Training That Brings Out the New, Real You

Last week was a significant point in the training for one of the groups on the Kinesiology Diploma course. They have now completed the material that enables them to lead clients further into their unique, individual destiny. The Pathway Balancing Journey describes a metaphysical mountain which represents both the obstacles we have to face and the buried treasures hidden within us. Once we've made the journey to overcome the mountain, we reveal our personal jewels and reap the rewards of our efforts. The mountain is described as having seven levels, with the top of the mountain being 'Paradise On Earth' (Level 7), representing a place and stage in life that is like paradise on earth for us. The first level of the Journey up this mountain is 'The Individual' (Level 1) which focuses on revealing more of who we are as a unique individual, a soul, with our heart's desires, our values and our experience of life's journey so far. This level was completed by our group last week and, as always in this cutting-edge work, new insights were revealed and more entries made in the manuals. Our groupwork here always reveals patterns and trends that both inform and ripple out from the collective consciousness of Pathway Balancing and all its students and clients. These then point the way for future travelers on the path to their heart's desires. The overall theme was one of clearing away clutter of various sorts in the next few weeks, in preparation for a harvest and rebirth in the coming months. There was some teaching on the process of conception, where the soul comes into contact with the chromosomal material during embodiment. This is a refining process where some of the clutter of the ancestral lineage is ejected through the polar body. This process of refining into the pure gold of who we really are is one that can continue throughout life, especially for highly sensitive individuals who work to raise their vibrational energy and awareness of the unseen dimensions of power. Our group completed the two-day training with individual 'To Do Lists' of specific ways to declutter their own lives before our next training days in September. Each person was also given specific tasks to prepare them for their own rebirth professionally and relationally. We had our training on Thursday (a full moon) and Friday so that gave us the weekend to rest and refresh ourselves before getting on with the tasks assigned us. Today begins the exciting work of implementing the changes, bringing out the new, real person that shines with truth and joy as they cross the bridge into The Community (Level 2) where they belong.

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To join the next training course in October and begin your own journey of transformation, e-mail today. Corrina Kennedy, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire UK.