Finding Freedom From Over-Responsibility

In last week's Touch for Health kinesiology training we worked with an energy balancing technique called Emotional Stress Release or ESR. This method uses very light contact on specific points on the head. The points have been scientifically measured to show an increase in blood circulation to the frontal lobes of the brain when the ESR points are lightly held for a few seconds or minutes. The process of Emotional Stress Release uses kinesiology muscle-testing to find out which stressful situation is causing an energy weakness or 'switch-off' in a person. When we are overwhelmed by our thoughts and feelings during a stressful time, this further weakens our ability to respond in a helpful or clear way. Having a kinesiologist work with the ESR points has an amazing effect on our thinking, feelings and energy levels.

Taking responsibility in a crisis can be admirable and effective. However, there are many of us who tend towards over-responsibility and this is unhealthy for everyone involved. Over-responsible people are always looking for ways to sort things out, to show other people a better way of doing things, thinking about how a situation might go or what should have been done to prevent something going wrong. Over-responsible people constantly analyse the causes of a problem and construct solutions or make rules to keep things in order. Perfectionism, unrealistically high expectations, naivety and fantasies are common in an over-responsible person. This way of being results in poor sleep, poor eating habits and digestion, exhaustion, burn-out, depression and difficulty in relationships. The Emotional Stress Release process can help with finding freedom from such patterns of over-responsibility and its principles can be extended into daily life to deepen the change. In our relationships and activities we need to apply the principle of light contact. In other words, we need to live with more tenderness towards ourselves and others. Drop rigid rules and any attempts to sort other people out. Allow others to make their own choices and choose how to respond in the light of your own needs as well as theirs. Maintain contact and relationship but wait and take some space too, until the situation resolves with more certainty. Tenderness is the pathway to finding freedom from over-responsibility.

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Two Keys to Living the Dream

Only 5% of people are living the dream, according to motivational speakers. In Pathway Balancing Kinesiology the 5th, of the seven Levels up the mountain pathway, is 'The Dreamweaver' and clients who reach this Level are people who are preparing to live the dream. Since October 2012 this Level has been filling up more and new material has been added again in this month of November 2012. So what two keys are emerging as this Level develops further? The final Direction taken in 'The Dreamweaver' Level is called 'Living the Dream' and the Pathway along it is: 'Surrendering to the unfolding providence that uncovers the key to releasing the flow that blesses us to be a blessing'. In preparing to live the dream, it is essential to understand that life flows. This gives us the first key: surrender. You cannot control the ebb and flow of the waves but you can learn to surf, to row, to sail, to fly, to land safely and to contain. Take time and space to envision your dream life, maybe creating a vision board or writing out a 5-year strategy with 1-year goals. If you don't know where you want to go, the waves of life will push you around until you've used up your reserves and you may end up going nowhere in life. Surrender is not an aimless giving up, it's about connecting and moving with the source of life. At the top of the Pathway Balancing mountain is a stage called 'The Rapture' and the manual used by practitioners shows a beautiful image of looking up into Heaven. The Book of Revelations in the Bible describes a throne in heaven surrounded by a rainbow, with a sea of glass and seven torches of fire in front of it and the sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning coming from it. This is a place of beauty and power. In surrendering to the Divine Power that flows from Heaven we open ourselves to the second key to living the dream: power. If all we do is create a vision of our dream life we will simply paralyse ourselves in a fantasy. If we don't direct our resources wisely and invest in making our dream a reality, the time, money, talents and experience we have may end up frittered away, wasted, blown or stagnated. So the two keys to living the dream are surrender and power. What has Divine Power provided for you today and what are you doing in preparation for living your dream?

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Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find out where you are on the pathway towards your dream. To book an appointment, workshop or training place, e-mail Corrina Kennedy, Kinesiologist, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK

What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology, as a therapy, uses muscle testing to ask the body about the causes of, and treatments for, a client's problems. It began in the USA in the 1970's, originating in the work of chiropractor Dr George Goodheart, and incorporating research and developments in orthopaedics, osteopathy and acupuncture from the 1920's to the 1960's. A kinesiologist is trained in accurate indicator muscle testing - how to apply appropriate pressure to any chosen muscle and assess the response as indicating weak or strong, switched off or switched on, no or yes, negative or positive. With this powerful diagnostic tool, the kinesiologist is able to ask the body about the client's energy and health. A kinesiologist is trained in specific methods of collecting relevant information through accurate muscle testing. Kinesiology training also involves the use of techniques to restore a balanced flow of energy within a person's body - a session of kinesiology is sometimes referred to as 'having a balance'. There are now many different branches and systems of kinesiology being taught around the world and most of these have their foundation in the system called Touch for Health, which was launched in 1973 by chiropractor Dr John Thie. It was in the 1980's that kinesiology began to develop as a therapy in the UK and the basic energy balancing methods were further developed and built on using other natural therapeutic techniques. These more advanced kinesiologies often focused on a specific realm of health and many systems divide these areas of health into four realms, to simplify finding the priority for treatment: physical, nutritional, emotional, electromagnetic. Pathway Balancing Kinesiology began in 1996 and goes far beyond basic energy balancing and the realms of natural therapeutic treatment. The primary focus of Pathway Balancing Kinesiology is the soul and its relationship with divine power. Each person is regarded a soul that came into a body and the body and soul are kept alive and together by the spirit. This soul, or person, came into this world for a purpose and has a unique destiny to fulfil. The secret to that destiny is encoded in the heart. When a soul descends from heaven it becomes partially separated from the divine soul. This sense of separation increases as the soul falls deeper into the denser levels of spiritual darkness over the earth. The pain of this separation is felt as the heart's longing for a return to love, to belonging, to being back home again. The quest is to find the pathway back and for the soul to be shaped and refined along the way. While God has a good plan for our life - a plan to give us joy and peace, to provide for us in abundance, to make us fruitful and fulfilled - we live in a fallen world which is far from perfect. The soul's journey is described in Pathway Balancing as an upward spiraling pathway that leads us to the peak of our soul's potential. The use of muscle testing allows the practitioner to locate your individual level of progress on your soul's journey towards the fulfilment of your destiny. Any areas where you are stuck, experiencing pain, feeling weakness or needing direction for the way forward can be identified by muscle testing. The Pathway Balancing kinesiologist can then apply specific techniques to balance your energy, enable your body to heal better, or address the wounding in your soul that needs to heal. This unique combination of therapy and describing the story of your journey empowers you to move on and sets you free from the past. You become more of your true self and come closer to the truth of the divine power that has given us everything we need for life and the knowledge of God.

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Is Your Life Spiralling Upwards?

The concept of Pathway Balancing is to reverse any downward trend in a person's life and use bodywork techniques with verbal dialogue to restore an upward spiral of healthy personal development. In kinesiology sessions, we use a description of Gateways to track the level of energetic vibration for the person. This week, Gateway 56 (out of 60) came up, called 'Freely Flowing Spirals'. It opens the client to a spiral of energy, spiralling upwards to the Divine and helps with overcoming fears around communication. When we can give and receive freely in our relationships, we enter the free flow of life. This clears issues around being drained by the needs of others and leads to an abundant, satisfying way of living. One way to move your life in a healthier, more fulfilling direction is the viewpoint that pruning, clearing and making a space for growth will release you from the trap of insecurity. It is essential to remove yourself from people that have a toxic, draining effect on you & trust that Divine providence will draw new, more appropriate people to you. Your security needs to be placed in trusting this Divine providence, as you clear away the physical residue or backlog of emotional blockages. Once the process of cleansing & restoration is complete, your new upward spiral of joy will begin.

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Transformative Insights

Today I had the honour of my latest Follower on Twitter being James Redfield, author of 'The Celestine Prophesy' and a series of equally powerful books. His work has profoundly influenced mine and his books are on the Recommended Reading list for the Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Diploma course, which starts on 4th & 5th June 2011. I'd say the essence of his message is the observation of synchronicity in our lives and accepting this as divine guidance for the way forward on our life path. This philosophy is very much in harmony with the Pathway Balancing Journey material, which sets out a series of Gateways and Steps that enable us to face the mountain we must conquer to achieve greater freedom and fulfilment. At the highest stage of this journey is the Pearls of Wisdom manual, which gives the client insights into the unique gifts they are now able to share and prosper from. Last week's kinesiology clientwork featured the 4th Pearl of Wisdom.  The 4th Pearl is 'Transforming the Mind to Stillness'. It's about 'Clearing past trauma to clear the mind of mental chatter and to align with Divine power.' Kinesiology uses muscle-testing to discover where you are on the Pathway Balancing Journey and to determine the healing process required to clear the way forward. Recently, a client needed to use the Healthy Starter detox pack to clear the past trauma of heavy alcohol consumption when she was in her 20's. This cleared her mind to reveal Divine insights during her meditation. Respect for women had not been modelled in her childhood home. Cutting off from relationships & relaxing with alcohol became coping strategies. Now, as a result of consistent personal development work, including kinesiology sessions, she knows she is worthy of respect and consideration. These transformative insights, gained as Pearls of Wisdom through Pathway Balancing, are precious and valuable resources that are leading to a richer and more loving lifestyle today.

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Heart Consciousness Continues to Grow

In Pathway Balancing Kinesiology the soul's journey is described as an upward spiralling life path that takes us to higher levels of living life to the full. In the early part of the session, the client's issue or situation is looked upon as a metaphorical mountain. It is said that faith can move mountains. In Pathway Balancing, the client can begin to take steps of faith that will overcome that mountain and allow them to reach their peak. The Pathway Balancing Journey describes the mountain as having seven levels of ascension. The Heart Consciousness stage is reached when we have transcended the first seven levels of the Pathway Balancing Journey. A new area for growth was added to this stage last week. The Heart Consciousness stage is about changing the old restrictive patterns into an open hearted pattern of living. Energy work at this stage changes the resonance of our embodied patterns and memories. For example, we might have an embodied pattern of tension in our back muscles which causes back pain. The root cause may be emotional memories of feeling lonely as a child because our parents were so often arguing with each other and so rarely engaged in taking an interest in our genuine needs. To dissolve this pattern, there is an Opening at the Heart Consciousness stage that now states 'Completing our heart's vision requires both space and connectedness. These combine to produce a healthy new life. We are now ready to receive and give, in balanced relationships'. If you would like to learn more about your own level of heart consciousness, please contact me to book a kinesiology appointment.

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