe that I have for this work never diminishes.

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If you have a kinesiology certificate at Touch for Health 2 or above, you can join the next course at PBK1 in Peterborough, Cambs. Closing date for deposits 2nd March 2012. Call Corrina on 01733 555 133 or e-mail corrina@pathwaybalancing.co.uk